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Sunday, April 23, 2006

latest addiction to my all time favourite hk drama serial tt i only slept at 6am 'last nite' despite only hafing 3-4 hrs average of sleep for the past few days due to my mid sem exam which sucked, clubbing on fri nite (2nd time in my life! how guai), paintball on sat early morn.. woke up at like 1pm today n rushed to the city to meet up wif jinny n her frens.. it was a greeeeaaaat time meeting up wif them.. haf always talked to jinny but hafen met wif her properly ever since i've been to aust.. haha n aaron sounded quite shock when i told him tt i was wif his sis! haha.. n later he admitted tt he was.. hhaaha.. like it didnt register for 3 mins or sth.. hahaha..anw her frens are a damn interesting n fun to be wif too! :) nice new frens i haf:) super super funny girl called xueling.. hafen had sucha gd laugh in such a long time! anw, felt like being thrifty today so didnt spend any money on shopping at all tho i saw tonnes of nice n affordable stuff.. had gd viet food for dinner.. :) some cheery pics from the last few days 1st..

wif chiobu christine on the way back from paintball..

the bunch of siao za bors at the back of the bus! :)

rach! christine's small cute little sis haha.. more paintball pics will come when i get them from the ever slow sitian..

in the club.. oh gosh i didnt realise i caught some hanky panky on cam!

at the entrance of the club..

haha we were abit high after drinking n dancing for a while n did stupid stuff while resting our feet!
this is supposed to be an act cute pic.. haha but looks damn off!

4 girls in the city!

kerf posing! haha

mel, jon n i on the dance floor:)

jinny, xueling the damn farnie one n me

grp pic:)

jinny u are quite light! i could tahan u sitting on me! haha

but now feeling quite sad.. tonnes of thots running thru my head.. like wat are we always to complain abt how we dun haf time to do stuff, tt we are stressed, this that?? tt we dun haf this dun haf tt when we compare wif the ppl arnd us blah blah.. watching my batch mate joan chan shu fang battling cancer n now given quite a bad prognosis, i feel so upset yet damn proud of her at the same time.. her strength n courage is sth i dunno i'd ever possess if i were in her postition.. phing oso set me thinking when she told me
"..but at the end of the day, the thing that struck me most was that a person could be this and that and in high places and bright future ahead and blah blah, but everything can be lost in a blink of an eye.... but for peeople to know that all the accomplishments in this world are only temporal, so the question to think abt is where you will go lor..."
well stuff to think abt i guess.. dun worry phing i noe u are not preaching.. i was thinking abt this after u told me..

straits times featured her again today n i'm really proud of wat RGS n some other batch mates haf done to raise funds for shu fang.. to date they've managed to raise $130,000 for her.. n frens are always keeping vigil by her side to gif her n her family support..
Says RGS principal Deborah Tan: 'I told the girls 'once a Rafflesian, always a Rafflesian'. I saw Joan as one of our flock and that motivated us to do something.'
i pray for her health.......

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

n clever me has resorted to eating m&ms n drinking honey water at the same time :p so tt i can eat MORE m&ms! *grin*

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

dun ask me y i'm wide awake at this zombie hour.. i haf no idea too.. think its coz of the caffeine from the coffee juz now.. anw realise its almost gonna be 2 mths since i've been to aust already.. doesnt sound like a long time rite.. but if u gotta suddenly live out on ur own doing every single under the sun on ur own, right down to making the decision of whether u wanna wash the plastic container coz u wanna save it for next time or juz chuck it into the bin coz u are juz too damn lazy or its too damn mah fan (excuses!) to wash tt damn oily thing, 2 mths is a loooooong time.. coupled wif the fact tt u miss all the wonderful ppl at home, the luxuries u had, the gd food served right to the table everyday etc.. u get my pt..

since i couldnt really get to sleep i decided tt i shud do some mugging coz i'm waaaaay behind time n my mid sem exam is this fri! wat a great easter break man.. but cant really seem to concentrate.. dunno y.. keep browsing thru online shopping websites (its damn exciting to buy stuff leh but i juz bring myself to hit the checkout button), blogs.. n the hk serial tt sy lend me is staring at me now screaming 'watch me!'..

