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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

1st day of sch today!! was ok lah.. 3 lects n a tut.. imagine how i was always complaining last in rj last time abt the lects n dreaming abt food n all.. pls now its 2 hrs lect kind.. n today's lects were DAMN BORING wif the capital letters..

lecture 1: What is Medicine? (freaking 2 hours long on wat med is?! i almost died)
lecture 2: Where to go when (this is basically juz a briefing on academic stuff..)
lecture 3: Emergency pre-hospital care(i fell asleep in this one n jeff had to poke me wif a pen)
tut 1: The Medical Interview (we did role playing for this n it was damn funny! haha.. ang mohs are juz so spontaneous! sometimes its damn over lah but w/o damn the class wud be damn dead)

tmr got a lect on chemical components of cells.. according to jas, this is easier than A lvl bio so yay to me.. dun need to read lect notes:) den after tt got First Aid practical!! yay can learn interesting n relevant stuff.. haha damn tired now act.. its 1.30am.. ought to be packing stuff den sleep but still here.. anw for the peeps who are curious how my room looks like, this is a pic of a while back.. now its rearranged n looks nicer:) will post tt soon..

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replies!! :)

em: hey babe!! yeah hafen seen u in ages man!! aiyah now i'm in aust already.. muz muz meet up when i get back for the hols.. oh bro is doing his As in uk.. i think ur bro came to the aiport to see him off! haha

cicuba: I miss u loads n loads n loads too!! n now my horrible msn is not working, i cant talk to u.. :( still cant fix leh dunno y..

wing: flabby!! i'll send u the pics soon! gif me some time coz i;m trying to settle down now k?

net: haha thanks loads babe! nah pls wun haf an accent lah coz i spend quite a lot of time wif the sg ppl here.. but trying to improve my accent talking so wif ang mohs its easier haha..

flor: haha crazy neh neh pok lah u.. yes!!!!!!!!!! WRITE TO ME!!!!!! :):):)

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

somehow i cant post old pics wif new ones.. damn weird.. but i wanted to put this pic in the last one.. to my godsis who was the latest, n we didnt manage to get a single shot at the aiport.. nvm lah.. love u loads babe!! pls take care!

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its been a looong time since i last updated.. been doing quite ok at melbourne:) occasional pangs of missing home n all but i guess coz my mum is still here so i dun feel so terrible.. today marks a week since i last breathe singapore air (tt sounds corny), since i last saw n spoke properly to the wonderful ppl i've left behind in sg..
anw, the week has been not too bad.. trying to settle down tho not quite coz i'm still considering changing rooms (long story, talk next time), going arnd a little wif cuz n mum, going to sch to settle tonnes of admin stuff n cca feste n wat not, going on the great ocean road tour wif mum n this med residential transition camp at Philip Island Adventure Resort over the weekend... met a lot of new faces n formed quite a few gd frenships.. one thing good abt going overseas is the huge no. of international students from all over the world.. n its really really interesting to listen to their life stories.. like i was talking to some Botswana girls n their life is how different.. broken families n all but they take it like its nothing.. the ang mohs are quite nice too.. like today i was quite scared to go up this obstacle called 'Giant Swing' at the camp.. basically they like pull u up till like 6 stories high den u drop n swing like a pendulum.. haha.. the ang mohs are quite encouraging n cheer for u altho they dunno u well.. tt really drove me on although i was shivering like mad coz the wind was blowing n i was so freaking scared!! hahabut u really gotta put an accent when talking to them.. anws, damn tired now.. its 2.30am here already.. luckily the fac is kind enuff to gif us a day off tmr.. i need rest!!
some pics below is from the airport.. thanks guys once again!! :):)

the wonderful frens who came down to bade me goodbye as i left for down under to pursue my dreams:)

my dearest dearest pek wan sze.. eh i realise she lookds damn chio here! haha

rgs 410 babes.. w/o them, i'd haf died during jap/geog/HCL classes n sec 3 aussie trip!

