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Thursday, March 30, 2006

it was juz so weird tt day when some person from straits times emailed me n told me tt my blog will be featured in the papers.. haha.. like here i am juz talking gibberish n my nonsense gets featured??!! damn paiseh lah.. n i noe i got my stats wrong.. fyi, sg was never 8th for the commonwealth games.. was juz too lazy to correct it n now my damn embarrassing mistake is in this tues (28/3) copy of 'digital life' hhaha.. together wif ronald susilo's blog n dunno who else.. interesting.. got some ppl back home to keep a copy of the papers for me haha..
managed to get this off the net tho.. thanks to er-hem the ever so wonderful anne quek! hahaha.. anne u noe i'm lying!!

site visit yest was quite good.. got to take history from my 1st ever patient:) really admire her for being such a strong lady despite everything tt's happening at home.. u noe she started tearing at 1 pt i didnt noe wat to do! n i couldnt find tissue to offer her.. if in other context i might haf given her a hug or sth.. but i couldnt do tt lah..

i had to go to ulu-fied cranbourne, which is at the end of the line, for it but i think it was really worth the trouble.. the gp in charge of me was really nice.. n i was really lucky to get to see a shingles case.. its supposedly damn rare lah n even edwin hasnt seen 1 after like 4 yrs in med sch.. alrighty.. some pics i took yest! actually i still haf tonnes of pics to upload from the time in london, my bday etc etc.. shud get down to tt bit soon..

oh yes before i go, gotta talk abt this damn malu incident tt day lah.. it was like near campus centre den i was like excitedly telling mel sth so i juz swung my hands (in which i was holding an apple core) in the air.. n guess wat great thing happened??!! this jew guy juz walked straight in to my hand lah! like right smack in the face! oh man.. n my apple core flew out of my hand n landed nearby.. tt was how hard the impact was.. gosh.. damn damn paiseh leh.. wah lau.. n he looked quite pissed wif me lah.. luckily never like beat me up or sth..man man.. n like campus centre u can imgaine how many ppl were like walking arnd.. malu!!!!!!!

n last but not least, congrats to mdm loi huey phing for ur ROM!! a huge pity i couldnt be there to witness such a happy occasion but i'm really really really happy for u girl!! its been 5 yrs since OBS.. times flies man.. wishing u all the best in ur marriage n ur new life wif ur hubby n the in laws!!

alrighy, gonna take a nap now! damn tired!

train tracks at cranboune.. into the wilderness.. ahha no lah not tt ulu..

this is my hall at sunset.. pretty pic rite?? :)

dishes i've tried to whip up hee.. its damn yummy n no stomachache!

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sorry ppl somehow i juz haf this inertia sometimes to blog n hence the slow replies as well.. sheesh.. i shud be less lazy..

wing: hey flabby!! i miss london :(
phing & sab: thanks for the bday wishes!! i'm sorry i'm a bit lag haha..
fi: hey fi dear!! yeah i'm doing alright! how are u? oh yes n check out my bed sheet:) its v comfy!
net: everything's alright.. thanks for asking girl! jia you for ur exams coming yeah!
val: yes girl! haha how time flies! i cant wait to go home den we can go swimming n nite cycling k
jeff: next time remember not to wear ur boxers to class k!! hahahaha
passerby: are u talking abt jonathan goh? yup yup! :) btw who are u??
jas: but i'm sure u all had fun at PFE rite?
mj, jeff, kerf: hhaha lect leh can u all pay attention!!

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

i love dg to bits n pieces man!!

duhnise*. says:
when u come back we must go out a lot a lot a lot a lot
*duhnise*. says:
den everyday bring u eat yong tau foo
*duhnise*. says:
den u got no more cravings
*duhnise*. says:
last u 4 the nxt few mth
*duhnise*. says:

doesnt she sound so ti3 tie1?? oh man i think dg sounds better than any bf or gf for the matter.. dg is still up for grabs!! any guy interested gotta come to me for scanning 1st!