but hey wonglingling! wun u sick of slacking arnd too much last yr??!! so u shud jolly well be glad now tt the time for mugging has returned! but all u noe how to do is complain.. tsk tsk tsk..
before u ppl out there think i'm a mugger or sth, i wanna remind u tt my A levels ended in dec 2004 n i had a whole yr of slacking in 2005 before coming here in feb.. tt was a whole yr of FREE time lor! like since when did we ever haf free time from the time we started pri 1?? tt was y i was dying to start sch when i saw all my batch mates being busy in sch.. n it didnt help tt those trips tt i wanted to make like to aceh for the tsunami thing didnt get thru coz mum didnt allow! sighhh.. but come to think of it.. 2005 was pretty gd lah.. i did a few jobs here n there, made money for the 1st time, helped my parents out, passed driving on my 1st attempt:), tried to pick up some malay, got myself on the papers for the 1st time n for sth gd, gave a speech in front of like dunno how many profs n chairman of A*STAR n students (wah it was freaking scary!), went for tonnes of interviews (k i'm damn bo liao now so i shud make a list: monash, uwa, unsw, uni of adelaide, barts n the london, smu, beloved nus.. of which nus is er-hem my beloved uni).. wat else did i do?? hmm.. tonnes of random stuff lah.. made quite a few new frens here n there.. smu, london med ppl, the monash peeps whom i'm counting my life on now.. not bad.. ah the best thing was to be able to get up everyday at like 11am or sth w/o feeling guilty.. haha.. dun need to watch my time when i do stuff.. tt was life man..

hey but i'm not complaining abt life now lah.. tho its hard to be on ur own, but its GOOD.. except for the fact tt i'm spending so much of my parent's money now, i'm so glad i'm not stuck in sg n hafing to serve a 5 yr bond after tt.. i love singapore coz its my home afterall n my roots are stuck firmly there but going overseas is a wonderful fresh experience! u do so much n learn so many different life skills i think u'd never bother to pick up hafing a maid at home.. n not juz bury ur head in anat, physio, biochem n dunno wat else the whole day.. n yes the freedom is wonderful lah.. i miss my parents duh.. but sometimes less nagging to wat time u shower or sleep or spend less time on the comp is gd:) heh they will so not be happy if they ever see this man.. haha which i suspect they juz might coz they noe abt my blog being ont digital life.. haha.. but lets juz pray they are not tech savvy enuff yet to come check out my blog.. haha

anw here, they teach u stuff like how to gif injection early in the course, make u reflect abt the sociological, ethical aspects abt med n stuff lidat.. there are times it gets boring but i think sometimes it makes u think n reflect oso n u realise tt med is not all juz abt knowing every single nerve or bone on ur body.. den lidat wats the pt of those books where u can refer to next again next time?? u might as while go n be an anatomist (haha is there such a thing??)
oso, interacting wif angmohs is not easy but being exposed constantly to a whole new culture is a refreshing experience n i'm loving it!
aiyah type until sian liao.. think i shud go to sleep.. getting sleepy n i can hear my muslim neighbour coming out for prayer n the bird chirping liao.. haha.. anw, before i zao, shall put some nice pics from jon's n my bday surprise by the monash peeps:) hafen put it up yet since den.. dilly dally..

wah luckliy i'm not a guy n they didnt bully me.. haha

my 'cake' :) :) :)

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

food time!! this week's creation of stir fried xiao bai cai wif carrot (minus worm), brown sugar pork n black sauce chicken! :) john is 1 lucky guy to come back from his soccer trng to a not so hot but super yummy meal.. john!! u owe me n kelvin 1 ah! hahahaha.. but he was forced to wash up so fair lah huh.. anw pics! i realise i look damn ah soh when i'm trying to cook.. hahahaha!!

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

back from dinner wif aunt at her fren's place.. the food was soooo sooo sooooo good!! fantastic!! sambal fish, tandoori chicken, rendang beef, squid, yellow rice, asian pickles.. woah!!!!!!!!! cant wait to go back n eat more of these but the standard was really good! can open restaurant man.. anw some pics den hafta start mugging.. die liao tmr going out still got the cheek to waste time online..

my easter egg!! so huge:)

super cute big furball dog at aunt's fren's place..

nice warm home:)

check out the food!!!!!!

all the goodies from mum n dad :) check out straits times!!! never really read it at home but shall finish this paper cover to cover.. hah

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my aunt's here!!! finally!! :):) together wif my external hard disk n more goodies from home mum has packed for me:) gonna meet her n her frens for dinner later yay! to the city or not tmr?? hmm.. ought to be mugging for my stupid test but somehow i'm not v kan cheong.. its damn weird.. nvm lah i think a breather out at the city wud be gd for my poor neurones.. alrighty gonna change n go out to meet aunt now! :)

btw thanks all who's been concerned abt my crazy weird moods these days.. really really appreciate u guys.. love ya all!!!!!!!

william: hey really??!! den are u in the same camp or watever wif wei keong? eh i want ndp tix ah! haha.. siao never learn my lesson.. everytime go until sian still wanna go.. hahaha

fi: yes fi i love it:) brightens up my room alot!

