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Sunday, July 30, 2006

things i accomplished over the wkend:

1) watched Notting Hill (i found out its in the west of london! gonna visit tt place the next time!)
2) watched sound of music:)
3) baked choc muffins
4) ate korean food tt i've been craving for
5) shared a bueno chocolate surprise wif dearest anne! :):)

haha tt's abt it but its been great! anw, will be offline for the next wk.. tmr will be off to mildura! how i wished 1 of the rural locations was singapore or sth.. haha slowly wait lah wonglingling! singapore sound v rural to u meh?! hahaha.. anw, hope it will be a great experience like my western aust trip back in sec 3.. reminds me of gomez n dingo n sming n tzing..n occasionally erm jamie teo.. hahaha! take care peeps back in civilization! gonna miss u guys alot man! a whole wk!! till den, take care n ciao!

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

wk 2 is juz over in a flash n i'll be over for rural placement next wk.. mildura is the place.. for those who dunno, mildura is this place is in the north-western part of the state of victoria.. hafta take a dosmestic flight from melbourne airport.. dunno if i'd be bringing my lappie tho coz apparently this kinda ulu place wun haf much internet connection n stuff.. its weird but i'm not entirely looking forward to this supposedly relaxing trip cum free holiday away from the city.. was hoping it might be a breather away from all the nonsense.. but now seems like tt juz wun be the case.. :(

hectic wk as it may haf been, i had my gd share of fun as well.. played netball for the 1st time ever since secondary sch, supported our 'singapore lions' in the med cup, watched 'click', went out for suppers, met up wif zhen zhen n sheryl who are here on a holiday,ate souvlaki for the 1st time etc.. anw daryl cheng! i wanna play netball again soon! muz do tt as soon as we all get back from rural yah? the ABCs can be rough tho.. got this really deep scratch from one of them whilst playing tho netball is not supposed to be a contact sport at all.. haha.. but i still had fun.. thanks xiao di for jio-ing :)

on tuesday, the HaRD gang decided tt the 5 hr break was such a waste of time we drove down to chaddy for lunch n watched click.. great film i wud say.. makes u cry (yes i was trying to cry silently w/o letting the guys see but there was this one scene when adam sandler replayed his dad saying 'i love u' tt was real funny tt i couldnt hold back my laughter n ended up choking on my tears.. kinda wheezed a bit n all the guys turned arnd n started laughing! boo.. ) n makes u think a lot abt how u haf treated those who really really care for u.. for eg ur parents, ur family, some frens.. one thing i took away from this show is tt i shud stop wasting time n effort being too bothered wif ppl who dun gif a damn, n neglect those who really do..

meeting up wif zhen n sheryl was fun! met the siao siao zhen n the nice quiet but damn cute sheryl.. haha.. we tried our hand at salsa together coz zhen wanted to see wat clubbing in aust is like but ended up going to rongyao's club which wasnt exactly the club club kinda club.. but still it was really really gd fun! haha.. 4 of us who were initially damn paiseh n didnt noe how to salsa at all managed to kinda pick it up in the end.. kudos to rong's n his fren mervyn's v gd lead in the dance.. these guys are good man! haha..

supper last nite wif siyun, jen, wing n gang was damn funny lah.. hafen laughed much for quite a while already.. cant wait for jen's 21st to see wat the ppl will do to her man.. tt girl is CRAZY! anw before i go, some pics from the past few weeks.. enjoy!

alrighty finally all uploaded! phew! off to the city now to meet my dearest cousins! yipee!! ciao ciao! :)

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Monday, July 24, 2006

denise goh! :)
my dearest god sis.. altho i may not be in singapore now, but i noe u noe tt i'm always ALWAYS there for u.. pls be strong.. if there's anything, pls dun go hiding it k.. juz let it all out n i promise u u will feel much much better.. take ur time to think thru things.. but if u feel tt u dun want to, den dun! indulge in some nice yummy chocs n go for a good run at the gym! n anything, call me!!!

love ya tonnes! big hugs! i'm counting down to the day when i'll be back n we can go do our stupid things together again! heehee:)

on another note, happy happy happy 21st bday to my dearest dearest cousin n sworn sis SERENE SIA!!
piggy u are 21 now already! hahahaha.. u take care n haf ur last bits of fun in sg yea! see u real real soon in melb! lemme noe when u get back safe n sound k! love ya girl!

