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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

a wonderful gift from a wonderful person..

thank you very much.. :)

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Monday, August 29, 2005

i'm so sluggish.. been setting up stuff for myself to do but never get down to completing anything.. my study room is still in mess from A level stuff (haha i noe this sounds ridiculous n i think it is BUT bro wants the stuff n he didnt clear them so not my fault rite? haha i'm shirking responsibility..) i wanted to learn cooking n baking but never got down.. i wanted to learn salsa but also delayed.. i wanted to plan wonderful shopping trip to bangkok but procrastinated n dunno who want to go.. i wanted to go overseas to do those comm sevice thingys but parents didnt allow me to go to aceh a while back.. blah! the only thing i did was to get my driving license haha
ppl's leaving n i really wanna meet up wif them soon.. flor!! wei!! wing!! my 409 babes!! can we pls settle it for 11th sept? haha.. i really wanna see all of u all before some disappear for like many months to come.. ok shit i hope nothing crops up on tt day or not i will really kick myself for it..
watch 'must love dogs' tt day.. very nice romantic show.. leaves a yummy warm fuzzy feeling in ur tummy n i like it! hahaha..
btw, i'm quite surprised at wat my little bro did today.. ok he's not tt lil'.. parents went to msia today n i stayed home to take care of supposedly sick bro.. so at 5pm we decided tt we were hungry n i took the car n we drove to old kallang airport hawker for food.. i had like this huge craving for bat kut teh so was walking arnd the whole damn place searching for a decent one.. it took me like eternity before i settled for this lousy looking stall (coz it was the only 1!).. n surprise surprise.. when i got back to the table, my dearest brother was waiting there patiently wif his food ALMOST untouched.. haha how gentlemanly is tt lah! ;) for the 1st time in the past 16 years (maybe more than once but this is rare!) i think my brother is quite adorable.. muahahahaha

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

its been a turbulent week for me.. hafing to leave places n see my close frens leave one by one.. i really feel this really huge sense of loss like they are going to leave me forever.. 1st up was junwan.. tho i'm not like super duper close but we had our up and down times esp at tuition.. spent so much time gossiping, day-dreaming n stoning together.. but tt girl is how zai lah.. she looks damn blur n really doesnt noe wats going on but when asked to solved a question, she can do it on the spot for ya.. haha.. i wanted to send her off but due to my smu camp the next day, mum wasnt aggreable abt it.. i hope she has a safe trip n enjoys herself there.. brave girl.. i admire u!
dg is sleeping beside me in my house now.. n she's sleep talking.. actually she's not lah.. she's making sense!!! hahaha.. she's so gonna kill me when she sees this haha..
i simply love using a laptop! (its hers tho) haha.. i'm taping into my neighbour's wireless.. muahaha.. i feel damn evil but so happy when she declared tt the internet was working i was so happy.. haha.. i drove both of us to send valers off juz now.. cheap thrill lah.. drove up to 110km/h.. its so so so depressing.. tho i didnt show it but i was so so sad inside.. i really hate to say this but val! pls dun go!! i'm so gonna miss ya!! k tt's selfish but owell.. jean was the 1st to cry juz now.. she's the damn emtional type so she was juz tearing n tearing.. felt really terrible for val's parents.. like her mum was controlling so hard not to cry.. i could see it..
i think i've gotten over the part abt my good fren going away.. like months ago when i knew val was going to US i felt really loss.. at tt time dg was bent on leaving too n it was terrible.. i felt so at a lost.. u noe wat i mean.. like i haf no more frens.. of course tt's not true.. there are so many wonderful ppl back here but yes.. gotten over tt already.. itsso surreal now while typing this.. i still dun feel as if val's gone yet. k she's not dead lah choy choy! but like gone so many miles away.. sigh.. hope she's all well there.. hope we will still be as close when she returns.. i hope i wun lose her.. insecurities somehow.. i miss all the silly things we used to do together.. precious memories.. driving lessons, wild2 wet, cosy bay, talking on the phone fr dunno how many hours, swimming blah.. everything..
many other frens are leaving soon too.. i hope it wun be as bad.. terrible.. i wonder how i wud be like when its my turn.. dg says she will cry for 3 days.. i love u girl! i will miss ya so much as well.. i think i wun be able to stop crying.. watever lah.. when the time comes den think.. now i'm sleep-deprived.. slept only 2 hours last nite.. cant really think..
actaully on the topic of frenship, there's been really many more ups than downs.. i do haf regrets in some.. esp those tt started off as misunderstandings somehow.. n nobody wants to gif in.. i dun think i will either cos its a matter of pride.. i've tried but its not been recipocrated(is tt how u spell this? haha) so i cant help it either.. really disappointed in some ppl but nvm.. shan't talk too much here..
its gonna be a long long day ahead.. thank goodness i dun hafta attend sch so i can sleep to as much later.. hafen been so thotful for a long long time.. used up all my brain juices already..