net: thanks loads girl.. its much better now thank gdness!

zw: aiyah u lazy bum! if u bother to get up n make it u can do it to! nvm next time i stayover at ur place i make for u lah..

anne: haha thanks loads girl!! cooking soon yeah?? are u surviving alright w/o me the master chef to make yummy food for u? hahah

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

it feels quite terrible to watch ur floor mates leaving 1 by 1 for the coming easter hols.. the place feels so empty n cold w/o human beings.. :( miss home :(:(
luckily my aunt from sg is coming so at least i dun feel so bad.. aiyah stupid med fac is trying to be damn extra.. everyone else has the whole week for easter hols but ours ends next wed.. sian.. or not could haf gone wif my cuz to brisbane.. :(
life isnt as fun as exciting as it seems.. i haf my share of downs too.. decisions decisions decisions.. hate to make them esp huge ones.. haiz.. :(:(
sorry i'm depressed in incoherent.. think i shall go take a nap

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Sunday, April 09, 2006

today i spent w/o feeling v guilty..dunno why.. haha.. but it feels damn shuang!! haha didnt spent like a lot alot lah compared to the way i shop in sg sometimes but its the most i've ever spent since coming to aust! this week's gotta be budget week!

on the tram wif lovely n cute n ah soh neighbour:)

spontaneous aussies who will surprisely appear in ur pics.. haha

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self 1-handedly done! haha.. looks a bit kua zhang but i hope the swelling n bruise goes away man!
kel says looks like muay thai haha..

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Saturday, April 08, 2006

killed my pinkie while playing captains ball today :(:( i hope its juz a sprain man but currently i cant bend it much n there's this bruise.. pls pls.. i dun wanna see doc n take x ray n watever crap.. anw, had great fun today at the bbq cum sports day organised my the sg society n msian society here.. played badminton n my all time fav game - capts ball!! love running arnd catching the ball, defending, scoring.. happy happy.. stayover at mel's was good too:) we made pasta for dinner last nite n pancake for breakfast this morn :) hope the heater tt she's gonna get today is good for her coz her house is sooooo cold now.. was freezing last nite.. anw some nice pics! :) will get the rest of the pics from sitian soon!

mel, me n the super super yummy pancakes!:)

sitian n siyun the 2 siao za bor sisters, christine n me.. now i noe y christine prances arnd when playing badminton! haha.. v funny ppl:) hafen laughed soo hard in a looooong time..

dg does this look familiar??? hahaha..

my creation of the week.. chicken wing, xiaobaicai wif carrot, egg wif onion :) gold ol' homemade food!

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Power Within

Looking back at the years that so many have passed
You suddenly realize how far you have come
You have arrived at a brand new beginning
A place where hopes and dreams dwell free

You don't have to be afraid
Coz we're here to guide your way
Just put faith in us
Faith in your hearts
We will light your way

We will find our shining star
If we hold on to our dreams
Embrace each day
With love and grace
Experience life in your own special way
For you are made for greater things than this

Here we are a Rafflesian family
A place of joy and sweet harmony
Where love and warmth fill each day
You'll never be alone again

You don't have to be afraid
Coz we're here to guide your way
Just put faith in us
Faith in your heart
We will light your way

We will find our shining star (shining star)
If we hold on to our dreams
Embrace each day
With love and grace
Experience life in your own special way
For you are made for greater things than this

When storms and dark clouds come your way
Hold on as strongly to your faith
Be strong and courageous in your heart
Then you'll shine like a star
In the dark

We will find our shining star (shining star)
If we hold on to our dreams
Embrace each day
With love and grace
Experience life in your own special way
For you are made for greater things than this

We can achieve
If we believe that power we hold within

i miss those days..

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ok blogger wun allow me to load anymore pics.. damn weird always do halfway den lidat.. bleah.. continue another day! take care in the meantime peeps!

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annenonymous: eh dun think u disguise ur name in tt thing i cant tell who u are k!! hahaha.. u are damn farnie too lah girl! everytime u take the sg flag n start waving it n dancing arnd the house i juz wanna laugh until cannot tahan.. hahahahaha.. (ooops let ur dirty secret out already! ahhaha) thanks for the great company while i cook :) no wonder my food turned out nice :):)

mdm loi / mrs chan: haha girl still cant really believe tt u are married! hahahaha.. eh i want to see the baby soon k! yeah man ever since i've been here i really really treasure all the veg my mum cooked at home.. its soooooo much work!!

em: hey babe how are u doing?? yeah i noe i see ur pics sometimes too! but no lah horrible ur head!! so yummy!! n u are damn hardworking lah.. bother to cook in sg.. everywhere can da pao so cheap n yummy.. ahaha.. i getting lazy these days.. v mah fan to cook in halls lah coz communal kitchen n all.. anw, take care loads girl!!

