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Thursday, June 29, 2006

behind tt cheery, i-am-alright mask, is a pained soul.. nv knew it wud be this difficult.. sighhh..

anw been reminded by melissa abt the word 'karma' recently n did some deep thinking.. i fully believe in it n i realised tt it doesnt take the next life time for watever u do to get back to u.. in the words of alicia key's karma, "What goes around, comes around. What goes up, must come down. It's called Karma baby"
cool beans..

anw another song has been on repeat mode on my comp wif my funky new speakers till my mum started complaining yesterday.. she cant believe how i can listen to such opera-like songs over n over again.. haha.. well the lyrics are nice wat.. n brings back beautiful memories of this musical i watched in london:)

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again - Phantom of the Opera
You were once my one companion,
you were all that mattered.
You were once a friend and father,
then my world was shattered.
Wishing you were somehow here again,
wishing you were somehow near.
Sometimes it seemed if I just dreamed,
somehow you would be here.
Wishing I could hear your voice again,
knowing that I never would.
Dreaming of you won't help me to do,
all that you dreamed I could!
Passing bells and sculpted angels,
cold and monumental.
Seem, for you, the wrong companions,
you were warm and gentle.
Too many years fighting back tears,
why can't the past just die!
Wishing you were somehow here again,
knowing we must say goodbye!
Try to forgive, teach me to live!
Give me the strength to try!
No more memories, no more silent tears!
No more gazing across the wasted years!
Help me say goodbye
Help me say goodbye...

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

haha u are old already ain't u?? haha.. noe u are going thru a very tough placement now..
jia you yeah!! am sure u'll survive thru neuro well n blast ur way thru those exams k!! jia you!!

day out at dim sum buffet n cycling at east coast was great!! had so much yummy singaporean food in a day :)
sambal stingray, satay, bbq chicken wing.. yum yum!! aiyah how to lose weight lidat??!!!!

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its interesting wat aaron told me when i met him n william for supper last nite.. n daryl pang seh-ed us :( aiyah tt person the nite before dunno go where didnt sleep den was light headed n couldnt come.. hahaha..

anw back to the main pt.. aaron felt tt i've changed after juz being away from home for 4 mths.. i was like thinking "oh shit. for the worse or better?" n so i asked.. n he said "of course better lah"
haha phew! he said sth like he couldnt place a word to describe the change but tt i seemed more confident n haf a better outlook of life.. interesting.
aaron n william both haven't changed much tho, i felt.. muz be army lah.. its killing these poor guys' brain cells.. haha..

but yeah i think i've changed in certain ways.. the whole being away from home thing gave me no true comfort zone to bury my head in when i really needed to.. met all sorts of new ppl.. ppl from all over the world, from all walks of life..ppl who haf life outside studying, ppl who didnt follow the boring pri sch-sec sch-jc-uni path, for eg terrence.. oh speaking of which, congrats terrence on topping ur cohort!! haha.. proud of ya! :)

certain things which happened has defnitely affected me quite a bit.. but i guess everything is an experience in life, isnt it?? owells.. trying to haf a +ve outlook like aaron said.. haha.. but sg is definitely doing me some gd i guess.. back home to my family.. to the unconditional love tt i've always taken for granted..

went for a hair curt today! hee hee.. i think i look weird :( shall gif it a few days to grow lah.. always lidat one.. n i had my crystal jade la mian xiao long bao today! yay! been craving for tt for quite a while already..

alrighty time to shower n den sleep.. cant wait to meet the HaRD gang tmr for our dim sum buffet n den movie!!

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Friday, June 23, 2006

this post is specially dedicated to miss pek wan sze - a wonderful girl who has nv left my side since we became classmates den frens n eventually best frens.. cheers to 5 solid yrs of frenship my girl!

i remember the day i noticed that you were alone in class.. tho u were sitting next to xiu ming n grace but u were not really talking, juz doodling quietly.. i juz thot it wud be nice to say hi coz u were always so quiet n haha ANTISOCIAL hahahahahaha.. (dun kill me woman! :P) no lah i'm kidding.. i think u guys had some probs rite at tt time? correct me if i'm wrong.. since tt day we started talking n hanging out more.. tho we still sat separately in sec 3 but in sec 4 when i think we could choose where we wanted to sit, it was no doubt where we chose to sit.. hahaha.. shiyan, me ,u n daph at the back row seat.. hee hee.. we had so much fun together man!! talking, drawing on someone's backside, going toilet together, laughing at teachers, getting in trouble wif ah hoon, maria n neo ah moi (who prounounces mineral salts as 'mirror' salts hah), erm doing the stuff we shudnt be doing during tests *grin*

n OBS.. how could i ever forget tt.. u took the top bunk, i slept below u.. we were both quite afriad of the dark n wud talk to each other till both fell asleep.. we did the jetty jump together.. i saw u stood there frightened n i tried to encourage u to my utmost best.. coz i was juz as scared before my turn.. (phing u are not supposed to laugh at this ah!!) i hated the rock wall n u encouraged me to climb as high as i could.. we kayak together for dunno how many hours from ubin to sembawang.. it was one of the most trying moments.. i was so physically n mentally exhausted n u, my dearest girl, i saw u lost ur cool for the 1st time in my life.. hahaha.. till this day, i can still remember how everything looked like as the sun was setting n we saw the sembawang jetty from afar.. the whole atmosphere was juz so majestic, i started tearing behind u.. wonder if u knew but i was paiseh to say.. haha.. wonder how u felt den..

