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Saturday, January 28, 2006

sitting in florrine ng's room now waiting for her to get her cooking ingredients from chinatown.. quick woman!! i'm damn hungry already!! haha.. flor is a wonderful host!! haha.. slept over at her place last nite n we really SLEPT lor.. damn off.. haha but tired lah..
anw, to the peeps in sg, happy cny!!!! i noe its almost cny there already! haha but london is 8 hours behind..
n yes to dg my dearest god sis, was reading zway's blog n i'm damn damn proud of u!!! like so many strikes in like 2 games!! haha.. u rock man girl! darn proud of u!! wished i was there to watch n cheer n on n do all the high 5s.. haha..
anyway back to london, last nite was fri nite n i was out.. u noe fri nite here is like the clubbing nite, damn chiotic man this place.. all the wasted ppl screaming on the bus n being crazy.. but it was quite an amusing sight lah until some guy came up to me n shouted f* u.. i was super freaked out lah! haha.. interesting experiences here.. taking the tube on my own, going here n there, hafing to tahan the freaking cold wind.. oh it snowed briefly last nite!! i was super excited when i show the snow coz this suaku here has never seen/touched snow in her entire life.. florrine ng thot i was damn amusing lah haha..
anw, i shall stop typing for now.. lack of sleep n i realise my eng is damn broken n i'm talking incoherently..

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

greetings from london!!!
while waiting for bro to finish sch (it ends at 5pm n its getting dark here already.. its pitch dark by arnd 7pm n its quite scary to be out alone..) i'm now at this internet cafe.. few days didnt use my comp n i'm feeling withdrawal already.. haha mum says i'm too addicted.. haha.. anyway, 50p for 30min.. gotta hurry.. dun haf much time left..
its been good.. hafen been to london the city centre itself yet.. still at croydon, this little town in zone 5.. v nice scenic place but the cars here are damn fast!!
basically, wat sucks here is:
1) food is damn damn damn ex!
2) transport is damn damn damn damn ex too!! like £1.5 for a short bus ride n £4.3 for a short ride on the train too
3) the tap water here is damn hard meaning cant wash soap off properly.. haha#

k my 30 min almost up!! gotta go!! will update when i come back!! thanks dg n phing.. wen, its a family trip.. next time we come here togehter lah k?? take care!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

its almost 9pm already ni'm still at the office rushing work.. so this will be a really short post.. going to london sooo soon.. time really flies man.. dad is playing those cheesy cny songs n whistling merrily in the background n its in canto!! erps.. it doesnt sound tt great coz my cny mood is not really here yet wat wif all the work i hafta clear before leaving.. but i wun get this even if i wanted when i go to aust so i better enjoy my dad n his silliness while it lasts! :)

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Monday, January 16, 2006

happy bday dearest blog!!!!!
haha u haf served me faithfully for a yr now n its really how coincidental tt i realised tt coz i juz happened to be looking at my own history n realised tt this very day last yr was my 1st entry! haha.. how time flies man..

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

juz lugged 3 books from yun nan today.. hand wanted to break already.. i think i'm bought a tad too many med books.. but being the typical kiasu singaporean, i refuse to go to aust to find tt i'm in need of a certain book n pay like almost double the price there.. so ta daa! my secret stash.. 8 books n counting.. 20kg on the dot.. k lah campbell's not really counted rite? haha i noe i was supposed to read tt in jc, not now.. ooops
anw, gd luck to me.. how the hell am i supposed to get these all across???
no actually i've a better question haha.. how am i supposed to read, understand, memorise n apply all these in the future?????? i dare not think.

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Friday, January 13, 2006

met dear jw today.. n i juz found out tt we are the only 2 ppl in this universe who feel that we shud stop growing! high 5 babe! we agreeed tt everytime we complain to others tt we are so tall n maybe still growing n everybody's response wud be "tall good wat.. grow somemore is good" like no way! not even aiming to be a model.. so tall for wat?? but den again, being tall has its benefits too:):) like gifing me more capacity to EAT.. heehee..

anyway, i absolutely love this light deco outside heeren!! its soooooo pretty! wished i could move all these into my room or sth haha

with love, from jw:) thanks sooooooooo much girl! she's damn thotful.. telling me tt its quite thick n i can use it in aust during winter.. i sure will!