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

hafen been blogging for a while already but these week or so has been quite a traumatic one.. moved my whole life from my sunny island back to this cold gloomy land which is filled wif annoying kangeroos (actually i realise i hafen even seen one since i've been here! shud get wong ziwei to go on a country road trip or sth wif me..)

sg did me some gd.. the ppl, the food, basically its home.. wat more can i ask for.. met up wif some, didnt haf time to meet up wif some others.. i'm so sorry flor babe.. u coming to melb not?? if u are, i'll be ur host! hahaha..

one week into melb life! not easy coping but i'm starting to get into the swing of things once again.. hope it wun be too tough a sem ahead! will blog more wif pics when i get back n use my own comp.. at cousin's place now! n i'm proud to say i helped her change 3 lightbulbs! haha like i nv did tt at home man.. tt is dad's job! haha

aights.. before i go, wanna juz share sth tt i koped from wing's blog which i agree fully.. paiseh babe didnt ask ur permission 1st.. :p
"It is funny and ridiculous how so many things you are kept or choose to keep yourself in the dark from when you are in a relationship. You intentionally or unintentionally block yourself off from admitting to the existence of certain bad or undesirable things with the pure naive mindset that he/it will change for the better or that there are so much you ought to see beyond for, to embrace and to be content. You actively persuade yourself to believe certain things so much so to the extent you may be 'psycho-ing' yourself to do so. You compromise, compromise your wants, your needs, your standards, your life, just because you are hanging on to that belief, in what? in the relationship. Only when you are out of it and you look back, you wonder, why did you intentionally choose to push aside certain things just to ease your mind and where the hell did that faith come from? And only when you are out of it you would learn about things that were kept from you by others so as not to traumatize the relationship. But now all these things only give me more reassurance, that I am so glad I am out of it. "

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Happy Bday lil Becky!!

think we managed to trick this lil girl into pretending tt we all forgot her bday! grins ;) celebrated for her at crystal jade la mian xiao long bao!! :) yummy food, good company, huge ass yummy choc cake from secret recipe n a surprise for the bday girl.. haha.. i pretended tt i wanted to go toilet n made becky go wif me while the rest lit up the candles.. nice :):) real glad tt the girl was happy!!
the cake is really damn DAMN good! its a bit like the gloria jeans one tt i really like:)

happy 18 babe!!

i haf NO idea y john is sneakily grinning at the cam when this is suposed to be a candid shot!!

anw today was another fun day! :) all the time dedicated to my bunch of beloved rj bowling babes! saby came really late coz our dearest now national bowler had gym training!! ahaha.. but nonetheless i was sooo glad to see all of us again! u noe i realised the next time i'd see stupid valers wud be in april next yr coz she's gonna stay in michigan this dec :( haiz.. so sad.. i really dun feel like going back leh.. there are certainly somethings i wanna go back for lah but this is still my home.. sian diao..... anw visited food republic for the 1st time today, went ktv (yes AGAIN.. i happen to haf frens who all love ktv), walk down orchard at my fav time of the day, ate at ding tai fung (yummy xiao long bao n shui jiao!!), went to cosy bay, drove dg all the way back to clementi, basically caught up wif my favt bunch of girls :) happy:):) n coz ziwei has nv seen/heard dg sing, she was pretty surprised tt dg can sing so well! haha! i declare tt both dg n lu zhiyin aka wintermelon lu (private joke abt this mediacorp actress known as apple hong) are super qualified to take part in singapore idol/superstar or watever singing show there is!! they are both gonna win man! but both shy.. so haizzz... hahaha.. anw, pics for the day!

ktv wif dg,val, zw :) dg who sings beautifully, valers who is our one n only entertainer, zw who pangsehs when its her turn to sing! hahah

poseurs on orchard road!! i'm gonna miss u babe... :(

full attendance at ding tai fung! me, zw my aussie mate, dg my god sis, valers my fellow east-coaster, saby our national bowler :)