after we grad from rg n went to separate jcs for the 1st 3 months, we still made sure we kept in touch n updated one another abt our lives.. i remember u kept persuading me to come to rj.. tt u were not tt happy in ur class.. poor girl.. after 3 months, i came over.. sadly, we didnt haf the luck this time to be posted to the same class.. but still everytime i saw ur familiar face in the lect theatre or along corridoors, i couldnt help but smile.. n i'm really glad tt altho we both had our busy lives to run wat wif all the stupid work n cca stuff, we still made it a pt to catch up whenever we could n even went out after both our last A n O level papers.. haha.. i remember u fretting over the physics design prac qn tt u 'screwed up'.. haha.. in the end, still got the A rite? :)

jc went by in a flash n before we knew it, we are all J4s now.. haha sounds old doesnt it? haha.. anw babe, juz wanna thank u for the wonderful frenship we share.. life wud haf been so different n prob more difficult w/o u girl.. thanks for gifing me so much support when u were at aust.. u made sure tt i completed my assignment (i was too in a holiday mood n i bet u were more kan cheong damn i was), u waited patiently when i dilly dally-ed, u listened to me complain, u gave me the hug when i needed it the most, u tried means n ways to salvage the situation, u displayed a side i've never seen before because u wanted to protect me.. thanks loads loads loads babe.. aust aside, thanks for always being there.. from the phone calls we used to make to each other till 3am or sth in sec sch to how we keep each other updated on everything tho we are so far apart now.. i want u to noe tt i'm also always there for u girl, always..

presenting our aust pics now hee hee.. our 1st 'holiday' together w/o our families.. we'll haf more to come in future, rite woman?? ;)

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

sniff sniff..
still coughing n sniffing quite badly bleah.. but ther than tt, its been all gd in sg :) been hafing some real gd home cooked food n satisfied my yong tau foo craving at a food court in suntec today! yay finally ahhaha.. cant beloeve i actually managed to wake at 7 plus this morn to go for the mango sale haha.. was not too bad.. i discovered tt mango is way cheaper in singapore than aust!! wansze n i were complaining to each other how we kanna cheated.. haha.. 2 silly girls..

anw met up wif dear zhiyin today.. n we bumped into junwan, li jia n rui fen at mango too! haha.. nice lil rg gathering.. like stood in a gang of 5 helping each other decide wat to buy.. quite nice lah.. its like i dun even noe li jia n rui fen well but the 5 of us went for lunch together.. haha.. n coz we spent too much money we decided tt we shud eat at the food court n tt was when i had my hakka yong tau foo *grins* zhiyin was so excited to see my facial expression when i took my 1st bite.. hahaha.. silly cicuba :)

anw gotta complain abt parking prices in sg.. i think zhiyin spent a grand total of abt 11 bucks parking at suntec n den orchard later on.. wah lau!! anw she wanted to bring me to try this fruit smoothie at far east n so after suntec, we drove there.. i had the kiwi fruit one n it was yummy!! a pity is quite ex.. :S on the way to far east, zhiyin n i walked into the shaw towers mango for a while n guess who i met??? :):) my dearest bestie pek wan sze!!!!!! haha.. yay was soooo happy to see her!! shit i noe i sound damn les but eh i really miss her k!! like after being 24/7 in aust for more than a wk, i feel so lonely w/o her.. haha..

alrighty time to shower den sleep already.. feeling sleepy today.. wonder wat i shud do tmr.. need to fill my life wif activities to prevent me from thinking again.. sigh..