anw, i'm really really v touched now.. my bro juz walked into the room wif a 40 bucks topshop voucher n told me happy bday in advance.. *tears* my bday is still quite far away lah but he remembers tt he's most prob not gonna be able to celebrate wif me this yr n gifs me a freaking 40 bucks prezzie in advance.. 40 bucks is quite huge leh for someone who's not working n is usually damn stingy wif me.. i feel like a terrible sis who hasnt been nice enuff to my bro.. n i've been so caught up in planning n looking forward to london tt i didnt realise tt my bro will be leaving me soon for such a long time.. :(:( if u are reading this pig, thanks sooo much!!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

juz got scolded by some stupid monash woman.. bleah damn pissed off wif her now.. so freaking sacarstic.. aiyah i dunno how come i was so blur.. booked my flight to melb on 18 feb.. chose tt day coz its weekend den easier for dad to come to the airport oso.. den realised yest tt there's this compuls registration there from 13-17 feb.. so tried to ask for approval from monash for late arrival lor.. n kanna told off.. bleah.. tt woman was telling me how difficult n competitive it is to get into my course n tt its HORRIBLE i shud be late n tt she's DISAPPOINTED tt i dun make the effort to be on time.. like hello!! if i can, i wud lah.. who wants to be so mah fan rite??!! bleah!!!!!!!!
ok now tt i've let it out here, i feel better.. boo to tt woman :P
on a happier note, 9 more days to london!!!! yay!!! :):):) cant wait!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


flor: hey babe!! haha cant wait to see ya too! i will confirm wif u the dates again!! yay!!!!!!!!need anything from sg? do let me noe yah!

lin: aiyah pls lor girl.. i put on a LOT of weight.. :( haha.. u are damn slim too!

zw: haha sorry lah woman.. i thot u were going to stay in aust for the rest of ur life! haha

val: thanks valers!! :) yes we'll definitely all come out stronger! i still hafen go n learn to make yoghurt yet! n i realise i got no more time! :( might hafta let ur mum noe tt yoghurt has to wait till i come back for hols..

dg: thanks sooooooooooooooooooooo much my darling dingo for always being there for me!! love ya loads babe!!!!

wing: hang in there girl!!!!!!!!!!! thanks so much! yup we 2 lonely souls can talk to each other when we feel homesick.. haha.. u take care too n juz enjoy this experience as much as u can! i'm sure leung mongee can rite?? haha.. cant wait to see u soon too!!

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Friday, January 06, 2006

wif my cuz heading back to aust today, it suddenly dawned upon me (haha zhiyin n serene, remember this?? private joke hee:) tt it wud be my turn really soon..

i've always wanted to go overseas for my med education n when i finally earned my place n also my parents' consent, the feeling was simply too surreal that i didnt put much thot into how much my life wud most probably change..

i haf very mixed feelings within me right now.. on one hand, i really wanna break free from everything here.. to learn to lead my own life, learn to take care of my own needs meaning having to juggle studying, cooking, cleaning on my own n most importantly, travel out of this very stifling place n to see more of everything out there.. sounds exciting eh??

nah.. actually this very thot now scares me.. i realise how spoilt i am.. i dun do my own laundry (except for undergarments..hee), i dun cook my own meals.. n even if i eat out, the food in sg is relatively affordable..staying at home, i dun haf to put up wif the queer habits of any queer strangers n everytime i meet wif a stumbling block, i noe tt i haf my family and close frens to back me up.. to gif me all the physical n emotional support i need.. n if all these are going to be missing, i wonder how i'm gonna survive..

on hindsight, i think i'd be able to make it lah.. i'm quite a strong person..i think.. haha.. i promised myself i'd try to overcome all the homesickness asap n to live for the moment.. this opportunity given to me by my dearest parents is only going to come once so i better treasure n make the best out of it..

owells, take a step at a time.. lets start a countdown here.. erm 43 more days?? did i get tt right? most prob leaving on 18 feb.. man! tt's slightly over a month only! i still haf so many things i wanna do! so many ppl i wanna meet up wif / spend more time before i leave! dg, wanz, zhiyin, serene, ah zhi, shiming, jane, junwan, evan, ef, aaron,daph, smu og etc etc.. who else? cant think now.. remember there's more..

anw, day out wif wanz dear tt day was great! :):) its been sometime the both of us saw each other coz of our packed schedules.. n it didnt help tt she was in NY for 3 weeks plus.. but the moment we saw each other, it was like the old days all over again.. :) we could talk abt anything under the sun.. k shall leave my dedicating posts to next time.. it shall be pictures time for now!

i think i look like grass but dg says i'm too tall to be the grass so i'm the tree!!

wanz say i look like the plants! ahhaha stupid girl.. :P filiae melioris aevi..

small me n the huge amphi-theatre

nice glass stain thing in front of the foyer.. i think rgs is damn beautiful wif all the colourful walls n nice structures..

us! :):)

in the foyer..

in wanz's room.. nooo not green again!

i noe this is damn out of pt but i kinda miss this from the old rj..

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Monday, January 02, 2006

xmas spent in granny's place in msia :)
03s11 new yr's eve gathering.. missing the great 1st 3 months in jc wif this peeps

new yr's eve wif dg n den party at cuz's place.. sorry sister!! i noe u are going to kill me again for putting this pic of urs!! heeheehee.. but u are juz tooooooo cute here

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Sunday, January 01, 2006

happy new yr everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

been too lazy to blog for the past few days.. tonnes of things happening, meeting up wif ppl n all.. its been fun:) n i'm really happy lah.. at least get to see these ppl who i'll miss dearly before i leave for aust..

2so3i class gathering @ sx's place

cousin's bday n xmas eve dinner 2005

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