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Friday, September 30, 2005

i'm at denise goh li shih's house now!!! coolness!! haha i love this girl man.. suppose to help her wif some smu project of hers tmr so urs truly kindly agreed.. den juz now at like 11pm she called me n told me tt i hafta reach clementi at like 7plus in the MORNING.. oh man..how to wake up??? n i stay in the east lor... so guess wat? we made an immediate decision (subjected to my parents' approval) n took like the 2nd last train to her house for stayover!!! exciting:) i love stayovers n its my darling dingo somemore.. heehee..

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

ran.sweat.no stitch.good:)
anyway i discovered running wif music plugged in is therapeutic.. n it makes u think alot coz u subconsciously drift into dreamland..
was thinking of how to make use of my time better now.. shud treasure the time i haf wif my family.. thinking of how to make life better for myself n everyone i love.. thinking of the frens who haf flown miles away.. tonnes of missing ppl, insecurities, loneliness.. i never felt lidat before but i juz felt sad.. really sad.. i mean wat i had of the wonderful frens is practically reduced to only understanding n knowing abt their lives them thru their blogs or quick chats online.. i pray for them to be all well so far away.. i hope they are all adapting well n hafing fun.. hope tt all my dear fresher frens are gettin used to stuff n not feeling too homesick or anything.. n i hope tt the rest.. the older yrs ppl.. do take care too yah!
ok i noe i sound really depressive but i was juz in this sea of emotions.. gotta let it out.. was so lost in my train of thoughts tt i ALMOST stepped onto cat shit.. haha (its cat shit i'm sure coz there were lots of cats arnd) mum said i was in a daze..
but nvm lah.. wif such great technology now.. the dist is shortened.. the dunno how many thousand miles from UK/US is like reduced to a screen apart.. webcam is great.. love it! :) talked to peeps over it n it helps a lot! everyone shud try haha.. its fun!

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Monday, September 26, 2005


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Saturday, September 24, 2005

boo!!! i'm very very full now!! i feel like a big fat pig or rather in the words of chok, a big fat wild boar.. (grrr....) i can practically feel the food bursting out of my oesophagus.. or izzit trachea??? oh shit my bio is gone.. no no wait i remember trachea is the one wif the c-shape hyaline cartilage rite? muahahaha i still remember tt! so its the oesophagus! siao.. but i love food lah.. nothing beats good yummy food haha..
k lets try to recall wat i had today..
breakfast: drove daphy n myself to vj coz she was craving for some noodles there.. n it was quite good! actually i ate tt before lah in my 1st 3 months there.. but this noodle reminds me of my fav stall 5 uncle in rj! the one wif the funny sweat band.. more abt him later! so.. early in the morn, i had a big bowl of carbs! n it didnt help tt there was lots of mince meat which was very very fatty inside.. daph insisted on picking them out but i juz couldnt be bothered.. haha anyway i think its nicer wif the fats :) muahahaha.. this is daph in the vj canteen.. she looks very full...

lunch: daph is so not going to believe tt i had lunch lor.. after a damn full breakfast i was suddenly craving for food again n i had fish n chips from vj! (haha yes i tau pao.. very kiasu behaviour indeed.. i tau pao-ed chicken rice as well heehee..n we had tt for dinner..

tea: new york cheese cake n a cup of lime juice.. weird combi rite??hahaha this is it! the cheesecake was really yummy! u can like really taste the cheese bits in it..
dinner: had dinner at home n mum is fond of making it like a buffet.. so much food! n i add stuff oso like the chicken rice i bought from vj, the salmon i bought.. n a lot more.. n since i felt very greedy today.. i ate damn alot!! haha.. shit i better think of how to lose weight..anyway this salmon dish, i hafta confess tt i bought it.. but dad thot i cooked it!! hahaha how funny is tt?? like since when did i cook? n even if i did, i dun think i can make anything as nice as this..my father a bit siao already.. but since he has so much confidence in me, i resolve to learn how to cook properly.. haha..

oh yes, back to my actual topic of this post.. haha want to dedicate it to my favourite aunty n uncle stall vendors back in the old rj! they were the ppl who made me gain 10kg thru jc,(i'm not kidding k..) but provided me wif the best comfort food in the world.. i remembered how my 2 favourite girls in 3i, serene n zhiyin n me wud be like discussing wat we wanted to eat during break (yes, we were never paying attention, for both lects n tuts), how we were craving for stall 5 uncle's noodles n chocs n sweets from stall 1, n serene n her hokkien mee tt she can never finish haha u get my pt lah.. basically we were always juz looking forward to breaks n a FOOD..

actually i haf not idea if all the stall vendors moved to the new sch or not.. but i noe my favourite (but super stingy..always dun wanna gif me discounts but want me to buy lots of snacks n make me fat!) stall 1 aunty is still in rj.. haha muz go back n visit her one day.. i still remember back in rj she used to bring photos of her daughter and show me.. told me her daughter is as tall as i am but not as pretty (@%#^%&*&%$^%^$#!#!%^*&^%) like wth! siao man she.. her daughter is pretty! she is being way too modest.. showed me the daughter's prom photos n all.. very slim! haha.. kinda missing her.. muz go back n tease her again.. everytime i say she looks young, she wacks me very hard n says 'aiyah girl ni3 bu4 yao4 luan4 jiang3..aunty zhe4 yang4 lao3 le4!' eh but pls.. all her children are damn big already.. i think she got grandchildren somemore.. where got look like a grandmother???!!! hahaha..

stall 5 uncle is best remembered by us for his very innovative sweat band.. i mean i noe its damn hot when u cook those noodles but he can always invest into a real sweat band wat.. hahah.. u noe wat he does? roll like some towers arnd a big rubber band n put it on his head! n i secretly suspect he doesnt change those towels.. eeeewww!! but tt doesnt stop me from buying his chicken mushroom kway teow almost everyday.. yum!

ok talk too much abt food already.. i'm feeling very hungry now.. n its 4 in the morning..why the hell am i still awake only some ppl noe.. ahhahahahahaha..

