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Friday, February 09, 2007

off to London tmr! argh still got a lot of packing n wat not to do but looking forward to the trip!
going to paris n amsterdam as well:) yayness:) haha

HAPPY CNY to everyone in advance! collect more angpows n may u all have gd health and a great yr ahead!

went out with the ong woman last nite n it was a real gd catch up session.. 4 yrs condensed all in 1 evening of non stop talking.. haha! after last nite, i realised tt i really missed out on this great woman for the past 4 yrs ever since our DIF4 n writing notes to each other days.. she told me she still keeps the notes n i did sth very embarassing inside (which only the both of us noes muahaha rite ongs? haha dun say ah i paiseh hahah)
i miss this old fren tonnes. although we've defnitely grown and matured in our own ways, but i just feel so sec 3 all over again when we both start talking..
yes girl, i would gladly be ur valentine if not for me being half way around the globe.. love ya too!

at basil aclove

at TCC.. damn nice nua-ing spot i realised

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

i know this came abit late,

haha made a little collage from ur surprise thingy.. hope you enjoyed it and thanks everyone for coming down! :) and those who helped me with the coordination and giving all those valuable suggestions:)

you've always been a great fren and i'm so thankful for having u arnd through my jc times and even till now, though we are on different continents most of the time and ur dentistry amalgam (did i get tt spelling rite?) is seeing u much more than i do, but thanks for just being there for me to listen to me n to cheer me up always.. love u tonnes babe! gonna miss ya when i go back to melb!

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