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Friday, September 22, 2006

last day of sch. :)
completed n submitted stinky assignment. :)
walked to sch almost on time but still ponned pcl n juz sat in muiss lounge n talk cock. :)
very tired from lack of sleep. :(
need to pack. :( mah fan lah


going to sydney tmr!! yipee! :) heehee.. cant wait cant wait cant wait!

anw, some pics from my tulip farm visit.. i cant stop swooning over the pink tulips.. my fave!

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

alrighty..last day of wk 9 already.. juz a wk more to go before i head off to sydney for my spring break! yipee!! a much much needed break.. damn tired from all the sch work, not enuff sleep n bits n pieces happening arnd me..

got 2 assignments due soonish but i cant seem to get myself to write anything.. i'm going at the speed of like 20 words per hour or sth.. argh argh argh! dun see a pt in writing all these nonsense essays when i can make use of my time to study more impt stuff like anatomy! :( boo!

anw announcement! zepeng's coming here next yr! yay! haha.. one more siao person to add to the monash meddies family and SAM member! :D yay:) haha.. was talking to zp online n he was asking me abt all the halls stuff, like which one to apply for n why blah blah.. reminds me of the time when i was asking arnd for help wif such stuff too.. oh how time flies! but i haf absolutely no regrets staying in howitt hall.. although initially i felt kinda isolated coz all the singaporeans i knew were in richo n roberts halls n although i think tt the geographical reason is absolute nonsense, i'm still glad i stayed put.. if not, i wouldnt haf known certain ppl here n the HaRD gang wud haf never existed! haha..

phew! finally got all the pictures uploaded! as promised, the pics from my rural placement in Mildura, north-western corner of the state of Victoria.. enjoy! :)

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