my dearest dearest cicuba.. i owe u like one million favours lah! thanks for er-hem u noe wat lah.. its like damn bivusa in this pic... thanks loads n loads girl.. really miss ya loads!!

cicubas!! these girls never fail to provide me wif a listening ear whenever i needed someone to talk to.. seah suat peng! lu zhiyin! gif both of u a huge huge hug!!

thanks loads for coming annette n my dear xiao ling.. we muz meet up when i go back k??

the mad woman! thanks for coming wif ur erhem n performing this scandalous act wif the other half right behind in this photo.. haha.. if he think u les, dun blame me ah! haha.. anw thanks loads for the damn cute mug:) i'm using it in my room now:)

my dear neighbour who is like 3 min walk from my house.. thanks so much babe for coming down after ur damn hectic day in smu.. really damn happy to see ya before going.. sorry for being unable to go to ur house.. i will k when i come back!

girl!! i'm really really happy for u.. happy day on 25th march.. congrats!! muz take tonnes of nice pics of the beautiful bride at ROM.. such a waste i cant attend.. i juz realise its been 4 yrs plus since obs already.. haha 4 yrs of frenship! thanks loads for coming down girl.. :) cant wait to attend ur wedding!

thanks so much for the piglet bolster thing guys.. was damn difficult to bring there lah.. haha but still i love it! damn cute:)

evan was commenting tt this looks like the f4 scene wif shancai in the centre.. yeeww.. hahaha.. thanks for coming guys!!

hey thanks for the really really really nice present man.. its such a nice thing i she bu de take out of the box.. take care!

hahahahaha.. lu zhiyin! this is our new found best fren.. hahaha.. private joke there:P

n last but not least, the family.. :) check out my funky grandma wif damn nice white hair! hee

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

hey peeps!! i've finally landed in melb n kinda managed to move all my stuff into my room.. hafen unpacked tho.. the room's ok lah.. kinda small n old n shabby but gotta learnt to adapt man.. the resident advisor on my floor's quite nice lah but almost all ang mohs so its really quite hard to talk to them.. n it doesnt make things better tt tonnes of them are aussies.. so it aint tt easy n i've been quite anti social today.. ahhaha.. but tired lah.. didnt sleep a wink on the plane last nite n landed at 7am aussie time this morn..
anw, thanks soooo sooo sooo sooo much for the ppl who came yest to send me off.. because of u guys, i feel so supported to do well n overcome any obstacles i may meet in aust! thanks so much for the pressies as well.. it all really wasnt necessary but thanks soo much anyway.. really really really grateful:) :)
anw the pics will be up soon when i can access internet on my comp.. using cuz's comp now.. oh yes n this is my add.. so if u all wanna send any snail mail which i wud loooveeeee to receive, its as follows:)
WONG Ling Ling
Howitt Hall
Monash Residential Services
Building 47
Monash University
Victoria 3800

missing u guys!! take care in sg yah!!

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Friday, February 17, 2006

hands n feet are slightly cold now.. think i'm getting pre-departure jitters already..
on one hand its really quite exciting to begin on my new journey away from home.. yet on another hand, i really dun wanna leave this place coz it juz holds too much precious memories for me.. owell.. like it or not, i'll be going.. in less than 36 hours i'll be on the plane on my way to melb..
bye bye singapore.. bye bye dad.. bye bye all my wonderful dearest bestest frens here.. bye bye yummy n cheap sg food.. bye bye teng tong rd.. oh shit i feel like crying now.. :( i think tmr at the airport my rxn will be damn delayed n i always try to put on a brave front.. afterall u guys noe wat i got my 2 pts from in driving - DELAY in moving off.. like cant cry until maybe i get on the plane n realise hey i'm not going to come back in like the next 5 mths plus plus.. its not like going to london u noe..
i remembered how i cried on the plane back from london.. damn paiseh didnt want parents to see so secretly cried when they turned off the lights.. sigh..
anw, meeting up wif dg n shiming on vday was wonderful.. i juz adore these wonderful ppl who haf played such great roles in my life.. wat will i do w/o them man.. n we did the most outrageous thing tt day:) shant say wat it was here coz scully get into trouble.. haha..
anws, looking back at the pics, DENISE GOH! i realise how how how much i wud miss u.. wished i could pack u into my luaggage n bring u there.. oh but i realise u cant bring live stuff into aust n i'm sure pigs are classified as live stuff rite?? heeheehee..

