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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

with the shopping list i came up wif, i think i'm gonna be dead broke if i ever buy everything.. think i shud change the title to 'wish list' n wait for some kind soul to buy for me haha.. i got savings k! think i'll get a fragrance 1st.. cant wait! u noe i still got nothing nice smelling till today?? tt's how sad.. but i bu she de wat.. damn ex lor..

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Friday, November 25, 2005

valers looks very happy in the snow n i'm happy for her too!

beautiful..... so serene n sombre..

oh yes! wanna wish dearest pek wan sze a SUPER DUPER HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! may u pass ur coming ca wif flying colours hahaha tho i noe ur studies ah quite lag hahaha..

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

spent a very very nice day wif dg dear yesterday pseudo mugging hahaha..
we were like laughing at each other blabbling stupid stuff n dg really has interesting stories to tell! anw, we both realise tt we never ever got a single A in our entire jc life.. until i suddenly remembered tt i actually had ONE pathetic A from this chem remedial retest.. note ah its REMEDIAL n during the remedial i failed once so i had to take a retest.. damn sad..
oh n a shout out to dg! sorry i'm always late.. sorry babe! i noe i still owe u a drink! haha remember to claim next time k

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

watched harry potter juz now.. its damn damn damn damn damn good!!!!!!! i'm still very excited by the show lah n it quite lives up to my expectations so this explains why i'm still so joyful abt it.. :) haha wat a word to use.. anyway, cedric deggory is v good looking in the show.. n ron is as funny as ever! u noe tt stupid 'i-am-damn-scaaaaaared-of-this-spider' face? juz makes u wanna laugh at him! haha oh yes hermoine is super chio esp at the yule ball..

ok i'm becoming incoherent already.. lack of sleep.. slept at 5am this morn n woke to 10 coz bro used a freaking wet towel to wake me up to be a driver n send him to the mrt.. bleah! gtg!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

who wud haf thot 1 fine day i wud actually look at this photos n miss going to these places?? jc life went by so quickly n in such a rush tt i hafen got the time to enjoy wat was actually going on.. n the workload was like cmi.. i'll never want to re live jc academic life again even if u pay me a million bucks.. never ever.. anyway..

i miss walking to this TS toilet corridor everyday trying to run away from the tutors who were checking my tutorials which were 99.9% of the time undone..

i miss strolling past this ugly looking pond which is constantly overflowing n has really weird creatures inside before n after tutorials wif my 2 favourite girls:)

i miss studying at the gallery n staring down at this space when i get superly sick of the work coz i cant seem to get anything right always..

i dun exactly miss the person in this photo hahaha but his funny antics n nonsensical statements can really throw u into a laughing fit sometimes.. other times, u will juz be too disgusted wif watever he is doing..

but these 2 i certainly do miss!!! i dunno wat my jc life wud haf been like w/o them!! oh man we all look so toot last time.. hahaha.. zhiyin, serene love ya both!

n these are one of the most impt ppls in jc too.. how could i haf survived bowling w/o them.. oh actually maybe w/o saby n dg n val, zw n i wud not be so malu-ed all the time hahaha.. i think we were on the bus on the way to our usual trngs.. chope the back seat as usual haha.. oh where's val?

ok found one wif val but w/o dg.. haha.. who's bday celebration was this ah? i forgot already.. oh actually i think it was mine n dg's rite? haha i think we look so much better after getting out of sch..

n this is the disaster we were facing when we were trng.. actually, i kinda miss uncle ak too! haha

n lastly a very bo liao pic after prom nite in the hotel room.. seriously only val wud come up wif such ideas! haha n if u cant tell wat this pic is supposed to depict den too bad for u!

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Monday, November 14, 2005

oh no!!!!!
i am sure i am getting FAT!!
last time it was only mummy who wud tell me stop eating coz i'm am getting fat n daddy wud juz say 'no lah where got fat? growing muz eat more..'
BUT juz now, dad came up to me when i was happily munching on some chips n said 'u shud stop so much already, u are growing fat..' n started pinching my arms.. gasp!

