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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

thanks pekwansze, denise goh n zhiyin for ur best wishes for my paper tmr.. haha..
thanks for remembering amidst ur crazy med, dent n smu schedules and sending those sms-es n msges all the way from singapore.. really means a lot to me!

ok go mug NOW!
(21hrs to partial freedom! woot!)

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Monday, October 30, 2006

u noe its my exam period when i blog so constantly..hahaha.. just cant bring myself to focus on my stupid notes.. SO BORING CAN..

ren3 ling.. u muz REN!! juz 1 more day of sian-ess tmr n tt's it!

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

argh! i just lost 1 hr of PRECIOUS "pre-exam" sleep.. :(:(
dun like this daylight saving nonsense lah.. we nv had tt in singapore! i can i juz lose 1 hr lidat?? i still feel so unused to the fact that the sun hasnt set at 8pm today.. bleah..

anw, was juz checking out the sistic website coz i decided that i had enuff of missing gd musicals in singapore.. 1st snow wolf lake den cabaret.. wth.. anw realised that Eric Clapton is coming to perform in singapore! how cool is tt!! oh man.. budden............the tickets are so freaking ex.. like most ex is close to 300 smackeroos! gdness! ahwell.. its Eric Clapton.. wat do u expect.. forget it lah haha..
was quite surprised to see tt my favt musical Phantom of the Opera is coming as well! haha.. but den looking at the ticket prices, luckily i caught it in london.. haha.. i paid on 25 pounds for such a gd seat tt time.. haha was worth all the waiting in the cold.. haha..

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Saturday, October 28, 2006


voice of an angel.. this really keeps me going :)

wan! go check it out! haha ;)


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Friday, October 27, 2006

kope this from huilin's blog..my fellow tallie.. haha.. hope u dun mind girl..

here is the Manolo's latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.
Dear Manolo,I love heels, especially all the new stacked heels out for fall.
But I'm pretty tall at 5ft10 and would hate to break the 6ft mark.
Is it possible to have heels cut down?

MaggieManolo says, ayyyyyyy! Have the heels cut down?
Have you no shame woman?
Yes, you may have the heels cut down,
although the Manolo doubts that any reputable cobbler would desecrate the beautiful shoes in such the manner,
so you would have to do it yourself, perhaps with the series of inexpert blows delivered forcefully overhand with the small hatchet.
Of the course, the real problem here, it is not with the shoes, the poor, innocent, much maligned shoes
but instead, the real problem here it is the habitual and unnecessary insecurity of the tall girls.
It has been the experience of the Manolo that too many of the tall girls worry that if they wear the heels they shall appear freakish, and will not be able to attract the mens, who they believe are intimidated by their Amazonian stature.
And so these beautiful girls spend their lives slumping their shoulders, slouching around in the flats trying to look shorter.
Bah! The Manolo would have none of this!
Stand proudly tall sisters! Throw back the shoulders and wear the heels, and the mens will fall over themselves attempting to climb your heights.
The Manolo reminds you that some men like them the taller the better, for the example, the magnificent 5ft8 tall Rod Stewart who has been married to both the 5ft11 Rachel Hunter and the 6ft Penny Lancaster.

haha.. thank god i've never ever allowed myself to hunch n am proud of my height! all 171cm of me:) BUT, 1st of all, i need some heels (u wun believe i dun haf a single pair! wat an irony rite)
its quite coincidental but recently i got this new fetish of nice yellow heels.. am gonna try find my ideal pair!
oh yes, n quit telling me to stop being so tall because i dun think i can control my growth vertically..

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

a very nice day to end my last day in yr 1.. :) dun quite wanna do reflections on my blog.. some stuff are just too private n sensitive.. am very thankful for all tt has happened this yr tho.. i've had the most wonderful experience coming overseas, making so many new frens, learnt to cope wif the many aspects in life.. its been really refreshing! done some reflections on my own n can safely say tt i hafen regretted anything i done or didnt do this yr.. the most important thing i gained this yr i think is the ability to be a stronger person.. i had to fall many times but i'm glad i still chose to be optimistic abt everything n to strive on..

anyhow, ihad a short pcl lesson in the morn n proceeded to dandenong hospital for my cpp interview.. it went well! no hiccups watsoever.. hee.. den went to my cousin's place for shu's bday celebration.. despite the rain, the bbq was a success n i had fun :) n of course ate my fill.. oh yah n went for the 1st time to cousin's new place.. the view now is definitely waaaaay better on the 39th floor.. haha.. nice view of melbourne city..

but the highlight of the day was definitely receiving the little surprise from my bestie!! :):):) i was soooooo excited and happy when i saw the little thing.. it was really really thotful of u girl!! juz totally brightened up my day! hee:) immediately brought back all the wonderful memories of u n i in melb together last sem.. n yes of course girl! we are soooo going somewhere again together! cant wait man! :D

pek wan sze, thank u for being u.. thank u for coming into my life, thanks for all the wonderful memories tt u've left me wif since we knew each other in sec 3.. like in any other frenship, we definitely had our ups n downs but we nv gave up on each other.. its amazing how the bond between the both of us could haf grown sooo much although we are like dunno how many thousand miles n 2 hrs time diff apart.. thanks for telling me watever u told me in the card.. likewise, u are definitely one person i can really trust n noe tt u truly care for me.. i am soo thankful tt i haf someone whom i noe will hold on to our frenship no matter wat happens..

thanks so much once again babe! the card is reaaaaallllly pretty n yes the pics are going up on my wall! :) cant wait to go back to sg to see u man.. wakeboarding, shopping, everything is waiting for us! :) oh yes n i still need to learn how to french braid from u.. hahahaha..

and needless to say, i miss u too.. like tonnes! *big hugs* n jia you wif ur studies too!!

