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Monday, June 27, 2005

combed queensway today for a pair of sneakers n ended up buying these nice pumps! totally in love wif them!! so pretty n classic looking.. not too ex oso la.. got 25% off.. but i am eyeing a pair of nike sneakers already.. wonder if i shud get them??
anyway, i reallu suck at posting pics! all over the place man.. cant seem to get them rite argh

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some random photos..

dad was sure glad when we got him this yummy cake n ben & jerry's for father's day!

was clearing out the storeroom wif mum tt day n found this.. mum was reminding me abt how i used to bite ALL my milk bottles until lidat.. hahaha

fat mushrooms! bro cooked a very nice dish out of it

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

my legs are aching man.. went shopping wif my darling valers n dg today.. walk here walk there.. val has stamina man.. n i noe shs's got some knee cap prob leh.. bowling lah huh.. this is wat a sport does to u.. dg was really really patient.. waiting for us patiently while we try clothes.. was v happy to be wif them.. great great company! but dg looked a little sian.. tt girl muz be thinking abt her future again.. chill yah girl.. talk to me if ya need to k?
anyway, went wif val into the same giodarno changing room (haha we are not les k!! juz save the agony of coming out n looking at each other in full view by others).. n guess wat the hell val was blardee doing? dancing in the changing room!!! hahaha.. shit i cant help laughing when i think of her doing tt.. damn damn funny lah shit! (ok i think val's so gonna kill me) shud haf brought camera n take photos of her haha..
anyway i juz found out saby bowled her 1st PERFECT game today.. congrats saby!!!!!!! i am so so proud of ya :) really glad for gina too.. won some big bowling comp today.. tt cute little girl i still remember asking her mum (yes right in front of me) for erhems.. hahaha..
damn sleepy now.. i gotta break this cycle man.. sleep late everyday.. wake even later the next morning.. bad.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

i had to kope this off flor's blog.. they are soooo cute!! haha.. keep ur feet nice and warm! :)

flor quick tell me.. where u got them?? haha

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i read the stratis times yesterday about the 'elitism' amongst singaporean students and oh boy was i disappointed.. i mean this is nothing new but i still juz feel upset lah.. here goes..
"I have always stuck to the socially more acceptable - and prestigious - path. My elitist notions of education meant that I chose to study law even though I wasn't passionate about it. I did what I felt was expected of me and the creme de la creme of society. Don't get me wrong, law is a great course and I gained knowledge that will probably save me getting into trouble in the future. But I can't help wondering if I would have been happier doing what my heart desired." - a 3rd yr law student at NUS.
owells.. i wonder how many ppl out there are lidat.. be it law, dent or med.. they mug for the sake of mugging, suffer and regret at the same time.. not juz tt, they haf clearly deprived others who are really keen.. i feel so disgusted why people want to be lidat.. wth are all the interviews for man.. can't even tell who's who..

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Saturday, June 18, 2005

pck was hmmm i wud say not bad for local production lah.. the plot was lame no doubt but since when is pck ever not-lame?? i realise most of them could sing quite well except for irene ang(rosie) haha! i'm mean i noe but her singing sounds more like squawking.. haha.. but i'm damn impressed wif tan keng hua (magaret) her voice is good n there was this part she was doing a french impersonation n it was damn good lah.. was laughing like mad.. :) sat like at the 6th row from the front so was worth it.. my parents enjoyed the show haha.. my dad loved the ge tai part where they sang some old old chinese songs.. haha my dad is turning into an old man already!
today went wif serene to mediacorp.. watched the channel u superstar recording.. its damn interesting to watch such 'un-live' shows coz u get to see all the NGs n how they put everything together.. interesting! enjoyed myself thoroughly.. think its gonna be aired on the 23rd or 29th this month.. not sure.. didnt hear wat the hosts (quan yifeng n jeff wang) were saying lah..
well i MIGHT not be staying in singapore afterall.. hmm.. well update ya peeps soon.. owells...

i miss my mama already :(

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

sometimes i juz feel so damn freaking pissed.. like wth is wrong wif the whole world.. somehow the grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side and ppl take for granted wat they haf n are always whining abt wat they dont (which is actually no big deal if u take a step back n think abt it)..
owell its not as if i'm not lidat but at least i always try to realise how fortunate i am.. ppl who dun get into the uni course they want are sad while the ppl who did, wish to go overseas.. ppl who are attached always complaining tt their other half is possessive n they haf no freedom while those who are not are pining for a bf/gf.. some haf a plain smooth life n they still hafta find faults wif it.. the irony of life man.. owells..
anyway i ALMOST met wif an accident today.. it was at a junction n luckily my intuition told me to slow down.. some ah pek decided tt the STOP line in front of him was invisible n juz went right across my path.. thank god i jam braked! but even if collided wun be tt bad lah... but thank goodness phew!
gonna watch pck the musical tmr.. aunt got some free vip seats so shall juz go n kpo.. read somewhere tt they put in $3million for this production.. hope its good

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Friday, June 10, 2005

i got my ipod yesterday! was so excited when the courier guy came.. listening to music from it now.. nice n it looks damn pretty! yum! haha.. n i juz realised hot big 30gb is lah.. already put in 400 songs n 350 photos n i still haf abt 27gb to go.. haha endless storage.. v happy!
will need more songs to go into my ipod now.. anybody got any nice songs to recommend?

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Monday, June 06, 2005

i finally chose smu :) my double deg prog n i'm actually looking forward to go to sch.. make new frens blah blah.. been stagnant too long doing nothing much.. life has felt really aimless for me sometimes.. anyway, to reward myself, i bought a ipod photo!! haha really excited.. after 'procrastinating' for so long i decided to get it finally! ordered it online.. i compared prices here n there n found online ordering to be the cheapest n got free engraving at the back somemore.. really excited :) :) now eagerly waiting for it to be delivered.. all the accesories are really tempting as well.. muz save up for them.. yay

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Thursday, June 02, 2005

hmmm!! v angry now!! really hate hawkers man!! i mean i dun look down on them or anything but their attitude juz SUCKS big time!! this is not the 1st time n mum fully agrees.. 1st the stupid rice stall refuse to sell me $3 sting ray.. y? coz they wanna save it for other customers eating it wif rice.. like HELLO??! they always sell to my mum lor.. maybe i'm not a regular but they juz shooed me away.. i think i muz learn how to be more fierce outside n scold these ppl.. i juz walked away like a coward.. ARGH! den went to the tea stall n tt stupid guy scolded me for not telling him i want the packet tied.. i was so paiseh coz he was damn damn loud n everybody was staring.. after tt he demanded for money.. in tt fumble for money, i drop my car key.. n guess where i had to drop it into?? the small drain tt was filled wif stagnant water n sludge.. yuck!!! n he juz stared smugly at me.. oh god! i almost died.. needless to say, i was washing my hands n sanitizing the key like mad.. so smelly!!!!! yucks yucks yucks sigh.. ok now tt i've let it all out i feel much better.. watched ms universe last nite n fell in love wif ms switzerland.. she's not v photogenic but she looks great on tv, has a perfect bod which is damn toned n her nite gown was so special.. yum! here's a pic of her in her gown.. one fine day i'm gonna lose enuff weight n fit into tt! haha

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