aaron: haha hey!!!!!!!! so glad to hear from u! its been ages! haha. . k lah life here not too bad.. i mean its not tt great lah.. everything has its pros n cons n i'm sure when u are at brown u'd realise tt its not as fun as u expected it to be.. but den seize every chance to explore n haf fun when u are there yah!! this sept rite? or next?

sab toh: hey girl u jia you too!! when will u be going back?? i'm so glad i'd be going back this july lor.. cant wait! haha yah but this one cup is like A$3.50.. how ex lor..

wing: eh NDP is nostalgic too k coz i took part in it last yr n was there to like witness stuff.. haha.. aiyah was trying to put sights of sg instead of pics of human beings haha..

speaking abt patriotism, i'm not ashamed to announce tt actually i'm secretly damn patriotic.. hahaha.. like the kind who wun sing the national anthem during assembly n juz mumble the pledge but when i hear those national day songs n esp when everyone's singing together, sth in me will juz suddenly trigger those tear glands.. hahaha sounds damn stupid i noe.. stop laughing! but yah lah.. i love my country!!

which brings me to my next point.. today we had this sociology lect.. n i was damn relieved tt it wasnt the usual rosalie woman (she's famous here for like being damn long breath n can spend like 30min on 1 powerpt slide.. making up make-up lects etc..) anyway, some guy from la trobe uni came to lecture us lah.. initally he was quite funny coz he was asking like who's from which country n when he came to sg he was like shouting "majulah singapura!"
thot to myself "well finally! we haf a decent lecturer who doesnt mumble to himself (think bowden), is quite funny n seems like a nice old man.. but alas! thruout the freaking entire lect, he seemed to be damn against singapore lah! kept picking on us like how singapore unlike aust has no rural areas n hafta reclaim more land from the sea n tt we are all living 3m apart! k i noe sg is small but the tone was oh-so-wrong! if anne was there i bet she'd haf stood up n threw rotten eggs at him! poor mel n jon were like so pissed n jon act suggested walking out..

mj was our hero btw!! the lecturer was talking abt singapore's health care white paper 1993 thing.. its sth like "even destitute persons who cannot afford to pay should not be deprived of basic health care" BUT "good up-to-date medical practice, but it will not provide the latest and best of everything" & "the treatment will be delivered w/o frills"
haha act looking at this i wanna laugh.. it sounds so damn singaporean.. so kiasu! like i promise i will gif u some treatment but i cant gif u the best coz u are not paying n since u are not paying i cant afford to gif u the best.. but his tone was so damn irritating!! he was practically ridiculing us!! like looking at us n asking us wat we as singaporeans thot of this "will not provide the latest n best of everything".. wth!! n mj raised his hand n told him tt if those destitutes came in for cosmetic surgery n stuff, how can we pay for them?? wah such a good point! didnt even think of it! we love u mj!!

ok finish ranting already.. haha.. i realise i haf v poor summary skills.. my bday pictures to end this post! cant wait for the weekends man! cant wait cant wait!!

check this cake out man!! gosh its the funkiest n yummiest cake i've ever seen! this is a present from amy jie2 n ah gim kor2 (cousin's cousin n gf).. basically they planned a surprise for me at 12 midnight n this cake was the cover up cake.. they thot i was v smart n will see thru their surprise plan so on 11 march after dinner n all, they brought me to buy this n pretended it was my bday cake!

dinner at a thai restaurant in the city.. the food was gd!!

the best caeser salad i ever had! its so damn damn good..

amy jie2 is so motherly lah! she cooked this for me on my bday tho she had so much work to do.. its like mee sua.. eating this on ur bday is supposed to gif u a longer life or sth lidat rite? ahaha

juz thot this was pretty cute haha..

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Monday, April 03, 2006

how does this look to u after being damn sian w/o nice yummy food the whole day n the rice cooker dying on u n u gotta eat hard microwaved rice for dinner?
n how does this look for brunch n dinner foc in an angmoh land?
hehe.. thanks soooo much sy for offering to get bubble tea for me:) n my malaysian neighbour who gave me sooooo much home made nasi lemak tt smelled n tasted heavenly!! btw it's super fresh n the rice is coconut rice not white rice.. feeling paiseh now.. gotta crack my brains to see wat i shud cook in return.. oh but he might be halal! so maybe cant use my utensils? i dunno.. better go ask..

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Sunday, April 02, 2006

i miss home... :( i think its finally beginning to hit me.. nvm hang in there wonglingling! 3 more months!

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