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

drove near the national stadium juz now n saw fireworks.. turned out tt its one of those rehearsals for NDP this year.. brings back tonnes of memories from last yr when i did ushering.. the rehearsals wk after wk, the endless supply of nothing but kfc, the weird ppl who only had like 2 tickets but had the cheek to bring a family of 6 thinking tt we'd let them in.. haha.. can u imagine if everyone did tt?? den the whole stadium wud be overflowing already lor!

anws, been in sg for quite a while already.. 1 more wk n it wud be back to aussieland :( :( :( sorry i'm gonna be whiny but i dun wanna go back!!!!!! dun want dun want dun want!! gotta be away from family n frens, away from gd food, back to studies again, being stressful, not being able to see the ppl i wud miss so dearly for the next few months or so :( i really wish i could move monash here or sth..

juz finished my 40 epi hk drama serial Armed Rxn 4! not too bad lah.. considering tt i hafen watch hk drama serials for a looooooong time.. really enjoyed watching it in canto.. still trying to pick up my own dialect.. haha.. could kinda relate to some events in the show which set me thinking again.. owells.. conclusion is.... tt this world is made complex for a reason.. n tt ppl dunno how to appreciate wat gd things they haf right in front of them, till its too late.. oh n before i continue, if u dunno hk actors n actresses well, do not continue reading this para coz i'm juz gonna start rambling.. marco ngai n joyce tang's chemistry was really gd.. i could really feel the love they had for each other n for the family that they've built together.. the scenes when she chose to believe n support him altho he was unfaithful to her were unbelievably touching! i really kowtow to such woman coz the strength tt she portrayed thru out the time her husband went missing n having to act strong in front of her family n children is sth i think not every person wud be able to do.. bobby au yeung is ridiculously funny as usual n such a joy to watch.. ada choi on the other hand was juz pissing me off lah.. juz merrily dumping her boyfrens like as if relationship's game or sth.. argh! cant stand ppl lidat! n there's this funny woman.. her name is yoyo mung.. wat a name to gif urself! heehee.. cant help laughing everytime i think of her name.. quite chio but acting's weak.. but i really like the character she portrayed in the show.. strong, determined, witty woman who fights for wat she wants, including in her love life.. i salute her! :)

alrighty, time to shower n den bed time! been sleeping so late nowadays its damn bad! tmr going to aiport to pick bro up!! yipee! before i go, shall leave u guys wif some pics! :) wif love, from singapore :) nites!

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

REPLIES!!! paiseh i noe i damn slow.. :P

me to jeff: haha yes i'm super super duper thankful for tt too! :):) hows u going?

me to Vv: yeah she took biz class in the end coz of her dad she got the staff price for her tix which is super cheap!! haha lucky girl! it was such a waste tt day coz i was offered an upgrade to biz class, S$500 n a stay at hilton if i took the later flight coz the one i went on eventually was overbooked.. but was so worried abt wansze not getting on the same flight i didnt accept the offer n in the end when i wanted it, den no more liao :( haha but nvm lah, next time hopefully got chance!!

me to valers: hey babe!!! soooooo glad to see u tt day! :) eh tracy keep bugging me to go siglap to EAT.. haha.. when u free woman??

me to net n fi: thanks babes!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):) it feels GREAT to be home:)

me to wan: hee hee woman.. haha i'm juz sooooooooooooo glad to haf found so a gd fren like u :) u muz hang in there k! anything, pls call me k! dun explode on ur own k

me to jas: thanks babe! can see tt u're hafing fun there too!! see u soon!

me to kerf: haha yes u are featured!! thanks for the lovely cheesecake yeah.. haha enjoy coldplay concert n sydney dude!!!!!!!

me to jwan: so glad to see u tt day girl! cant wait for wed:)

me to net: agreed girl!! i LOVE phantom of the opera haha! i'm so gonna watch again if i get the chance to go london

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Monday, July 03, 2006

slurping on my S$1.20 bubble tea now n feeling so happy to be home :):):) hee hee..

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