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

today is one of those sundays u wake up feeling rather grouchy coz u are still damn sleepy n the parents just hafta make u get up (fyi,i slept at 6am so i deserve every bit to wake at 12pm)
on the other hand, the moment ur brain is working right again, u recall wat happened yesterday n u feel so happy:)
watched 'day after tomorrow' yesterday.. yah lah i noe its an old movie but i feel like watching it cannot ah?? haha.. not bad lah but i think its not as good as the other movies in the same genre like deep impact, armagaeddon(how do u spell this??).. those were truly truly sad.. i remembered one scene where the father n daughter were standing near the sea hugging each other in fear, knowing tt there was nowhere to run and all they could do was to wait bravely for the waves to come n swallow them up.. tt scene has left such a huge impact on me ever since..i remember crying buckets..
back to 'day after tmr', it was quite good lah.. but the company was even better! anyway, this movie really makes us think again the environmental damages we are causing to this earth and to reflect on our actions before its too late.. there was this genius in the show (i think his name is sam) who reminds me of sheng xiang the smart guy in my jc class last time who seems to noe every single thing under the sun yet helpful enuff to answer my stupid questions always.. i remembered once during chem prac when i somehow got some weird purple stuff in my test tube n i insisted there was sth wrong.. sx somehow didnt get those purple stuff but he was so excited when he saw my test tube coz he realised it was iodine.. tried arguing wif him (ok tt was a bad move coz he's obviously right) before he confirmed wif yeo.. sigh.. till this day i haf no idea y there was iodine inside..
ok i noe i'm talking nonsense here.. out of pt.. watever..

but i'm still a happy girl!:)

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

finally found a phone tt i quite like!:) i think its time i changed my phone already coz as much as i like my sony ericsson t630, the joystick is damn lousy..super duper lousy.. like everytime i try to scroll the thing, it freaking doesnt move.. getting on my nerves already.. already tried to be nokia free for a while.. but feel like switching back..
so.... this is wat i think i might get..

cant wait for it to be launched! so chio rite? its the nokia 7360..

haha.. sorry ah v bored now.. watching a funny chinese ghost show on tv which dad claims to be scary n dared me to watch.. but its hilarious! haha..

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

while i was at the absent teacher's table yesterday, i saw this poster n thot it was really meaningful..but really how many teachers haf been able to achieve this wif our kind of education system.. can count on one hand lor.. anyway, we haf always been students n to be able to see its from the teacher's pt of view is sth v different..food for thought..
A Teacher's Prayer
Each time, before I face my class,
I hesitate a while,
and ask the Father,
"Help me Lord to understand each child.
help me to see in everyone
a precious soul, most dear;
And may I lead that child
through paths of wonder - not of fear..."

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Thursday, November 03, 2005

hi my name is micole n i am aunty lingling's niece (cousin's daughter is considered niece rite? n yes i'm AUNTY lingling..all my cousin's children always greet me by tt.. boo!!)
its my 1st month celebration today but i'm feeling very grouchy coz i juz drank my milk n want to sleep but the adults are so noisy! juz look at the irritated look on my face!

but fortunately aunty lingling came along n carried me n rocked me to sleep:) see how blissful i look when i get my beauty rest!

this is aunty lingling n me! she is pretending to look pro but i noe tt she's actually afraid tt i might be naughty n wriggle out of her arms.. haha! but i wun coz she's nice:) heehee

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

2 things tt happened today made me a v happy girl:)

after getting my 1st parking fine tt day, my parents told me tt i could try writing a letter to them to let them noe tt i really didnt realise n tt i put coupon somemore.. although i thot tt tt tidea was quite ridiculous initially, i decided tt wasting 50 bucks lidat's not worth it so i wrote.. n guess wat?? its waived!!!!!!!! with the warning tt they wun consider any appeals regarding parking offences in future.. haha but so wat?? i saved the money:):) thot it was impossible but at least i tried..

its really heartwarming when ur 'relief' students can remember u n they greet u along the corridors.. today so many silly 6A fellas came up to greet me n even tried to boo me.. haha.. they were like 'teacher! how are u? long time no see!" haha.. juz saw them last week only.. so adorable lah:)

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