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

miss lu zhiyin.. now we noe y chan sam neo loves u.. i love this thing u wrote!! its sooo beautiful! :) n i share sentiments wif so many things u said here juz tt my english is way too lousy.. cant put all these down in words..
I Just Cried. I Don't Know Why.
silly as it may sound, i feel beautiful when i cry. one of the few occasions when i can look ugly and feel beautiful at the same time. when i say cry, i do not refer to the tears of rage that flow immediately after quarrels/fights/badbiochemresults. i refer to..erm..well, actually i don't know what i'm referring to. sometimes, you think back on stuff that has happened, and you just cry. remembrance ~ there are centain moments in life that you can replay over and over again and not get sick of, that you can savour over and over again and still crave for more, that you can visualise only as a blur but yet thereafter cry like a child all the same. these are moments that coexist with you in a mysterious fashion even though time has passed them by. these are moments that have left imprints in your atria/ventricles/both. these are moments that make bitches&heartbreakers&meantutors pale in comparison. these are moments to die for. these are moments to live for. the way your hamster with pretty red eyes used to move around noisily in the now-empty cage. the way your grandpa carried you on his shoulders at east coast park. the way your parents hid presents around the house when you still believed in santa clause. sometimes, you watch sad/sweet movies or listen to sad/sweet songs, and you just cry. but you refuse to stop watching/listening because you enjoy crying youself silly over them. because crying makes you feel so alive and so full of emotions. crying transforms you from insensitive to sensitive, from apathetic to empathetic. you realise that you too are capable of being touched. when people tell you that only babies cry, they're lying. shoot them. a truly mature person takes with him all that he has encountered in the different stages of his life as he grows. he is able to step into a new stage without having to cast aside all that he has learnt in earlier stages. he remembers to cry, for that is what he has learnt when he was a baby. hmm so actually, all that im trying to say with this huge chunk of words is that: crying can become an emotionally-satisfying addiction if practised on appropriate occasions. owells. *giggles*on a different note, a random thought:suppose we seek perfection and find perfection and gain perfection(be it in terms of relationship, career or looks),will there eventually come a day when we get too used to perfection and grow sick of it?

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Saturday, February 11, 2006

finally met up wif my dearest wan n serene today!! miss these 2 girls so much...... we had so much to tell each other tt we juz didnt haf enuff time to finish.. owell.. as i'm meeting up wif my old frens who mean so much to me, i realise how much i'm leaving behind to head to aust for my dream education.. i'm really really glad i've forged strong frenships which i'm v sure will be able to tahan distance.. n its really not how many frens u haf tt is impt, but how deep n strong the frenships are..
gonna miss my family n frens tonnes.. i'm really terribly sorry i wun be able to meet up wif everyone in this 1 week left.. thanks dear dear frens for all the support u guys are giving me.. its really means so much to me hafing to leave this country tt i've spent my entire life in..
anw, pics of serene n i at coffee club.. the muddy mud pie was heavenly.. juz tt when it melted it looked like er-hem.. hahaha..
eh the pic colour quality i weird!

