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Thursday, April 28, 2005

yesterday was a good day :) save for the silly manual dexterity test.. made us bend wires which were so damn stiff n thick into funny shapes, mould plasticine into the shape of a molar which i failed horribly n use a bio scapel to carve some cube like sculpture out of some plaster of paris.. mind u its the small bio scapel they gif us for bio prac k.. the one i cant even handle properly.. needless to say i ended up cutting myself.. wats new.. i think i would be a very dangerous dentist if i shud become one.. test was 3 hours long n i was thoroughly exhausted..
went to my fav pacific coffee hunt after tt n sat down to a nice yoghurt drink n japanese salad.. was delicious! n i juz sat there n stone.. watched couples came in n out.. they were all staring at me like i cant be alone lidat.. watever..
went for last malay class after.. think my malay has improved slightly.. :) saya boleh cakap bahasa melayu.. i feel like picking up my jap again.. oh n anybody interested in learning tennis? val? i feel like it.. met up wif dg after tt for a nice chat at coffee club at raffles place.. had a really good talk wif her :) yay dingo u rock! we sat at the nice green lawn thing at raffles place n talked for goodness noes how long.. very happy.. will really miss this babe if she goes overseas :(

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

ended last post abruptly coz dad was chasing me to go n bathe.. heh.. got manual dex test tmr.. bend wires n all.. i suck at tt man.. damn lousy wif manual stuff.. mum thinks so too n she always recalls how my play sch teacher used to complain to her how i cant even hold my scissors properly.. haha owell.. better cut my nails later n clean away the express manicure i did wif renee.. its growing a tad too long already n the colour is wearing off.. hers has gone off too wif all her exposure to water n those cute dolphins..
anyway read the 1st page of home section of straits times today abt teenage girls now who offer to sleep wif those dirty man.. feels so grossed out n all.. i remember last time when i was arnd sec 2 i think den some peeps came over to my house for some project.. think it was sab, omalley, net.. tell me if its u guys k.. den we went to some funny irc channel n arranged to meet wif some chee ko pek rite? haha.. i still can remember we arranged to show up in an orange dress or sth hahaha.. serves tt person rite lah if he did turn up.. anyway we were so childish then but its real funny lah.. taught tt chee ko pek a good lesson.. if he wants it so much go geylang lah!

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hello blog! hafen posted for some time because i've been very lazy.. i think the lazy bug is getting to me.. juz dun feel like talkin.. many thanks to all the concern ppl out there. . i'm much better now after fretting over last weekend.. got my letter FINALLY.. argh it was a long wait but worth it :)
shall rewind back to last week.. monday went out wif my fav bowlers.. it was for my bday! a little late but its fine.. really happy tt we could always meet up for bdays lidat even tho we are all doing diff stuff.. n guess wat prezzie they gave me? a giraffe toy! haha its damn cute lah but impractical as usual (always zway's fault haha).. i think one day i shall make a bday wish list so i can get all the stuff i want hahaha fat hope.. yeah had a good time nice food n all.. went to the arcade after tt.. enjoyed myself thoroughly..
tues went for malay class..
wed went for hip hop class n gym.. the instructor can dance damn well :) looks so nice
thurs went wif aunt for some free makeup class by shiseido.. not too bad learn some new skills but i'm damn lazy so i always cannot be bothered to do anything abt my face.. haha
fri cant remember wat i was doing always lazing as usual
sat was mama's bday.. bro n i woke up at some ungodly hour to make yummy crab scallop noodle breakfast for her.. she was so damn surprised when we brought it into the room u shud haf seen her face.. haha.. was a good day basically.. spent my entire day wif mum.,. went to the club to haf afternoon tea n bro dragged her to the arcade.. raced daytona n played fishin.. we or rather i caught this damn big fish! its a record size of 8000+grams.. haha! so we are 1st on the rank list now :) haha.. nite went for this yummy mongolian buffet.. food was good and i'm growing fat
sun was essay test which was like gp.. sucks but owell i'm not gonna think.. went wif valers n cheang to queenways n ikea afterwards.. cheang n i were so sleepy we were walking from sofa to sofa in ikea n juz dropped on them.. had dinner wif val's family after tt n her mum is damn funny lah..
today helped mum at office n slack as usual.. bought something online again.. haha

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Monday, April 18, 2005

sigh.. life is juz NEVER ever smooth sailing for me.. i dun understand y thinks turn out the way it is.. y good ppl sometimes hafta suffer.. i think i juz gotta sit back n reflect.. maybe i hafen done enuff good.. mum believes in karma n i do too.. sometimes actually coz i still see a lot of undeserving ppl get the stuff they shudnt.. owell shudnt condemn others.. i'm not tt great either..

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

hafen blogged for sometime (this period feels really long to me coz i really got nothing better to do now than to follow almost every drama serial on channel 8..ppl who noe me well will noe i dun haf channel u.. damn sad).. owell.. was very happy a moment ago when i opened my letter box n found tt smu offered me a double deg! acc n biz management my 1st choice! haha.. yay.. at least i haf something good n cheap to fall back on.. owell.. den started reading other ppl's blogs n got a little depressed.. i haf no idea y but i'm always lidat.. always a mixed emotion.. like when i juz read val's blog realised she had a bad day today n all i could do was to pang seh her for our dinner.. really sorryk girl.. apologies to val, dg(actually haha u oso pang seh k), zway, saby n daryl(u not included too haha).. i promise u all i wil arrange one soon n not mix up all my dates k..

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Thursday, April 07, 2005

i'm damn bored.. i think life is like quite meaning less now.. how how how?? i keep asking val tt too haha coz we are all undecided ppl.. dunno wat to do wif the next stage of our life.. seriously if u juz make a decision for me n throw me there.. might not be very contented but i'll accept it.. at least i haf sth to work towards to.. cant stand doing nothing.. bumming arnd is getting really boring but hey when will u get another chance in life lidat rite? gotta learn to treasure stuff i haf more now.. cant always be complaining.. anyway talked to valers on the phone for 2 hrs n 10 mins juz now.. haha.. she's a really great girl.. listen to all my rubbish n of course rant lots too.. but its fine haha thanks val! u rock!
its 3am now.. cant get to sleep dunno y.. got driving tmr.. u noe the system is so so screwed! i cant book any day in may n my test is on the 16th! argh.. tt means i wun drive for like more than 2 weeks.. how how.. think i gotta sleep already.. hafta accompany mum to get her passport tmr from the msian immigration place.. ciao!

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Friday, April 01, 2005

ahaha.. i juz bought sth online! haha so exciting.. feel like an impulsive spender but argh.. cost 25 bucks wif shipment.. ok lah hor.. dun scold me
went to another site n saw this clutch thing.. its so chic i'm drooling.. but cost like 25 bucks for the thing itself n the delivery charge is insane.. 12 bucks! nuts.. owell.. go take a look at it!
can somebody pls teach me how to post pics properly? pretty pls?? thanks i treat whoever to a drink haha
love ya girl :)

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