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Monday, October 31, 2005

tiring day.. ran here ran there on errands.. anyway i kanna my 1sr friggin parking fine on sat afternoon.. i was parking at 1 of those HDB estates coz me n mum brought maid ot malay village.. gave her a treat by letting her shop arnd the pasar malam there..

before i go on i shall digress a bit.. the food there is damn good n i've been tao bao-ing a lot of diff types coz i strive to try as many as possible.. hee hee *piggish grin* n they haf the turkish(i think) ice cream there.. the one we used to go n eat at far east back in rgs days n the ang moh will perform tricks on those unknowing victim frens we bring along haha..evil evil.. anyway i ate tt quite a few times until the ang moh refused to perform anymore tricks for me already.. humph! haha..

ANYWAY, coz it was damn crowded n we couldnt find parking so when i finally spotted this one, i was so excited n quickly reversed in.. happily tore two 50 cents coupons n went shopping.. scully an hour later came back guess wat i saw?? a freaking ugly piece of white paper kiap-ed by the wipers on the windscreen... wanted to go n make noise wif the carpark wardens only to realise tt i was in a red season parking lot!!!! oh gosh how could i be so blur man.. grrrrrrr!!! 50 bucks gone juz lidat.. bleah..

btw i love to digress n i juz wanna say how important road courtesy is.. u noe it juz makes gifing way such a pleasant experience.. wun hurt juz to lift up tt golden hand of urs to gif a wave of thanks or sorry n ppl will curse u less.. wun tt be better?

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Sunday, October 30, 2005

finally! decided to change the blogskin n be a nice person or not the eye sights of ppl who read this blog will start to detiorate..
happy happy like it tt he background is white(i've got this thing against black backgrounds now coz it juz strains ur eyes!) n got big spaces to post larger pics:) yay!!!
anyway to the ppl who designed this skin, thanks loads.. i dunno y but as u can see i'm not v computer saavy n the html thing juz wun co-operate wif me..like no matter how i try to put in the credits it wun appear.. so i better acknowledge here before anybody gets angry or say i rip their stuff.. here goes..
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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

i swear tao nan school chicken rice is definitely not as nice as last time already.. i used to eat everyday until the uncle can still remember me now:) the drink stall aunty oso.. she can remember tt i'm the girl wif the mother who doesnt allow me to drink sweet drinks.. like wth! of all things remember me by tt!! :(
anyway went back to relief teach again today.. had to wake at 6am..hafen done tt in eons.. but one thing i'm sure is tt i'm not cut out to be a teacher.. esp a pri sch one.. shout until my voice hoarse already.. finished 2 bottles of water in 2 hours n the class was still noisy until ms lam (she took over mrs seng in pri 6 when mrs seng had slip disk) came over n scolded the class.. quite malu for me lor.. cant even keep my class quiet :( but 40 kids wif a nice teacher wat do u expect?? hahaha.. seriously all they hafta start to do is whine a little n i'll gif in.. n den the whole class became horrible devils.. this is so not right man.. i think i muz learn to be fiercer! so so tired man........
but i still really enjoy working wif kids coz when u start talking to them individually u discover tt each n every single one has their v cute n lovable side.. funny the things they tell u n funnier the way some of them behave.. haha.. like one silly guy in 6A(mizture of EM2 n EM3 students) was asking me..
"teacher! so are u mrs wong or miss wong?"

"aiyah how many times i hafta say that i am MISS wong"

"but teacher why are u not mrs wong? why are u not married?"

"coz i'm only 19 years old!! how to get married??"

"huh u mean u still not adult yet yah?? no wonder cannot marry lah.. faster go n marry den can be mrs wong!"

den tt silly fella started smirking coz he realised i'm not an adult n can be bullied!!! n hello little boy!! it doesnt work this way.. only my mummy can be mrs wong not me! hahaha.. den he asked me if he could come for my birthday party! hahaha like as if i always celebrate my bday wif a party lidat.. hahaha.. kids kids..
anyway cute kids.. love n loathe them at the same time.. its gonna be another long morning tmr wif these rascals.. wish me lucK!

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

disclaimer: i'm gonna be talking abt the book i juz read - harry potter n the half blood prince..so if u hafen read tt book (u are slow! like me.. hahahahahaha) n dun want to noe who died (oops i wasnt supposed to say tt) or noe anything abt the story den i'm warning u.. DON'T read on..

