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Monday, March 28, 2005

i totally hate uni apps.. so many essays n all those nonsense.. i hate the feeling that everyone is in this race n u gotta out do each other.. makes me wonder sometimes if i'm cut out for a corporate life.. its darn tiring all the sucking up n back stabbing or wat haf u.. i really dunno.. n to make matters worse my english is so lousy.. wun be as impressive as many other candidates bluffing their way thru essays n interviews.. watever~ i'm sick n tired..
think i can be a ticketing person or usher for the rest of my life..u noe those kind at concertswhere u collect ticket stubs n gif out freebies.. its quite a fun job noe! went to help aunt wif her opera concert yesterday.. was gifing out prog booklets n stuff.. fun fun..
oh val n dg.. are we still going for sound of music? i got this off sistic.. we go watch the cheaper slots
For Tues, Wed, Thur & Sun 8pm,
Standard - S$131.25, S$102.90, S$68.25

Obstructed View - S$31.50
Box Seat - S$157.50

For Fri & Sat 8pm,
Standard - S$136.50, S$110.25, S$78.75

Obstructed View - S$31.50
Box Seat - S$157.50

For Sat & Sun 2.30pm,
Standard - S$115.50, S$84.00, S$63.00

Obstructed View - S$31.50
Box Seat - S$157.50

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Monday, March 21, 2005

Break Away - Kelly Clarkson

Grew up in a small town,
And when the rain would fall down,
I'd just stare out my window.
Dreaming of what could be,
And if I'd end up happy,
I would pray.

Trying hard to reach out,
But when I tried to speak out,
Felt like no-one could hear me.
Wanted to belong here,
But something felt so wrong here.
So I'd pray,
I could break away.

I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly,
I'll do what it takes till I touch the sky,
And I'll make a wish, take a chance,
Make a change, and break away.
Out of the darkness and into the sun,
But I won't forget all the ones that I love.
I'll take a risk, take a chance,
Make a change, and break away.

Wanna feel the warm breeze,
Sleep under a palm tree,
Feel the rush of the ocean,
Get onboard a fast train,
Travel on a jetplane,
Faraway, and break away.

I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly,
I'll do what it takes till I touch the sky,
And I'll make a wish, take a chance,
Make a change, and break away.
Out of the darkness and into the sun,
I won't forget all the ones that I love.
I've gotta take a risk, take a chance,
Make a change, and break away.

Buildings with a 100 floors,
Swinging around revolving doors,
Maybe I don't know where they'll take me.
But I gotta keep moving on moving on,
Fly away, break away.

I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly,
Though its not easy to tell you goodbye.
Gotta take a risk, take a chance,
Make a change, and break away.
Out of the darkness and into the sun,
But I won't forget the place I come from. I've gotta take a risk, take a chance,
Make a change, and break away.

Break away, break away

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Saturday, March 12, 2005

choc buffet at fullerton was not too bad but quite overrated.. went wif some ny n rj frens.. i really like the fondue fountain thing.. it was really like melted chocolate flowing down and was really tempting.. had tonnes of fun dipping stuff in and it was yummy.. haha.. had nice hot chocolate drink too.. u could choose like wat choc u wanted and they would melt it nicely with milk for ya.. yum.....
1st minute into my bday n had a quarrel with mum n bro.. very sad now.. is there something wrong wif me? y am i always lidat? argh

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

strangely all thru jc life no one has failed to agree with me that sec sch days were the best.. i really really really really really really miss rgs esp me class 409.. so i'm gonna dedicate this post to my 409er babes and our darling baby of the class xiao ling as i would always call her (song yilin act haha)
although we were not like super duper close as a class but we never had life many exclusive cliques.. everyone was like comfy wif everyone else.. no stuckup-ness watsoever.. n though in jc we all went separate ways we always tried to meet up n all (sorry i didnt come a few times tho..)
anyway when flor sent this email to us again i juz couldnt help but tear.. i will always remember all ya babes! cant wait to see u all on the 19th!

from our baby song yilin:

Hello Everyone…

Bet u all are surprised. I never expected myself to type tis too. Ok. This really takes great courage. I have gotta admit, this is the first time I send a personally typed mail to the entire class ( or so I hope, if I din get the email adds wrong) . did anybody change their e mail add??