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


finally............... weather is er-hem haha wat can i say man.. hot n suffocatingly humid.. haha.. i drove back from the airport.. n i'm quite proud to say tt i parked into my house front porch in one try.. haha not bad.. hafen lost my parking skill! hee.. i miss pek wan sze already.. the past 10 days wif this girl meant so much to me.. wat wud i do w/o a fren like her man.. talk more abt this next time.. its aussie time 4am now n i'm freaking tired from the lack of sleep accumulated over the whole sem.. haha.. but it was wonderful time spent wif this girl.. had tonnes of fun, ate so much, caught up abt everything in life, shared the deepest darkest secrets haha..

anw the flight back was an experience man.. it's the 1st time i'm flying w/o my family n wansze was in biz class.. she almost couldnt be on the flight man! thank god she got a seat.. phew! had to clear immigration 1st coz she was waiting to see if she could get a seat outside.. i was so afraid she wouldnt.. n den coz i was so worried abt her i didnt even bother abt choosing my own seat so i kanna a window seat wif 2 old angmohs outside.. felt so bad everytime i needed to go toilet or sth coz i had to make them stand for me.. so i had to tahan lor when i was urgent haha..
anw caught 'i not stupid too' on the plane.. everyone's been saying its good n i hafen watched it so yeah.. its not bad lah.. i was so touched by the unconditional love from the parents that i started crying like mad on the plane.. hope the 2 angmohs didnt get scared by me coz i was sniffing, coughing uncontrollably (oso coz of my flu lah), wiping tears.. sighhhhhh... dunno lah.. think i've been trying to be strong thru the whole sem.. act strong or sth dunno.. nv really teared or watsoever.. the emotions tt haf been kept within juz suddenly all came gushing out.. i realise i always cry on the plane n will probably continue to do so haha.. like when i came back from london, when i left for aussie for the 1st time, when i leave sg in 3 wks time....... felt much better after a gd cry lah.. crying is therapeutic haha.. thot thru stuff.. ppl fall down but they gotta pick themselves up i guess.. owells i always tell myself i'm strong girl n i'll continue to be!

alrighty enuff of the disgustingly depressing post on the 1st day i'm back in the beautiful country i call home.. time for bed.. mum's showing me a black face haha! she hates it when i'm on the comp sighhhhhh

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

got tonnes of post exams blah blah blah stuff to blog abt but most impt thing to announce is tt wansze has safely arrived in melb!! haha.. :) it was so funny when we 1st met coz supposed to meet at southern cross station initially but due to some change in plans we had to meet at some franklin st kerb side place.. haha not tt easy to find man!! n it was so interesting coz we were at opposite sides of the road n i was juz blur-ly walking down on my side squinting so hard n was trying to look for her ahead.. lucikly wan spotted me so she screamed to me from across the road haha!
anws, its been a good 3 days so far together!! i love love love this girl! :) she so understandingly accompanies me n HELPS me wif my stupid assignment, brought me all the laughter n joy, learnt to sleep all my damn odd hours, talk me thru all the troubles tt i'm hafing.. its juz so amazing how much seeing ur old time best fren can do u so much good.. within 24 hrs, everything juz came pouring out n i haven't felt so truly happy the entire day in such a long time already! i am so glad tt altho life has changed so much for the both of us since we became besties in sec 3, we are still the same old 15-yr-old girls who thankfully haven't turned into bitches.. haha:) love her love her love her!! 7 more days of fun in melb together babe!! we are going shopping!! chapel st, bridge road, smith st, victoria market, chadstone, carribean market tt vek so kindly offered to bring us, torquay.. yipeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

juz called dg n juz hearing her voice makes me happy!! :):):)
love u loads god sis!! cant wait to see u reeeeeeeaaaaaaaal soon! :)
thanks for helping me as always!!

less than 24 hrs from now, will finally be in the city! this place too stifling.. i damn sian already.. but becky cant join us :( anw babe, haf a safe flight to perth den to sg.. see u back home!

n to rest of the meddies, jia you k!!

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Monday, June 05, 2006

i can feel the eve-of-exam adrenaline rush within me now.. very excited to get this crap over n done wif.. n within 48 hrs, it'd be all over!! wud be prob singing ktv in 48 hrs.. teehee..

anw supposed to be doing work but i was feeling sian as usual so i started looking at the pics on my comp n blog surfing.. n i concluded tt the scene i like most abt singapore is evening time... when the sun's juz setting n everything's cooling down.. n u noe how long the sun takes to set in singapore.. tt nice orange hue in the sky, the not so dark but slightly dark atmosphere.. n street lamps start to switch on..
i dun wanna say walking along the beach coz tt's how BORING.. juz coz everyone says oh how romantic to be walking along the beach at this time..
but NO..
i like it in like the city.. say along suntec.. outdoors of course.. no no not esplanade.. but dun want too many ppl lah.. juz feel the warm breeze in ur face, hand in hand wif someone u love.. protected by the tall buildings all arnd.. heh.. den not perspiring much already.. haha nice.. :)
argh actually tt sounds so unromantic.. think i miss home too much already! or maybe coz i've been stuck in this small lil town known as clayton for waaaay to long.. heh

