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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Happy 20th bday my dearest bestie!!

really glad that u liked the little surprise i planned for u last nite.. heehee.. thankfully it went well.. haha.. yay! mission accomplished! :)

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

last day in melb n last night at halls.. haha boy how time flies..
thinking back abt the 1st day i stepped into howitt hall, into my cell-like 3m by 5m room - i was so disgusted tt i had to tolerate such living conditions for the whole yr - common toilet (which is shared both by guys n girl), common kitchen......
but this dusty little cell with the heater on 24/7 has became my home away from home, my cozy little hideaway from the cold outside.. gonna miss it soooooooooo much.. i think wansze will agree with me on this.. can u imagine how the both of us squeezed in this little room for 10 whole days? n she loves it! hahah..
moved 95% of my things to the new house today liao.. juz left with the tiny bits which i'll bring over tmr.. thanks leon n will for helping.. thanks also to those who offered to help me.. intend to go to clayton tmr morn to get the nails done.. hope the shop's open!
well well.. in 19 hrs time i'd be boarding the plane.. gonna miss melb quite a bit.. the bumming arnd these few days have been gd.. juz leisurely packing n watching hk drama serials n doing random stuff at my own pace with no one disturbing.. quite relaxed!
today was rushing to chaddy's before the vip sale to grab some last min items, n while sitting at the bus stop n watching the cars zooming by, i realised how much i yearn to drive again.. the sense of freedom u get from being able to drive urself to anywhere is so damn satisfying.. ahhhhh! soon soon! i'm gonna make sure my parents let me drive home from the airport! haha.. i remember when i went back i june n did tt n chose to drive at some high speed on the right lane, my mum was making so much noise in the car.. hahah..
alriighty, time to snap back to reality n get my packing for home done! hafen begin on tt at all.. haha.. gd nite world n see u in singapore in a snicklebit! haha..

home, here i come! yipee!

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Saturday, November 18, 2006


haha.. 5 days to home :) looking forward to it man.. but before tt got tonnes of packing n moving to do.. thankful tt we got our house back after some problems which left us with no house for a day despite having paid the bond n signed the papers.. ah well, all's gd now so thank god..

but been not feeling tt well.. down with a horrible cold n slight fever.. bleah.. cant wait to be fit n well again n start some exercise in sg.. been terribly fat n lazy here.. alrighty, gonna catch a short nap now n den onto packing!


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Saturday, November 11, 2006

yipeeee!!!!!!! finally done with 1st yr.. dunno y but this yr seemed kinda long, yet i think it passed to quickly i didnt even haf time to do as much as i promised myself.. a lot has happened n i think a lot in my life has changed as well.. seen a lot more than i wud haf if i was stuck in sg.. made new frens.. lost some.. ahh all part n parcel of life.. shows u the vulnerability of human relationships and teaches u to treasure and trust those who truly love u..
all in all, its been gd! haha..

anw, the past few days since the end of osce have been not too bad.. went out quite a bit and more or less settled my accommodation for next yr already.. *cross fingers nothing goes wrong* sang karaoke after not having done it for quite some time.. i wanna go again!! 4 hrs was def not enuff.. haha.. got a treat from alvin at koko black.. thanks alvin! haha the ice chocolate n eclair n tt souffle like thing was HEAVENLY.. haha..
alrighty, gtg meet landlord.. need to settle some stuff den it wud be iron chef cook out tonight! photos of alvin's surprise bday will be up soon!

all those aside, looking at this yr's xmas lightings really make me wanna go home!! 12 more days!

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

tmr is the day.
the day i've dreaded most... argh OSCEs! die die die..
i pray my nerves dun get the better of me..

oh oh but more importantly,
haha u've grown up already eh.. legal age to drink n all tt shit already.. haha.. hope u haf a gd time over in UK.. u sounded happy juz now when i called which is gd:) n i noe u dun read my blog tt often so hee.. hope tt little package arrives safely before u see this! muahaha..

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

omg! i saw a dead possum lying by the side of the road!! eew eew eeeeewww!!
anw for those who dunno wat possums are, they are these ugly looking cat like creatures u dun get in sg tt loves digging into the rubbish bins for food.. n they are ugly n freaky n snarl at u.. haha yucks.

anw, written paper's been over for quite a few days now :):) whee! haha it was an ok paper lah.. not tt difficult but the anatomy was so freaking hard! like not hard hard but they asked such not-clinically relevant qns! bah! so much for gerry ahern (one of our anat lecturers) for saying tt we shud study anat in the most clinically possible fashion.. boo! fancy asking which finger tendon attaches to which finger bone n all tt crap.. i'll nv remember all those man..

few more days to osce.. been slacking tonnes! haha! need this break man.. watched hk drama serials, went out shopping, house hunting, baking... not too bad.. haha.. juz 1 more hurdle to cross! den i'll be back home soon :) yay!

alrighty photos time!

after-exam mucking arnd.. :)

mel's surprise bday celebration! went well n i managed to con mel.. ;) hee

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

8 more hours to freedom!! lalala..

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