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

sleepover at mel's place last nite was GREAT:):) thanks to the 4 guys who escorted us all the way back to mel's house.. we are actually damn paiseh but since u all so er-hem bhb esp the one who read the 'mountains beyond mountains' bk, we shant be!! haha kidding.. but yes thanks guys.. v v v v v nice of u guys.. mel's place is really quite far from halls.. anw the girly nite out was fun n i love mel's company! :):) i'm soooo sorry mel i kicked u off the bed.. hee
its such a pity i didnt manage to catch the table tennis matches! i'm super proud of singapore man! check out this pic! its so woah!

beautiful aint it juz to see the 3 singapore flags being raised up.. i juz wished i could be there to soak up the atmosphere n to sing my national anthem properly for once.. haha!

alrighty! time to head for the city! going for cuz's bbq n maybe to ikea tmr..another pic for u guys to laugh at.. see if u can tell wat it is! haha!

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

i suddenly got this massive massive craving for hakka yong tau foo.. oh man can somebody pls tell me if u can ever get tt in melbourne?? dg's such a dear really.. she wants to send me everything from sg incl yong tau foo.. but haha too bad to quarantine rules.. n like she said 'by the time it gets there, become chau tau foo already' hahaha

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

pics from the commonwealth games opening n some random pics.. bday pics will be coming up soon!me n some commonwealth sign thingy in the background..

beautiful fireworks!! a pity i only haf them on video which is too huge to upload..

the ppl on my floor..

some nice art thing on the ground in the city..

my noodles which cost AUD$8.50 at crown! but i rather haf this than kfc anytime coz tt looks liks spring chicken n its 7 bucks lah.. n the worst thing is, there's no chilli!!

aussie cheer!

after the commonwealth opening ceremony.. the ang mog juz merrily chap in.. ahhaha.. can u imagine if we ever do tt to ppl taking pics in sg??!

xinyi n i

right.. i juz went to the fridge to get my pizza to bring for lunch n found it missing!! n the best thing is the idiotic culprit juz ate half of the pizza n chuck the crust into the bin! wah lau!! hafen ur mum told u tt stealing is bad???!!!! tt's MY lunch btw!!

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Monday, March 20, 2006

we won!! the ladies table tennis finals.. n it feels damn good to trash the aussies right here in aussieland! haha.. the match was good.. sharon tan really fought till the last set n it was juz soooo close.. i was really afraid tt she might screw it up but she didnt!! so yay to singapore! :) now we are like 8th on the rank table.. not too bad i muz say for such a small country.. but den again.. its really interesting to note how the singapore prcs were competing against the aussie prcs.. haha..

anw speaking of the commonwealth games, the sg med ppl couldnt pass up the chance to go for the opening last week.. it was really really good.. tickets into the stadium cost a whopping 400 aussie.. but sitting along the yarra river n watching the big screens were juz as good, if not better:) the fireworks display was really one of the best i've seen.. i guess its coz of the proximity.. could even see the ashes showering down on the ppl in front of me.. kinda dangerous i thot but lucky everything was fine.. after the show we headed to crown to play laser quest.. 20 bucks for 45 mins.. wud say its a new exp n the guys are all damn good!! muz be the army training! haha it was damn exciting runnning arnd trying to shoot ppl.. haha.. had good fun:)
headed back to jon goh's house after tt for a stayover.. started off wif a game of truth or dare but it eventually evolved into a truth or truth.. haha.. damn interesting bunch of ppl i wud say as we shared stuff abt ourselves.. ended up only wif a 20 min nap before heading back to sch for an 8am lesson lah.. had 2 presentations tt day somemore.. but it was good:):) really muz do this more often!

somehow blogger refuse to let me post pics now.. i'll try again tmr.. its 2am.. time to hit the sack!