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

haha very very very very bo liao today.. 3rd entry already.. anyway was blog surfing juz now n ppl are like mugging like crazy for prelims now back in rj.. my juniors lah.. den this super weird feeling suddenly juz came to me lor.. i noe its damn weird haha but i juz feel that i miss jc life n i miss MUGGING!!! oh gosh am i mad or wat? i thot i hated jc life.. quite hated the work load, hated being stressed, hated having no time to sleep, hated hafing no time for life.. n i'm missing it now????!!! mad mad mad..

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Is a strange thing we do.
Falling in love, we share our lives with the other person and we give them our hearts to the extent that losing them would potentially destroy you.
It's a crazy thing to do.
So.. why on Earth do we do it?"

took this from somebody else's blog.. thot its really quite meaningful.. owell food for thought..

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juz got back from jogging wif mum:) its been a long time since me n mum went on proper exercises.. trying to gain the momentum these few days again.. but ah i think i'm damn lousy lah.. ran like the most 2km n i had stitch already.. n was like breathless n all tt.. t-i-r-e-d! hey does anyone noe how to stop stitches from coming?? pls let me noe k.. coz i get stitches quite often when i run but i'm not breathless yet.. but i like the feeling of a nice good sweaty workout!:) makes me feel like i'm clearing all the clogged pores n i feel lighter haha.. eh wait! if u thot i meant lighter as in weight den tt was not wat i meant.. haha i'm not weight obsessed k! its juz tt i feel more energetic n lighter.. geddit?? haha..
anyway, was jogging juz now n i felt the pain coming back to my left knee :( i still remember how i had to always wear knee guard like my life depended on it when i went for bowling trainings last time.. so sad.. hope the knee's ok..

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

oh man..i typed a whole post tt day n it got wiped out my this silly new laptop of mine.. actually this laptop's been gifing me probs man.. start up slow, shut down slow, hang twice.. n yes tt day couldnt get onto the wireless.. n u noe.. i agree wif so many others tt toshiba's service sucks big big time.. if i could complain i wud.. haha but nvm.. my anger has vanished already after 1 day plus.. but yes still quite disgusted wif tt person.. here goes..
basically i was telling him abt the wireless hafing a connection prob n i'm very sure its sth wrong wif the comp.. den he asked me whether it was my own wireless router.. being a computer idiot, i had no idea wat the hell a 'router'(is this how u spell it btw??) so i told him honestly tt i koped other ppl's.. hey my neighbours are fine with it man so wats ur big problem??! den he started gifing me this freaking moral lesson lah.. wah lau... i was so pissed like hello u are not my father.. even my dad doesnt do tt lah pls.. i bet he is doing tt at home n pretending while talking to me.. grrr! so in the end all he taught me was to restore the comp's settings to like 2 days ago or sth.. said might be some bug..
i mean i noe its not very rite to kope ppl's wireless lah but i bet like a lot of ppl in do tt too.. n its only temporarily..mr mora teacher, pls forgive me?? bleah............
haha.. anyway had a great time wif the 409 babes on sunday.. caught up a lot n we gossiped too! haha wats girls without gossips man?? haha.. we talked for like 3 hours plus plus i think.. had a great great time.. will really miss these girls when they go man.. these are the photos anyway.. kope them if u want k girls! dun say i never send u all ah.. haha..

clockwise from left: net, flor wen, nad, me, grace, wei, fi

wen n nad had to leave early coz they gotta study for their law thing or dunno wat. poor things man.. foo n wing joined us more than an hour late! haha typical :)

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

went shopping wif dearest daphy today.. hey shopping wif her is good! coz she spends so much i feel like a good kid heehee.. she bought like a 70 bucks bag tt she's been considering for quite a while.. quite nice really its pink! haha.. i was SLIGHTLY tempeted but no lah its way too ex.. we walked like super super a lot lor.. from orchard mrt to wisma to wheelock to lido to pacific plaza to far east den to scotts crystal jade for dinner den to heeren den to cine.. woah! walked the whole day super super tired.. i came out planning to get myself a bag but went home wif everything but a bag haha. this is damn disgusting lah.. i cant find a nice decent bag!! haha but went home wif 3 tops, 1 shorts n necklace! the damage down is not tt great lah.. spent 100 plus considering wat daph spent i feel like an angel.. heehee.. love shopping lah.. oh n i hafta tell tt dinner was really really good.. esp the mango ice cream-pudding-icey thing tt daph recommended.. it was great!! we eat until stomach wanna burst haha.. i love food.. haha.. gonna get damn fat man... nvm lah at least all the walking made up for the food we had.. ok this is 1 of the shirts i bought.. its damn cute lah! daph likes the mole haha.. see the mole?? heehee
anyway its damn late now n somebody is entertaining me now.. hilarious!! :):):)

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

hey to all the 409 babes out there, esp to those in my obs watch BO SENG when we were at obs in sec 3.. our dearest obs instructor (yes the one who told us abt the story of stepping onto the obs jetty n blah blah..actually i cant remember the rest already.. muahahaha) who loves to bake as set us this online bakery thingy.. u all muz gif her support k.. the link is at my link page there.. go check it out..
actually i dunno if anyone in bo seng watch reads my blog.. but yes the other 409 darlings from the other watch.. our buddy watch.. haha wat were u all ah? pls go check out phing's bakery k? gif this entrepreneur some support.. heeehee.. anyway i gotta say i really miss obs.. sigh...... rgs days were wonderful

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