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

the wonders of the internet.. cannot watch channel 5 on tv but can see this on youtube! :)
paul twohill is hilarious!!
daniel ong: "paul, a lot of ppl haf been asking me wats up wif the haaair??"
paul: "actually its this erh mysterious kinda look so tt it wud be like i can see u, u cant see me, u can see me, i cant see u tt kinda thing lah"
wah! simi i can see u u cant see me!! damn funny lah this boy!!! hahaha..
n i spotted aunt cecilia in the crowd!! heehee.. way to go! i like this paul guy man.. hope he goes further than top 12! :)
who needs one hill when you've got two? haha good one there!

anw if u guys click on the link to watch, muz watch right to the end for judges comments! jacintha's super funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hee

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Saturday, June 03, 2006

wan's leaving sg today for sydney! n come 10th june i'll be seeing her at southern cross station @ 3.40pm!!! how exciting!! last nite when i was talking to her n planning how to meet up n stuff, i was so excited i wanted to start jumping arnd.. haha! yayness!!!!!!!!!!
welcome to australia pek wan sze!! cant wait to see u!!! haf a safe safe flight n haf fun in sydney! :):) see ya on 10th @ southern cross! dun get lost yah! *grin*

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Friday, June 02, 2006


pls go n see this!! presenting lil blonde john!! sorry john i didnt exactly post it up on my blog k.. hee..


supposed to be mugging.. ended up at josh's place for more than 6 hrs cooking n eating dinner n hanging arnd singing, talking rubbish n laughing at johnny do this!! hahahahahahah.. nv laughed so hard for sooooo long already!! am a very very happy girl now! :):) thanks john for being soooooo sporting as always! :)

n of course thanks josh, kel, becky n johnny our star for the wonderful nite spent together!! shit lah when becky n john leaves, i'll be soooooooo sad :( dun think dun think!

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last day of the sem!!

wow its really surprising how 13 wks juz woooosh-ed by like tt..
had my last lect n pcl lesson for the sem juz now.. n we had a mini pcl party..haha.. the msia girls in my class were really nice n thotful! i had my fill of nasi lemak again! :):) quote becky "u were grinning from ear to ear ever since u ate the nasi lemak" haha.. i'm tt deprived. haha.. no lah.. u guys juz dunno how simple things like food can change my mood so drastically.. hahaha..
9 days to wan's arrival n 19 days to home.. simply cant cant wait!! all the food trails.. been craving for my prawn mee for AGES! n i wanna watch idol.. dg told me meryl's (bowling junior) in the top 28.. n aunt cecilia (the damn nice aunty who got so much excess luggage for me n bro)'s nephew's in (paul twohill's the name!) apparently he's really funny! muz go back n check him out.. haha
but exam's next wk n assignment's due soon n i hafen even started!! ok maybe like 1 para on legal aspects tt's all :( sigh..

anw, life's been not too bad except for the mugging tt i dun seem to haf any drive to do.. v bad.. wat happened to the wonglingling i used to noe?? heck it lah.. 5% only.. wun die..
juz wanna say tt i'm really really happy tt i made quite a lot of frens here over the short 3 months plus.. some frens i already noe i'd want to keep close for life.. its really how amazing when u come overseas n hafta depend on one another.. they are like ur family.. brings out the best n worst in ppl but i'm glad to say i really love my frens here!! wud die w/o them..

more happifying stuff!! later the HaRD gang (howitt-rusden-deakin)will be going to josh's place to cook! yay! hafen cooked for quite a while n tho i shud be mugging but dun care lah! last day of term.. n i'm really gonna miss johnny boy n becky tonnes when they leave after this yr:(
anw, menu for tonight:
lil blonde john: curry chicken
becky: some fish
josh: char kway teow
me: broccoli n carrots in oyster sauce
kel: rice
hahaha ho liao! cant wait! :)

alrighty pics time!

the HaRD gang on our way to yum cha, grocery shopping, watching da vinci code, drinking bubble tea etc.. :)

lil blonde john.. gonna miss this damn irritating but damn funny guy when he's gone :(

1 of their pit stops at mel's place.. tt guy right at the back is jian ping.. mel's bf who's here for a whole month wif her!! lucky babe!! :) nice guy.. am damn happy for my babe.. he's in nus med so he noes wansze n tonnes of rj muggers.. haha.. jp i hafta agree wif u! tonnes of rj ppl are closet muggers.. they look damn sporty n stuff but they mug damn hard! haha..

crazy cake deliveries by these 3 silly lil boys.. hahah.. i knew sth was up their sleeves when they were whispering to each other at chaddy.. haha!

long overdued pics of ethan's 21st! heehee.. jeff is damn evil man..

1st, ethan had to dig thru this disgusting bottle of nutella to identify all the things he eats for breakfast all mixed inside.. yucks! its like damn mushy n i haf no idea where jeff got all the stuff from.. wats in my mouth?? thanks ethan for being so sporting!looking smug tt he can identify the food stuff quite quickly..heehee he didnt noe wat was installed for him heeheehee......

happy happy 21st xiao di!! :) nice face mask u've got there!

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