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

today marks 1 mth in melb! :) a month ago i left singapore wif v mixed emotions.. excitement, fear, anticipation, trepidation, tonnes of weird feelings.. looking forward to my new life as a med student yet missing my old life as a slacker.. as i waved one last time at the loved ones standing outside the glass panels of changi airport, i couldnt help but tear coz i realised how long it wud be before i'd see these ppl again.. i tried to remain strong n blew flying kisses at these ppl to make them smile.. dad's kiss, granny's hug, dg's trying to act strong face, zhiyin n serene's tears, wan sze's beautiful smile, n the well wishes n hugs n tears from those who cared.. sming, jane, phing, evan, daph, annette, yilin, eikfeng, aaron, yp, ivan, liankiat, nicholas, raymond..
after 1 month here i can safely say i've learnt to cope quite well wif living on my own.. haha.. of course there were days i did silly things, binge on tonnes of chocs, sleeping late, forgetting to lock my door which is how freaking dangerous, continue to bathe at ungodly hours.. haha but i guess tt's all part of a student's life rite?? haha..
anw mum's been really supportive stocking up so much when she was here.. only now are my supplies kinda running out haha.. will be off to clayton town later to grab some stuff but gotta keep within my budget.. oh gosh how i scrimp now.. but i desperately need more veg n fruits n fish.. i miss eating yummy steamed fish!! anw sch's getting busy.. i hafen got time to update on my bday n commonwealth games opening etc.. will do tt soon n post some nice pics up.. till den, ciao!

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

look wat i've got in my mail!! :) :)

its already so exciting to get mail at home.. imagine when u get stuff when u are overseas n kinda all alone on ur own.. i was so excited when i open the mail box juz now n found these nice envelopes (which i noe are not the usual bills) addressed to me:) really warms the heart to see stuff from the ppl u treasure although u are not physically close to them.. n the funniest thing is tt both came from uk not sg.. hahaha k crap.. off to mess hall to eat! after cooking for 2 days straight, i gif up liao! hee

thanks loads florrine ng woman my twin n win:) rhymes!

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Monday, March 06, 2006

so many pics i wanna upload to let u guys see but the internet here is damn freaking ex! so gotta be more thrifty lah or not my poor parents slogging at home n here i am wasting their money.. anyway, its 11.40pm here now n i juz finished DINNER.. oh gosh.. i chose to cook late oso lah coz the kitchen was so occupied juz now.. but it took me 2 hours to get everything done lor!! haha.. chicken rice:), brocolli wif carrots n chicken.. haha but chicken is cheat one.. heehee i shant say how i cheated.. too malu.. anw my neck is aching like siao now.. i think its the lousy pillow in my room tt's causing it man.. bleah.. damn tired.. living out on ur own n hafing to do every single thing is tiring man.. waking up, making the bed, cooking, washing, cleaning, studying blah blah.. but act quite fun n challenging oso lah.. 1st taste of independence.. haha.. anw after spending 2 hrs cooking juz now, i concluded i really admire the ppl who finish their med course in london.. like hello there if u dun cook u'll juz go broke.. n esp when u come to clinical yrs, u gotta go hospital, go lects, cook, clean, wash, do other stuff.. can die.. so edwin lim i salute u! i was thinking if its me i think i peng already..
alrighty picture time! gotta go shower n wash up n read tmr's stuff whilst my neck still aches.. bleah.. btw tennis wif the sg peeps yest was fun:) 1st time in my life.. thanks to my damn patient teachers jon n jeff.. oh yes, n my nice ang moh neighbour made coffee juz now in his damn cute expresso cup:) thanks luke!

dinner!! :)

coffee from friendly neighbour in the cute little expresso cup..

me n my bed.. now i haf more pics on my wall already.. see photo below..

mum outside my room door

me n my fairy lights:):)

thanks so much for the gifts guys!! really brightens me up when i come back to all this little things given by my wonderful frens..

me n the bed..

the wall above my bed now..

the wall in front of my study table now..

i love my room now coz its damn decorated wif all the things i love.. although a bit small n cluttered but i still like it:)