I got to confess that I am not a frequent mail checker. Neither am I someone who responses to the “ copy and paste and fill-in- your- own-answer type of survey”. (actually I did it only 3 times).

For all these ‘sins’, I sincerely apologize.

I juz have a few words to say to each and everyone of u.. yes, everybody….

Before time flies past again, and we start forgetting names…..

Hope I wun miss anybody out.. guess I’d better follow the class list, just in case…

To anuja and aparna :

I’m sorry I din really make the effort to talk to u all… I wud try now if given a second chance.. but… unfortunately……

Anuja especially, wonder if u still remember tat u actually gave me a present when I was in sec 1? and tat we have been in the same class for 4 whole years? I do remember and that pig ornament is still on my side table… I am really sorry I din give u a birthday present on ur birthday in return.. pls forgive me.. blame it on my forgetfulness..

To Fidelia and Shi Yan,

Have always laughed at the funny stuff u 2 do all the time.. fidelia, u r always turning around and making funny signals to Shi Yan… haven gotten the chance to decipher the code language between u 2, (was there one in the first place? ) but yupz, u all are definitely an interesting lot…

Fidelia and Shi Yan, nice knowing u all…. Thanx for making me laugh during those boring physics lessons (no offense to physics lovers if there are any.. ).. even if u 2 din notice. Yes, yilin is always ‘eaves dropping’/ watching from behind…. *grinz*

To Foon Yin

Hope we wud be in the same jc next year.. tell u something… we are one of the few who put hcjc as first choice u noe?? Wonder if there is any body else who find rjc too ulu?

To Halima

I admire ur intelligence and ur leadership during obs, hope u become one of those successful people in the future…. Wish u all the best… really regret not knowing u better, although we have been class mates for 4 years… oh my, it is at this point that I realize that I haven really been getting to know people that were my class mates for 4 years….

To Chun hui

Hope u continue to have lots of witty remarks in ur mind… =) ps : u look great with ur glittery and organized hair on prom night…

To Joanne HO and Jia Yu …

Dun mind me for being a busy body, but why aren’t u all talking to each other anymore?? Since the beginning of tis year if I am not wrong.. I tried asking foon yin but she din say anything.. after all, u all have been great frenz since sec 1 rite?? It’s a pity u noe…. After all, it’s the end of sec 4 already, a smile, a handshake or even a talk would certainly solve everything rite ? =)

To Justina

Thanx for accompanying me to and (sometimes) fro, to the MOELC. It’s nice having u as company in the stuffy, humid classroom.. especially when the teacher starts uttering some weird sounding language and we really have no mood to pay attention and of coz’, even lesser patience to go and figure out what she is trying to say…

To Wing Yee :

Thanx for being our class miss alma mater.. u have done a great job..

The bus trip home was fun wif u too… especially when Grace says something and u mis interpret it, so u reply with something irrelevant, and Grace stares back blankly, and only I know what is going on…

To Sarah

U should have joined us on prom night, bet u wud look pretty in a gown… but anyway, glad that u are in my class anyway… I assume tat u have chosen rjc as ur first choice, and I probably wun be in the same jc as u, but do remember me okay? =)

To Daphne

Guess wat? One of my regrets is not having the chance to see u in a gown… and the worst thing is I also missed the rare sight of u wearing the long skirt when u gotta perform for strings.. wonder if I have the chance of seeing u in a skirt/ dress again? No…. dun roll ur eyes… please?

Ok.. E2 wishes u all the best…

To Annette and Valerie

Hey.. thanx for all the help u all have given me, in my studies and in everything else.. and thanx also for constantly forgiving me for all the little silly mistakes I can’t seem to stop committing..

Ps, sorry for the weird sentence structure, I can’t seem to get my thoughts organized now….

Really glad that u all are the first few (Valerie, u are the first) ppl who returned me the autograph…

Tis reminds me… to all those who have yet to return, pls do okay?