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Monday, August 15, 2005

the past few weeks has certainly been eventful n i love hafing stuff to do! went for biz n asoc camps.. biz was o-k-a-y.. but since its their 1st time, shud gif them some encouragement.. asoc was much much funner.. the group was nice n the activities were relatively interesting.. esp the nite games! it was like some gigantic warfare thing n i was truly excited lah haha.. its like u gotta run arnd looking for enemies' bases den go there n shoot water guns n bombs wif red food dye in them.. u get 'killed' when the cotten wool stuck on ur sleeve kanna the red colour.. it was super exciting lah.. regreted not shooting more ppl! haha.. once i was at this base n some freaking guy threw a water bomb aimed at my thighs lah.. u noe how strong guys are n he threw damn damn hard lor.. wah lau.. got a terrible bruise there.. ken says he can remember how tt guy looks.. muz go n look for him n gif him a piece of my mind.. its like a game lor pls.. dun need to take it so seriously n moreover, i'm a girl!! bleah to tt person :(
haha but other than tt, we had fun :) my group won the skit :) n got overal 2nd!! :):) which is like a 3D2N stay at coasta sands haha :):):)
anyway, had quite a good time at ndp also.. at least the weirdo stayed away or rather i stayed away from him.. seriously i was so traumatised last week lor wif all the weird stuff he asked me n kept stalking me.. boo! adeline was great company!
some nice pics coming up!
b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!! i love fireworks:)

me n adeline on 'duty'.. we were trying to take pics of ourselves wif fireworks as background.. this is the best we could get tho :(

more nice fireworks :)

the sports float.. i realise remy ong, ronald susilo n lee jiawei are all on it.. could see them.. anyway jiawei n susilo really looks nice together..

padang in the evening

us monkeying arnd.. adeline always looks constipated.. muahahaha
we were bored.

boonseer, me, michelle

group pic of sector 3B.. the weirdo is right in front the middle person..

serene, ying, serene, me, rouhui

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my wonderful asoc group 10!
us on our different challenges.. on this one, we had to swim out to the yellow floats at palawan.. those who could swim immediately volunteered n it was so heartwarming.. this pic is of the guys helping the pathetic-no-arm-muscle-girls up the float (including me! hahaha)
more ppl on the float...

success!! i'm standing at the back balancing the weight.. damn scared to fall lor

the girls!

we had to do really stupid challenges like dancing arnd a tree singing "i love smu!" haha all in the name of fun lah..

esther L. who bravely volunteered her hair...

damn-on ken who volunteered his leg hair.. ouch!

i took this pic coz i thot it wud be a damn romantic place at nite to haf dinner or simply chill

i love the way they made this!

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Monday, August 08, 2005

this week has really been great! tho i had quite a bad flu thru out but managed to meet up wif so many diff ppl n catch up wif old times.. am really really happy :)
1st up in the week was to meet my darling wan.. hafen seen her for such a looong time owing to our both busy schedule n her flying all over the place.. yeah i love shopping wif her coz she's damn thrifty (w/o her mum's $$) n tt forces me to spend less too! haha.. bought nice jackets at cheap prices coz U2 hafing sale.. nice! we muz meet up more often k girl!! we haf so much to catch up.. :) :) :)
later part of the week was my beloved 03s11 bbq.. really sets me thinking abt my wonderful wonderful vj days as compared to rj.. back to the 'bbq'.. as usual the guilty ppl who were in charged of the food didnt get anything done (looks disgustedly at marcus n firdaus) so it was a pseudo-bbq in the end as we sat next to other ppl's bbq pits n smelled the yummy stuff being grilled.. but nonetheless it was fun lah! i hafen laughed so much for a long time already.. being the stupid spastic ppl we are, we all raced to charlene's car and competed to get in.. (6 of the early ppl excluding charlene).. it was such a comical moment man n charlene was screaming for us to get down coz the car almost couldnt move wif all the weight.. more comical moments were when kamya couldnt open her house door n had to call in the locksmith (i seriously haaf no idea y coz she has the keys to her house door) n when char's car couldnt move.. for a moment we all thot tt the car died n we started panicking.. but the clever me noticed tt out dearest dsta-scholar-imperial-bound girl didnt disable her hand brake!! haha.. funny stuff.. had a great great time wif these peeps.. kam left for carnegie mellon yest but i couldnt send her off coz of asoc camp.. feeling bad abt tt but owells.. hope she has a good time in US!
met up wif dearest flor n wen tt day as well.. love these babes so much.. we can talk abt any nonsense n i'll really miss them.. went to crystal jade to eat n the food was yummy.. but i'm really quite digusted coz bith me n flor lao-saied n got fever the next day.. terrible.. maybe crystal jade shud do sth abt their cleanliness.. i guess the human traffic is too high lah..

the beautiful frens from vj 03s11:)

409 babes! i miss them

cussie darling serene 20th bday!

flor me wen toilet shot.. we heard ppl coming out den n quickly ran out in casse they thot we were mad

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