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Saturday, March 04, 2006

its been a week since sch has started.. n mum's juz left 2 days ago.. this morn woke up feeling damn lost n suddenly i juz felt like charging down to melb central to my cuzzie's house.. but my bout of homesickness hasnt been as bad as i expected it to be..thank god.. guess its coz i'm too bz wif so many things n i haf really really great s'porean frens arnd me.. n of course, my dearest cousins in melb who haf given me so much support along the way..

yesterday had a great time wif the singaporeans.. they were damn funny lah! wanted to crash my room to see.. den they got kerfern to pretend tt he wants to come repair my comp.. when i went downstairs to get kerfern, i thot he looked really suspicious... haha kerfern u cant pretend!! so i suddenly juz decided to go peep behind the walls n guess wat?? i found xinyi, jas, mj, jeff, yingci n john hiding behind!! hahaha.. damn hilarious lah.. n they started singing happy bday pretending tt its my bday.. n when i was like "eh its not my bday!!" the guys actually took their hp out n pretended to call dunno who to tell them to stop lighting the candles.. hahaha.. n all this was juz an act! hahahahaha.. i was laughing so hard lah.. crazy ppl.. den they came to my room n chit chatted for like a long time while kerfern repaired my msn.. yay!!! i was so happy when it was finally working lah coz u noe how my life depends on it.. haha.. yayness:) anw we talked interesting stuff n all.. learnt more abt my new found sg frens here.. great great bunch of ppl:)

on to sch, its been so so lah.. basically i think the most interesting thing i've done so far is to learn cpr n to kiss the stupid dummy.. haha.. cant wait to learn how to gif ppl injection! which wil be in a few weeks time! other than tt was juz lects n tutes which i'd say is ok.. tutes are fine coz we do stuff n discuss but lects are juz plain plain boring.. somemore its on sociology stuff n all which to me is relevant coz i think medicine is really an art n science in one but dun need to go to such lengths lah.. waste so much time..i mean nus doesnt gif a shit abt tt but i think they concentrate too much on such stuff here.. or maybe its juz sem 1.. anw workload is starting to pile up a little already wat wif me running arnd n not even reading up.. bad bad.. shawn is gonna gif me tt disapproving look now.. haha.. anw gotta go pack my room now.. my unpacking is not even half way thru n i cant seem to find my passport!! die.. this morn the singaporeans went to brandon park shopping centre but i decided to gif it a miss to catch up on my beauty rest.. couldnt get to sleep the nite before when mum left.. later we'll be going to mel's house for a potluck! yay!! haha.. cant wait to see her house..

oh yes n i forgot to mention abt the transition residential weekend camp at philip island which is essentially a camp for the yr 1 med students n they kinda introduce us to the academic stuff n all.. made quite a few interesting frens:) local ang mohs, local non ang mohs, international ppl from africa to hk.. but the highlights of the camp wud def be the visit to the penguin parade n the giant swing i did at the camp.. the penguins were damn cute n er-hem 'wild' i wud say.. hahahaha.. damn funny lah.. penguins mating n declaring their love by making a lot of noise.. n we saw this one which was like raping other penguins lah!! wah lau.. chasing after different ones n pouncing on them.. we deduced tt one is a bian tai male penguin which is like totally perverted or sth.. damn cmi lor!!
n the giant swing was like this super high structure.. i think maybe got 4 stories high? or maybe more.. dunno.. den they tie u to it n pull u up.. n den u hafta release this cord urself n u'll free fall downwards before u start swinging.. wah lau almost died!! but it was damn fun! n the thing here is tt they dun force u to do stuff u dun want to so i'm really really glad i did this.. thanks to christine who dragged me to it.. n the ang mohs were like really supportive n cheered for me so there was no turning back.. haha.. anw gtg now.. my room is in this huge mess n i'm going out in 2 hrs time to the potluck.. i need to hurry!!

in the meantime, some pics!

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