today is such a bright, sunny, clear-blue-sky-dotted-with-white-clouds sunday unlike the past few rainy gloomy days but my spirits are quite low..
haf always been easily affected by drama serials i watched, books i read.. esp during my sec sch days when i watched a lot of hk drama serials, i remember telling wanz tt my mood for the entire day follws the serial i'm watching.. when characters fall in love, there will be this warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy similar to the one when i was watching 'must love dogs' (yes YOU read it right here! *grin*) feeling so happy for them n when ppl die or when the good guy gets killed, i'll be so upset the whole day.. so silly rite? but tt's me..
so now tt i've juz finished the long awaited harry potter n the half blood prince.. i'm feeling so freaking sad.. i noe its juz a story but i cant help it k.. albus dumbledore, someone who i revere so much thruout the entire series has to die.. :( n worse still, die in the hands of someone he trusts so much.. stupid severus snape! (woah alliterations!) i wonder how harry is going to handle voldemort w/o dumbledore in future.. i refused to let anyone tell me who died though i kinda guessed its dumbledore hoping tt it wun be him.. sigh.. anyway i hafen cried myself silly over fiction stuff for a long time already but i couldnt tahan this once lah.. wah luckily no tears dropped on dg's book or not she sure kill me! haha..
so before i go, shall tribute some stuff from the book which made my tear gland so active.. its v touching the bond between harry potter n dumbledore.. n the sinking feeling when we realise tt we'll never be able to talk to somebody again because tt somebody has already left this world..

"As he lay there, he became aware suddenly that the grounds were silent. Fawkes had stopped singing. As he knew, w/o knowing how he knew it, that the phoenix had gone, had left Hogwarts for good, just as Dumbledore had left the school, had left the world.... haf left Harry."

"I am not worried Harry," said Dumbledore, his voice a little stronger despite the freezing water. "I'm with you."

"Dumbledore's eyes were closed; but for the strange angle of his arms and legs, he might have been sleeping. Harry reached out, straightened the half-moon spectacles upon the crooked nose and wiped a trickle of blood from the mouth with his own sleeve. Then he gazed down at the wise old face and tried to absorb the enormous and incomprehensible truth: that never again would Dumbledore speak to him, never again could he help..."

i cant wait for the next movie!

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

very interesting stuff i found online!! v tempted to buy them leh... but quite broke.. so shall juz shamelessly put them here n hope some nice person gets them for me! hahaha...
this is a USB cafe pad.. freaking cool.. juz like plug into the usb port den can heat up anything under the sun.. coffee lah, hot cocoa lah, cup noodles lah.. coolness!

n this cute pigs are actually speakers!!! a pity it works on batts only.. if can plug into the mains will be much better.. but i like them anyway! heehee.. can play stuff from my ipod!

go check more interesting things out at http://www.gadgeit.com/
i haf no idea y i'm gifing them free ads.. but hint peeps!! my bday is in march! nvm christmas oso can! new yr oso can! cny oso can! hahahahahahaha shit damn shameless

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

me n dingo being spastic! haha this pic is damn ugly but i gotta put it up coz i think dg looks really happy.. happily crazy actually haha..

lets look at something nicer.. hanna verBOOM! haha her name is damn cute n she's freaking chio.. maybe not so photogenic lah but pls go see her in the movie..

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

wonderful time wif the bowlers.. we ate like shit at spaggedies, walked arnd, drank yummy stuff at borders bistro (i had a lemonade float! yummy!) n watched deuce bigalow midnight movie!! the show was so-so only.. the 1st one was much better.. but hanna verboom is hot!! go watch her lah.. it makes the show worth it.. freaking chio.. quite a toned bod.. all in all, had a great great time wif my girls.. yay! btw miss zoe, can i haf the photos from ur cam? thank u woman..

zway n i at borders bistro.. u noe tt place is so dim n quiet.. everyone arnd us were talking in hushed tones except the 4 of us.. haha n i had the cheek to drag my chair wif my butt on it coz i was too lazy to stand up n move the chair.. u can juz imagine how freaking loud we were.. haha

a very cute pic of dg n sab! they both look so contented n full

me at dg's home once again:) haha haf great tendencies to sleepover at her place nowadays..feel so bad for disturbing her.. but it was so late after the midnight movie..didnt wanna pay the full midnight surcharge going home.. heehee cheapo! i juz washed my face in this pic n my eyes are damn red!

saby dear n ziwei both looking sleepy.. haha.. cant blame damn.. we juz gobbled up a whole plate of food n the air con was damn cold!

the 4 of us outside spaggedies.. u noe we took 3 damn shots to get this right coz i kept blinking!! wah lau wats up wif me man.. we had to ask strangers 3 times all thanks to wonglingling.. n the last guy was quite freaky coz he actually peeked over zway's shoulder to see the photo! man.. VALERS: u are missed muchly!! hope u are hafing a great time in chicago n dunno where else now :) we are looking forward to ur return in dec den we shall all go n pig out again!

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Monday, October 17, 2005

my parents are hilarious! they dun like my this bag coz they say it doesnt close properly when i put it down n they are afraid tt my stuff wud drop out.. haha

this is the bag when its put down normally..

this is wat my dad did to my bag! spoil my bag lah.. hahaha

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

man i'm terrible koping stuff here n there today.. thanks zw babe dun scold me! but this is super duper nice!!!! man its so sweet n i'm really touched..