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

i love my godsis soooo much!! she cracks me up even at 3am.. hahaha..

: l i n g :. imposing on ppl isnt going to get u anywhere says:
n ur health, i v scared of u leh

.: l i n g :. imposing on ppl isnt going to get u anywhere says:
i want u to stay healthy woman

DG DnD=Do NOT disturb...no matter who you are...unless you are Wong Ling Ling says:
y scared of me?

DG DnD=Do NOT disturb...no matter who you are...unless you are Wong Ling Ling says:
i m how nice lah...

DG DnD=Do NOT disturb...no matter who you are...unless you are Wong Ling Ling says:

DG DnD=Do NOT disturb...no matter who you are...unless you are Wong Ling Ling says:
no need 2 scared
hahahaha.. miss u loads babe! cant wait to go back to sg n do all our silly things together again! muahhhhs!

i noe u are going to kill me dg but i noe u still love me! heeheehee.. *grins*

in case u think she looks weird there, no lor, she was juz giving me face n making monkey faces for me.. this is a nice pic chiobu for u:) heehee.. dg! i want more of those stayovers when i come back ah!!

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

34.5 deg today! soooo freaking hot! gdness.. worse than singapore lah.. but luckily not as humid so didnt perspire much..
n gd news is tt for my heater has miraculously turned itself off already! yipee! haha.. so my room is slightly less warm now..haha.. tiring day at sch but thank god its friday tmr.. cant wait to watch les choristes in the evening :) haha.. love tt movie..
exams coming soon again.. sian diao.. but nvm lah.. its part of parcel of life.. it juz means i'm coming home soon!! :):) tentative date of return wud be 20th nov! might delay abit depending on housing matters n stuff.. hee hee..

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Monday, October 09, 2006

in just 2 more wks time, i'll cease to haf any more formal lessons n be almost done wif 1st yr in med.. time flew by really quickly..too quickly in fact.. over the past yr tt i've been in aussieland, so many things haf changed.. attitudes, group dynamics, relationships blah blah..

juz felt the need to be reflective n think back abt wat i've done n how it might affect ppl arnd me.. i muz admit tt i haven't been the best very often and may haf taken a lot of ppl for granted.. seeing the new frens tt i've made here made me realise tt u really depend on frens when u come overseas away from ur family.. as much as there were minor conflicts here n there, i'm quite glad to say tt the yr 1 sg meddies haf been a relatively close knit grp of ppl.. maybe not emotionally but at least physically.. unlike the 2nd yrs, we've done really really well in supporting each other n i muz thank every indiv who has contributed.. will these frenships last past clinicals n into our 'doctor' yrs? tt's only for time to decide..

sadly though, some ppl haf defnitely disappointed me.. like really disappointed.. its juz so puzzling how some ppl behave in a certain manner.. is there no feelings or emotions attached to relationships or frenships for the matter? is everything juz based on practicality? can things just change between 2 ppl in just a week? how can some ppl be sooo sensitive while some are juz so damn insensitive? i'm referring to no one in particular here so if u are abt to jump into any conclusions, do not.. because tt will just lead to judging which is not the intended purpose of my post.. but like my mum always tell me, things change, ppl change.. nothing is static in this world.. well den doesnt tt lead to insecurity?? how can u lead a life being so insecure all the time? hmmmm.. thots to ponder on..

so unlike me to be seriously thinking abt such stuff.. ah well, maybe i'm in juz a pms-y mood today tt's y.. nearly snapped ppl here n there.. bad bad girl.. wished i had a car though.. i just wanna drive to some far away place to be alone for a while..

owells, before u guys think i'm in a suicidal mood or sth, i'm not alright so dun worry.. i just need to do some reflection tt's it.. anw, received news tt my i got a little new cousin! :D happy! cant wait to see baby isaac when i get back n baby sit him hee:)
awwww! isnt he adorable? :D:D:D

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Sunday, October 08, 2006

med ball cam n went.. was a blast! really touched by the gestures of 4 dear guys, namely jeff, kerf, ethan n mj.. they went to the expense of hiring a limo to fetch a few girls to the venue n back.. the "sweet valley high sch" fashion.. haha.. and we had flowers too! oh man it wud haf been juz a surprise lah although it was kinda leaked out already before tt but still.. how often wud u get guys who put in effort to make ur evening so special.. thanks so much JEM n kerf.. thanks guys as well for taking care of us girls so well n ensuring our safety throughout everything.. :)

it was a fun fun evening! so happy to see all the favt ppl i see in sch everyday all nicely dressed up n stuff :) the girls were all soooo pretty n guys gd looking! had loads of fun n although i barely ate, dropped n cracked my camera screen, kena stepped on the feet so many things, i still enjoyed myself nonetheless! dancing was sooo soo fun haha.. juz all the frens standing there n doing stupid actions together n trying weird dance moves.. hee hee.. n the cool thing abt this angmoh land is tt u actually see members of the staff, like teachers n all getting drunk n dancing on the dance floor as well! haha! quite a culture shock but very funny sight! haha.. thanks vicki (the lady who made us inject ourself at mildura) for the reassurances.. although i noe u will nv be looking at this but thanks anw..
will let pics do the rest of the talking.. enjoy!

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