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Friday, July 15, 2005

shagged from a day's worth of walking arnd lugging so many things! so so tired.. i'm gonna bathe rite after this n i'm gonna hit the sack.. zzzzzz.... ok i woke specially early today to go shopping wif serene (seah).. or rather the wonderful girl came all the way to orchard wif me juz to shop for wat.. 3 hours? we were stuck in zara for quite some time coz we couldnt choose wat we wanted n she's super broke.. i can testify to tt after seeing how much was left in her account.. poor girl.. hope her mum gifs her some allowance soon.. yeah.. so after much headache i got a nice brown polo tee heh.. den went to levis n bought this shirt which was on discount.. 19 bucks only! :) i love spotting good buys n sales.. always make me a happy girl..
dragged her to giodarno to change the pair of jeans i bought tt day.. coz i bought it in a rush tt day n took length 30.5 which was far to short for me.. managed to change it to 32 :) still v happy abt it coz its so fitting n i love it! i tell u.. i was comparing both the levis n giodarno material n i hafta say tt its really no point paying 4x the price juz for a freaking brand n a waistsize display at the back to let everyone noe u are w24.. watever.. if u are so proud abt tt fact u can always use a paint marker n write it on ur jeans.. it will be even clearer n ppl dun hafta go n peep at ur butt haha! so now i swear by giodarno coz of its cheap price n its A+++ service.. super super super good.. n they even say i can change the other pair which i cut out the tags already.. like how good is tt?
shit i sound like a bimbotic shoppaholic! but yay to shopping anyway! :)

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

the weekend has been quite ok.. rested well on sunday coz wasnt feeling too good.. went for ndp rehearshal on sat for the 1st time n boy was it hot!! i tell u the 3pm sun was the worst.. but i enjoyed myself quite a bit n it was a good experience.. my job was basically ushering but it isnt as easy as it sounds.. i cant imagine on the day itself wif members of the public coming in n as u probably noe, adults are very hard to handle as compared to children so they are so not going to sit where u tell them to.. owells..
this coming sat will be the next rehearsal again.. thank goodness i haf adeline for company! haha tt girl is so funny n we can talk abt anything under the sun.. :) oh n i muz remember to bring my cam the next time round so can get some nice photos.. my ndp pass will be coming soon too! happy :)
anyway more on tt day's rehearsal.. i totally witnessed how one of the red lions parachutist came tumbling down.. it was as reported in the newspapers - terrible! i think he was too excitedly waving to the audience tt he didnt realise he was landing so quickly n when he fell, the impact was quite hard lor.. so many things juz flew off him like his shoes, goggles etc.. n he juz lay still after tt.. i was like praying tt nothing is wrong wif him n thank goodness the newspaper reports say tt he's in stable condition.. thot if he had broken his back or anything lidat tt wud be the end of his career choy choy..

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Friday, July 08, 2005

dads ang moh customer from switzerland who speaks perfect jap is in town.. haha nice old man.. tried speaking jap to me but my jap is like how rusty.. n i wasnt good to begin wif anyway muahaha.. 4 yrs didnt touch already so obviously didnt noe wat the hell he was talking.. anyway he's damn generous n this was wat he bought us at KL airport during transit.. cost sth like RM 250+++ in all!

a long overdue pic of my ipod photo! super pretty! i like the way u can view ur pics in this collage form ebayed tt day n found this.. tho its 2nd hand but seriously its as good as new and i'm loving it! got it at $28 after some bargaining haha.. not tt cheap lah but owell u cant find this in singapore

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Sunday, July 03, 2005

today is the 1st time i accidentally knock into sth while driving.. its quite traumatizing leh.. my heart is still thumping.. argh.. was trying to reverse den accidentally bump into this cardboard divider.. thank god its cardboard.. but its solid cardboard leh pls.. got some minor scratches on the car but tt's abt it.. i'm feeling quite terrible now lah..never so careless before but coz was reversing fro the main road n cars were waiting so had to be fast.. n my dad's wing mirror is really lousy.. when u reverse, it will go haywire n anyhow adjust so i couldnt see n juz chiong.. wth man.. wat was i thinking?? mum's gonna start freaking when i tell her abt it.. heh..heart still racing.. tis feeling sucks..

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