"oh yes i gotta tell u about the very inspirational love story.... especially for those of you with love overseas... ok its not a story la.. but yea.. i have a friend who is still with his gf after 3yrs of being apart, they've been together for 4 yrs in total.. what he said went something like this we make the most of technology, watching movies together, like "3,2,1, press play!" then we'll web cam so that we get to laugh together, share comments together, and if one of us needs to go to the loo it'll be like "toilet break! pause!" and then the other person will wait...

we asked him how he managed to keep the relationship alive and he said that its cos we figured out early that we really want to be together, and that we want to give this relationship a chance. we feel like we've found the one and i guess we have the maturity to know what we want and pull through difficulties. its typically easier for guys to busy themselves with other things and put emotions aside, but she's a very strong girl, and that helps a lot.

i can't really remember exactly what he said cos the conversation took place at like 5am in the morning, but i remember being absolutely inspired and people around were just listening so intently going 'wow, you guys are amazing'. its so sweet. and i think i have pretty good judgement. haha. i thought he was a great guy right from the very start. i think a guy who truly appreciates his girlfriend and is proud of it is makes every other girl so envious. its just beautiful how love can transcend oceans, challenge time, and just bring out the best in people... claire was like 'oh man, who's this girl?? i have to meet her!'

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juz for laughs!
saw this at sukuen's blog n couldnt help putting it here (sorry girl i took it w/o permission!)
oh man the wonders of plastic surgery!! to think i was suaku enuff to believe tt paris hilton never went under the knife before!! actually she looks quite sweet in 1998 but she looks good now lah.. airy-fairy-barbie look.. wif all the nose n really good cheek implants.. hahaha! but she looks damn ah-gua in the 2nd pic.. eeeww.. like a trans or sth.. haha

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Monday, October 10, 2005

u noe i feel so lucky sometimes.. although life hasnt exactly been smooth sailing.. ok or rather it has been quite uneventful at times, but the thot of the ppl who are arnd me to hold on to me when i'm about to fall is enuff to make me feel like the luckiest crap in the world.. :):) thanks u ppl out there who make my day everyday! u noe who u are.. yes u! n you n you.. haha..
listening to the full orchestra playing Canon in D now.. its really calming.. tho i dun really listen to like classical pieces, but this is my fav.. darn.. muz go n pick up piano again or some instrument.. always wanted to learn flute but its very ex to get tt instrument.. drums are interesting too but unless u play wif a band, its not tt nice.. i think the ability to play as part of an orchestra is damn cool!
oh yes n how can i forget this.. to my dearest lu zhiyin da babe.. best of luck for ur performance tomorrow!! juz stay calm n do ur best:):) no matter how good the other singer is, it doesnt matter k!! u haf my support! eh remember to let me hear ur recording after tt!

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Saturday, October 08, 2005

haha yes zway..my bowling ball is already collecting dust dunno where.. n dingo i noe its already october! haha..
the bowling times were great!! intense trngs n all but i really miss the times we had.. always looking forward to after sch, den meet to eat lunch together, den change, den go up the bus wif out damn heavy bowling bags n talk nonsense all the way to the bowling alley.. den when we reach there.... change shoes, listen to uncle ak nag, slide up n down the lanes n walk arnd like ducks (haha only we bowlers will noe wat stupid things uncle ak make us do), warm up, put on those damn heavy weights on ankle n on hand,wrist guard, knee guard blah blah den bowl! hahaha..trying to recall in chronological order heehee.. damn bo liao..
BUT wait! look here u ppl out there who dun bowl.. dun think bowling trng is damn easy k!!! strange how everyone has this misconception.. u think we sit in aircon, throw ball den sit n chit chat??!! no way man!! most of the times its like 1 or 2 ppl to a lane so its like continuous bowling.. n our balls are at least arnd 13 pounds.. plus the few kg weights piled on us.. we haf like say nearly 10 kg on us k.. carrying a 10kg pack of rice n running up n down is no joke k! haha.. n when we dun do stuff like remain in our position after throwing the bowl, uncle ak makes us carry another ball in our non bowling hands, cat walk to the platform thingy in between the lanes n stand in our finishing positions n swing.. wah lau this is damn malu when a lot of other ppl are watching k.. but when we all do it together, i find it real funny!! haha :):) wonderful times.. kinda takes ur mind all the stressful stuff in sch..all the undone tutorials n unread lect notes n tests tt are coming up......
anyway tt day i was walking across the road at siglap den i saw this super familiar person from a far n realised it was uncle ak! haha.. ok lah no big deal since he's always arnd siglap but yah.. i was contemplating if i shud be dao n ignore but the nice me decided to be more friendly so i went up to him to say hi.. haha he looked quite shocked but was nice n smiley lah.. less sacarstic.. or maybe he didnt haf the time to be coz we parted after crossing the road.. owells.. old times missed..

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