And to the people whom I owe autographs, I will complete it and pass it to u somehow… ( at the x’mas party tat we are gonna have or thru mailing)

To Joan’ne

Sorry I haven return u the autograph, in case u might be wondering, no, I haven forgotten abt it yet… and I have every bit the intention to finish it and pass it to u …. So dun worry… give me some time yah ? =)

TO Mon Mon and Xue Ting

Knew a prefect has terrible duties like booking ppl.. knew u all have no choice but to do wat u all have to do… but carry on ur sacred duties… if u all ever become prefects in jcs again …. Wish u all the best too…

To Florrine

Hi pop star, u have been a great pal… sorry I din noe u dun like rgs.. and glad tat u finally made a choice.. rjc is ur first choice rite? Btw, is it arts or science? Thanx for standing up for the ppl hu chose hcjc .. I m one of them… yes, I have gotta re emphasize, hcjc is not cheena..well.. not all anyway… is ¾ of the class choosing rjc? Hmm.. tat means I wud be pretty lonely…..

To Shu wen

Thanx for booking the hotel rooms for us.. and giving us a chance to spend one last nite together… u chose rjc too rite? Ok.. wish u all the best… do keep in touch…

To Wan Sze :

It was really nice sitting beside u during history.. still remember aunty pam? Hee hee.. do keep in touch ok…

To Shoba and Xiu Ming

I remember we were being placed together by Gomez at the beginning of last year becoz’ of our register number… I can still remember xiu ming complaining abt it… but I suppose, in a way, it’s a good thing… other wise, how else are we gonna get to noe each other?

Xiu ming, hope u become a successful lawyer in the future ( if tat is wat u wanna be ). It should be no prob… judging from ur.. talking skills??? ( is there such a word anyway?? )

And Shoba, has anybody told u ur laughter is contagious??

To Stefanie and Nadia

Haha.. u 2 reminds me of that vase thingy… u are a funny pair.. no offense…

Stefanie, thanx for the lab sessions we share together… it has been fun… even though sometimes, we both have to agree that we can’t stand doing the same stuff ( drawing fruits/nuts/peas ) again and again for bio pract…

Nadia, continue to be funny… u wud never noe how many lives u have brighten up… for one thing, u are more interesting than the tv.. ( remember ur story abt ur brother at the hotel? )

To Melissa

Nah.. I wun blame u for choosing rj in the end.. after all.. u din promise anything to me wat, rite? And in rj, u wud have the opportunity to meet “tt” =) and u wud be happy… and if u are happy, I wud be happy for u too… Juz hope we wud still continue to keep in touch.. ok?

To Victoria

I have seen ur pamphlet.. so, has it been comfirmed yet?? Are u really going overseas? Do stay in touch anyway okay?

To Evelyn and Ginny

Hee hee.. dunno wat to say to u all.. anyway, u all are one of those people who makes me laugh… ur conversations are so funny… even if u all dun mean it to be…

To Grace

Juz received ur phone call .. happy birthday…

Dun worry, I will remember u and ur gracefulness… =)

TO wei wei and Chia Ling

Well… thanx for the free entertainment u all have provided me… .. haha

Chia Ling, I wud remember ur lenz law joke… (do u remember anyway?)

Wei wei, Chia Ling’s jokes are quite funny and I definitely have to agree tat some are the eyes defying gravity kind… but dun u have to agree tat they are cute in a way too??? =)

To Laura

U have been a great fren.. remember work experience?? Well… knew we have to go on our separate ways… but do remember me okay?

And Last but not Least , Ling Ling,

Have I ever told u tat I always feel safe wif u around? Safe as in safe. Ask mel. I think I told her. U r also very huggable… =) it’s a compliment… remember the da ling, xiao ling business? well, I will… and of coz’ I will also remember the E2 thingy…

now tat I finally finished writing to everybody, I feel kind of sad…. Sorry if some of the things I say are rather cliché.. but…. I should be given credit for the effort I put in also rite?? after all… typing for 3 hours is rather back breaking too….and sorry again if the stuff I wrote offended anybody or if the length of stuff I wrote displeases anybody….

Noe a lot of u chose rj.. can someone tell me who chose hc? Yes, I have to agree with Fidelia, I hate introducing myself… my name is the kind that can’t be shouted out loudly if u noe wat I mean… and I feel weird saying my own name too… and I also cannot believe I have gotta start making new frenz again in a totally new environment…

Hope we start remembering and treasuring each other today…. Tomorrow…. And alwiz…


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Sunday, March 06, 2005

i wanna cry.. i did like shit n i haf no future

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