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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

woke up groggily this morning at to realise tt i fell asleep last nite on my books n was highly unsatisfied wif my behaviour on the eve of my mid sem exam with the huge amount of anat n dunno wat else i hafen covered..
budden when i opened my email, my mood was changed drastically.. i was sooooo surprised n touched to find a email from my dearest dearest DG (contents shall only be kept between the both of us *grin*) whom i miss muchly.. u made my day girl!
am not ashamed to admit girl, tt i teared quite badly after reading ur email.. i was sooo sooo sooo touched.. heehe.. thanks for always being there for me.. like u said, thanks for always being a constant in my life although we are like so far apart.. thanks for cheering me on.. u rock my world girl!! i'll reply u the moment i'm done wif this stupid paper k?
in the meantime, take care n haf fun at ur 1st wk back to sch! remember not to start slacking k!! i dun want to catch u on msn while hafing lessons k! hahaha.. miss ya tonnes.. half a sem has passed.. half more to go n i'll be in sg to ka chiow u!! yay!

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Monday, August 28, 2006

2 more days before stupid mid sem den i can relax already!! cant wait cant wait cant wait!! oh dear.. actually i honestly dun think i deserve any rest man.. given how slack i am now.. but wth lah!

anw didnt go to sch today coz i figured the lessons were quite a waste of my time n the thot of having to walk to sch n back juz totally put me off.. for those who dunno wat happened to me.. lets show u how a second of clumsiness can cause u so much hassle..

i'm sorry if i made u feel kinda sick but yes my foot is in this state now.. i did my own minor op by cutting away the skin tt came out n stuff.. haha.. doesnt it look like some classic textbk wound?? heehee..

not tt pain lah but considering i depend on my dear foot to get me arnd, its quite a bother.. but thankfully i haf v caring frens arnd me to help me wif my makan n stuff.. so not tt bad.. juz feel tt irritated wif myself coz this means i cant play netball this thurs, cant walk arnd much, cant do all the things i wanna do! :( hopefully can still attend the melbourne victory match at telstra dome this sat man!!

alrighty off to change dressing n stuff.. hopefully by deligently doing tt, i dun kena infection or not jialat already.. coz ironically i dun believe in seeing the docs here for this (unless kena infection lah.. but choy!).. i mean like wat can they do rite? hahaha.. kei kiang leh..

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

redundant post but can i pls pls repeat myself.. *grin*

"It is funny and ridiculous how so many things you are kept or choose to keep yourself in the dark from when you are in a relationship. You intentionally or unintentionally block yourself off from admitting to the existence of certain bad or undesirable things with the pure naive mindset that he/it will change for the better or that there are so much you ought to see beyond for, to embrace and to be content. You actively persuade yourself to believe certain things so much so to the extent you may be 'psycho-ing' yourself to do so. You compromise, compromise your wants, your needs, your standards, your life, just because you are hanging on to that belief, in what? in the relationship. Only when you are out of it and you look back, you wonder, why did you intentionally choose to push aside certain things just to ease your mind and where the hell did that faith come from? And only when you are out of it you would learn about things that were kept from you by others so as not to traumatize the relationship. But now all these things only give me more reassurance, that I am so glad I am out of it. "

muahahahahahahaha yipee!! :D hyper hyper!!

haha.. anw, instead of studying i was browsing thru all the photos in my comp n reminiscing abt ol' times.. these were juz photos from last yr!! i've put on so MUCH weight....... :(:(:( blame all the junk i'm consuming here lah! argh n mum juz called to say tt they are going out later for more yummy food while i'm eating canned spaghetti here.. haha.. but no lah bro's going back to UK tmr so he deserves all the gd singapore food! poor parents are gonna miss their 2 kids for quite a few months all over again.. n poor brother on his 13 hr flight..

anw i'm feeling super cheeky n if this person were to noe tt this pic is here, he'd prob kill me! heeheehee.. v cute rite? ;) muahahaha

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Monday, August 21, 2006

mid sem exam's next wed.. sobs! so much to cover but still hafta go to sch from 8-5 almost everyday! :( not tt i'm complaining lah coz i really dun quite like being cooped up in my small room n the thot of 1 wk off sch to study doesnt sound nice at all..

wanna update on my rural trip to mildura but guess this gotta wait till after the paper.. went for a footy match last sat.. for those who dunno, footy here is like australian football.. its quite like rugby but not exactly tt either.. loved the atmosphere! n the competition between the 2 teams was really keen so it was damn exciting! :) pics of tt will come up soon too.. till den, wish me luck!

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

i noe this post is kinda belated but i've been v bz recently (i haf no idea wif wat!)..
but anw, HAPPY NATIONAL DAY to all my fellow Singaporeans!! haha.. i'm so glad tt we yr 1 meddies are so enthu n united abt the whole thing.. is has always been a Singapore tradition to wear at least red, if not red n white on national day n i'm so proud to say tt us meddies are so on! :D

since i was a kid, i nv failed to watch ndp n allow my heart to swell wif pride when i see the helicopter wif the flag flying past, hear the beautiful choir sing all those oh-so-familiar national day songs, smell the excitment in the air..

n it really doesnt matter if we are in Singapore or not (doesnt mean tt when we are overseas we become more patriotic).. doesnt matter if its our 1st yr or 2nd yr or later yrs.. doesnt matter if we all look damn funny with tt orchid hanging on our shirts (kudos to Hyacinta who bought all of us orchids to wear!) but i hope we will always stay together as one n be proud of our sunny lil island:)

we ate at a shop called 'Singapore Chomp Chomp' which is ironically ran by malaysians (i think) n koko black was the most heavenly thing ever!! :):)
Thank u guys for making this day such a memorable one although we are all so far away from home.. :):)

sorry josh for pang seh-ing u.. we really didnt mean to k..coz i kinda thot tt u were wif ur frens already n assumed tt even if we didnt go, its alright.. biggest biggest apologies from me.. but i can tell u tt i regret not going :(

tmr SAM's gonna organise this national day celebration thing.. i noe its kinda late but better late than nv rite?? ;) haha.. gonna try to stream the ndp n i pray it works coz i hafen seen this yr's.. altho i secretly noe its gonna be so similar haha..

pics from the day itself!

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B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L memories tt are going to last me a life time.. :):):) i miss london!

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

hahaha 5 suakus decided 1 nite tt we were craving so badly for krispy kreme n decided to drive ALLLLL the way to fountain gate juz to satisfy our cravings.. haha.. n suaku me decided to whip out my camera n act like some tourist n started taking funny pics of us.. haha.. anw the krispy kremes are almost gone already n all's left is a huge tummy.. bother.

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