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Sunday, December 17, 2006

went on an impromtu date wif dearest mei to watch The Holidays last nite and pigged outselves out at the 24 hr swensens after tt.. the show is a MUST watch! i dun mind watching it over n over again man.. its really gd!! hafen seen such a gd show in such a long time...

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Friday, December 15, 2006

with the godsis tt i miss so muchly! cant wait to see u soon again girl! :)

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Monday, December 11, 2006

woots! i like shiny shiny lights :)

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

been missing from blogging for quite a while now.. lazy bum bum
its been quite enjoyable being back n being in the company of family n close frens :)

anw, did sth i nv thot i'd be able to do in a zillion yrs.. heh.. i completed the standard chartered 10km marathon! hee :) i mean, for a slob like me who hasnt been exercising n had to struggle to finish my 2.4 in the past, i really felt a great sense of satisfaction when i crossed the finishing line.. 1h25min.. quite surprised tt i could actually finish it under 2 hrs haha n didnt really push myself too much coz promised mel to run wif her all the way.. it really felt quite gd to run wif her n cheer each other on and the best bit was to run across the finishing line hand in hand!
haha next yr i wanna do it again! this time i'm gonna try to run faster and exert myself to the max.. see wat the timing wud be like.. dun think i'd be up for 21.1k anytime soon though.. heh..
didnt get a chance to meet phing but tt babe did the 42km run in freaking 4hrs 8mins.. zai lah.. salute!

accompanied wansze today and crashed nus med lects.. i actually knew bits tt were going on here n there.. haha wat nucleus tractus solitarius and wat bradykinesia and dyskinesia.. sounded familiar :) hahaha.. met tonnes of old faces n some new ones.. all i can saw is tt i wished the bestie was wif my in oz.. it'd the awesome-st thing if we had an apartment together n decorated it together! wishful dreams.. maybe sometime in the future yea girl..

den tt dear girl brought me all the way to ikea just to show me some lighting deco tt she saw n knew immed tt i wud like.. n guess wat?? she was soooooooo right.. i actually saw the exact same lighting in the ikea in oz n was tempted to buy it.. haha! bestie's telepathy!
after tt was off to keppel club to swim and laze arnd in the jacuzzi and in the sun catching up n indulging in girls talk.. i wanna go back again! keppel club has like the most wonderful jacuzzi view! its like outdoors n like u haf nature all round u n a beautiful seas view right in front.. whoosh! it was more than awesome man!

my virgin trip to vivocity after tt.. its so huge! i haf only one word to describe this new shopping complex in singapore -- chadstone-like.. did some quick shopping and i got myself this v cute pair of studs :) wanz bought this v funky charms bracelet.. hhaha.. quite a nice huge place.. need a whole day to work arnd properly man..

all in all, had a wonderful wonderful day out with the girl.. enjoyed her company soooo much! the one person in my life who i can share my deepest darkest secrets with, whom i can entrust to keep it to herself, who will not judge me, who can tolerate my nonsense, who will give me the most honest and valuable yet tactful advice.. mushy n les sounding as always, but i still need to say it, love u babe!! haf a gd trip to barcelona next wk! gonna miss u..


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