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

these photos basically sum up the 1st day in london/croydon.. i took a grand total of like 704 pics! wah tt's quite a lot considering my cam batt died quite a few times.. more will come up soon! i realise uploading photos is quite a chore man! haha

family! :) shit i look damn fat here!

the whole send off gang.. gosh.. didnt noe bro's quite popular eh.. its a whole mob lah!

wah check out the girls who were crying out their guts for him! haha i realise my bro is so grown up now n since when did he haf so many girl-frens??? heh

bored us on the plane..

finally! after 13 hours of flight.. london's street lights at 5am.. my cam is not too bad rite? haha took this from the plane..

mum n i:):)

bro n i were exploring all the terminals in the airport.. so touristy.. haha

outside the 1st building of the heathrow airport..the 1st day there was so not cold lah..i had only 2 layers on when i 1st stepped out of the airport as compared to the 4 layers i had when i went back.. geesh..

on the m25 which is the motorway which goes in a circle around the whole of london..so if u dunno when to get off, u can go in circles for eternity haha

the hotel we stayed in.. nice cottage style.. :)

bro peeping out from our hotel room..

our outdoor fridge! where food was constantly eaten up n replaced for the next 2 weeks.. haha cheapo tourists.. mum refused to go out n eat n bought stuff to microwave for dinners.. appreciate sg for its good food pls.. 1 lousy packet of fried rice there can set u back by 5 pounds..

cute car! they haf tonnes of such cars there.. n their diesel prices there are more ex than petrol n diesel is a more popular choice there.. so upside down..

more cute houses..

lalang! u'll never get this in tropical climate..

some old parish church.. i really love uk for its architecture! never fails to fascinate me..

croydon's railway.. thank god for this dodgy looking thing which was the beginning of my central london escapades!

shops in croydon..

view from hotel room

the town in london zone 5 where my bro will spend his next 1.5 yrs..

night fall at like 5pm.. oh i juz realised tt we took this in front of a 'zara's kitchen'.. haha..

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Monday, February 06, 2006

still feeling a little woozy now coz still kinda jet lagging.. its only uk time 4.30am now so i really feel like sleeping but mum dragged me outta bed juz now.. got tonnes of things to do before i leave for aust which is in less than 2 weeks time.. office work, unpacking n repacking, meeting up wif so many ppl, spending time wif the family... jialat..
anw, the trip was really really good.. although i was complaining a lot haha coz of the cold n the lousy water quality n everything being so ex, the drunk ppl on fri nite who make a lot of trouble n are damn freaky, the inefficiency, the dodginess, but i realise i miss london A LOT.. its a really nice place to be in, great company, beautiful scenary, pace of life is good..not too fast like in sg but not tt slow either.. actually i kinda haf this tiny winy tinge of regret tt i didnt go to uk in sept to start my med course like everybody else n chose to apply to aust to try n save money.. but i guess everywhere will bring me good experiences n aust will be good too!

anw, loads n loads of thanks to the wonderful ppl below for making my short 2 week stay in london such a fun one!
thanks florrine ng for accommodating me so much n ponning stuff to chiong places wif me:):) covent gardens, leicester square, piccadilly circus, trafalgar square, lse lect, harrods (krispy kreme is really good!!!! shit shud haf bought more..regretting it now.. anw i still feel damn idiotic for paying 4 pounds for 4 only!!), buckingham palace.. i'm really glad u like the pineapple tarts n bak kwa.. hope those little goodies brought some cny mood from sg to london for ya! anw phing, she loved ur pineapple tarts! haha..
thanks diana for showing me arnd barts n queen mary n smuggling me into ur med lect (in which i actually paid attention n copied notes hee).. tho i'm quite sure u'll not see this but thanks for the time anyway.. glad i met up wif ya n the few other sg ppl in barts:)
so glad to meet up wif u leung wingyee! stay happy n eat more! u are not fat n i'm not tt thin either! been eating so much these days:P
sorry charlene n anybody else tt i couldnt meet up.. so little time so many things to do!
n last but not least, thanks win for every single thing :):):)

mum's chasing me.. got tonnes of stuff to do.. pics of london will be up soon!!

dg: yes i'm back girl!! juz last nite!! see u soon man!!
phing: ur pineapple tarts rock!! brought some to london n everybody loved it! :) n yes i'm growing fat!

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