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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

whoosh i'm damn shocked i haf actually started enjoying exercising.. went wif valers n swam 40 laps!! pls tt's damn a lot.. dunno wat juz push the both of us on.. tt's 2km lor.. if i ran tt distance i wud be half dead already..
oh n today's the 1st day i began driving arnd on my own.. its really really fun!! like total independence.. enjoyed it.. fetched val to n from home..
but i'm damnexhausted now lah.. think its the 40 laps..
anyway got this pic from someone else's blog.. nice rite? reminds me of the rg sch song.. love those days man..

"A little while the sun shines high above us
And youth's elixir fills our veins.
The magic fire, that moves the gods to love us
The fire by which the will attains.

Sisters in learning and sisters at heart
Life lies before us,
Here's luck to the start.."

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

on a lighter note, driving for real has really been fun.. dad n mum haf been really supportive n always allow me to drive their merc so i get tonnes of practice.. practically driving everyday now.. fastest i haf gone is on the highway at 90 to 100km/h.. honestly i dun like to go so fast lah.. feels quite scary n damn hard to control the steering wheel.. been to some difficult car parks as well.. not too bad i wud say..
gonna collect my license tmr.. excited!

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Friday, May 27, 2005

i feel like its the end of the road for me.. so freaking tired abt everything.. but really gotta thank all the wonderful frens i haf dg, val, wan, yp, song, cicuba, yh, wk, sam, cheng n many others who haf helped me sort myself.. going thru this ordeal wif me..
dg tells me to focus on wat i haf n not wat i dun.. tt's really true but owell girl.. u noe its hard n i really admire u.. u are really strong inside!
val reminds me constantly to stop bumming arnd n go find some doors to open.. rest assured girl i'm trying to do tt..
at the end of the day i dunno if all this is worth is.. i dunno if anything is worth it in the 1st place but i muz press on for wat i really want.. thank god i haf such a GREAT n supportive mummy.. i muz be like her next time.. u really feel very lucky to haf such a mum..
i'm tired.

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Monday, May 23, 2005

i am still waiting.. dun understand y they are doing this to me..

its damn painful lah


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Sunday, May 22, 2005

been waiting in agony..

high anxiety..

think its gonna be the longest wait in my life...

btw yesterday's date was very nice 20-05-2005 & sth interesting happened...

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Thursday, May 19, 2005

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

oh well.. been excited the whole day.. passed my driving test blah blah blah.. big deal eh.. at the end of the day everyone juz drives on the road.. but my parking cannot make it.. mum n dad were helping me juz now n its horrible! aiyoh darn i cant do without the poles!! hahaha..
this week's gonna be a nice busy week.. i'm such a contradicting person.. wanna slack but wanna be busy as well.. owell.. tmr going tennis wif lau/kai/serene.. haha.. good. wong lingling needs to lose tt extra flab.. n i can learn something new!
haha.. den after tt going down to support the juniors for their comp.. didnt go today but it always lacks atmosphere.. dg n val are the best lah k.. i'm sorry.. w/o them.. nothing works out.. oh no which comes to the subject tt both might be going to michigan (val confirm duh, dg dunno).. so i'm gonna be lonely here.. sigh...... hate talking abt this.. juz makes me sad.. stupid..
night gonna watch chopin wif lau n lee.. haha think its gonna be intersting.. never bothered watching this sort of things last time but think i shud learn to appreciate classical music more.. haha wat the hell am i talking.....................
i'm tired.. woke at 6.15 this morn for the driving test.. the last time i woke this early was in sch last yr haha.. gonna sleep now.. nites!

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i'm a happy person today!! lala haha.. drivingtest was 1st thing in the morn.. was so freaking scared lah n it was raining somemore.. so scared couldnt manage.. but guess wat? i passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) and i only got 2 demerit points in total!! haha.. was delay in moving off.. haha my brain a bit delayed lah coz i was dreaming.. but yay!!!! so happy.. bought my p-plates already n stuck on my dad's car.. n guess wat? dad juz called to say he bought me another set! haha he's always lidat.. so sweet but at the wrong times.. haha.. nonetheless i'm over the moon n happy! oh met audrey (lee) at the driving centre too n she passed too! haha happy happy

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Monday, May 09, 2005

i saw olinda again today! now i understand y val said jean cried when she saw olinda.. i mean she's not like stick thin but she's REALLY thin lah! as compared to last time.. my goodness.. i was so excited i had to call val haha.. crazy.. mum n i figured out tt she muz haf lost like at least 20kg or sth.. peseverence i guess haha.. i'm hopeless at tt..

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Sunday, May 08, 2005

i'm disgusting.

i'm addicted to sims n haf been playing it the whole night.

n i juz bought the expansion pack online.

well done wong ling ling.

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Thursday, May 05, 2005

monday was a lousy day.. i really wonder how i got thru jc.. never felt as disgusted n all.. but i'm really really glad to haf my "zara-fitting-room-partner-who-got-yelled-at-together-with-me-by-the-mentally-unstable-sales-girl" to keep me accompany the whole day.. i would haf died without ya.. love ya so much too! :)
anyway been feeling quite lousy n our of sorts these days till my weekly hip hop lesson n gym session wif mama today., lost 200 calories but quickly put tt back on eating roti prata for dinner.. sigh.. but i love my mama to bits! she's great company!
been thinking a lot n i really hate the screwed up systems tt all jcs haf to choose their freaking student leaders.. the unscrupulous ways the teachers choose or conveniently change candidates are disgusting! i think this world is really how u are able to suck up to ur teachers or superiors next time.. been thru it myself n feeling really sorry for my little bro now.. he has a freaking interview for vice chair tmr n there's voting oso.. he's so damn nervous n the 'chosen' chairman can juz shake his legs.. why? coz he scored a freakin 9 pts for his Os n wanted to change JC but the teachers were scared tt too many ppl quit n offered him the chair position.. wat kind of lousy logic is tt?? i really feel like juz calling up his teacher n scream into her ear.. ok maybe tt guy is better in some ways i cant argue abt tt.. but its not as if he was the pioneer of the cca and he actually he wanted to quit! n they showed the some amount of contributions.. damn unfair.. ok i shall stop ranting.. i sound like sour grapes or sth watever.. juz so damn freakin pissed off

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