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Saturday, February 26, 2005

oh man i'm starting to sound freaking monotonous.. sigh.. its fri again! haha how time flies.. did nothing much this whole week except relief teach for the 1st time! haha it was fun n thanks valers for showing me the ropes for tt 1st 30 mins.. thank god u saved me from a panic attack! haha.. went quite well.. got a p1 class but coz the teacher i was relieving was a CHINESE teacher wel.. hhmmm... hahaha.. thank goodness it was p1 chinese but i tell u the chinese now is screwed up.. p1s learn stuff in their textbooks by juz the han4 yu2 ping1 ying1.. it was damn hard to read initially lah coz damn used to looking at chinese words.. but after some practice mobing from class to class doing the same thing it was ok alrready.. still can remember the poem in the book..
wo3 men2 zhe4 yi4 ban1
yi4 qi3 qu4 ye3 can1
lan2 lan2 de4 da4 hai3
bai2 bai2 de4 sha1 tan1
wo3 you2 shui3, ni1 dui1 sha1
hao3 wan2 hao3 wan2 zhen1 hao3 wan2
my god see i can remember! muahahaha.. the kids are damn cute tho.. they are so enthu in every single thing.. volunteer to do every single little thing.. so to pass time i made them come up in2 by 2s to read this poem over n over again.. argh.. wanted to die but wat to do.. they wun stop bugging me until i let them haf their turn.. haha so it was a tiring day but well worthed it.. kids are cute n i love them!
oh forgot to add tt 10 mins after i stepped into my 1st class this boy puked all over the place n the kids were like running away.. it was chaos haha..
anyway finally went to buy my metal watch juz now n guess wat?
i bought 2!
haha the sales guy thot i was mad coz i went twice n was being ngiao n asked him to take out like nearly 10 diff watches.. chose n chose n compared n spent a grand total of 4 plus hours there over the 2 trips.. i couldnt resist the 50% discount lah.. i'm a cheapo i noe.. but its solvil titus so yeah.. spent 200 bucks for 2 good watches.. very proud of them.. lalala

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Monday, February 21, 2005

i really dun understand some ppl.. so childish n demanding.. argh argh argh.. i mean grow up man! stop behaving like a kid n expect everyone n everything to go ur way.. argh i cant go on.. this is bad.. think i better write this in my own diary.. i feel so sick!

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Saturday, February 19, 2005

lala its the end of the week already.. been going to mum's office and help out.. damn monotonous.. file stuff, arrange stuff, calculate blah bloo blah.. but i feel quite useful at the end of the day lah.. at least i've been like doing sth for the family.. cant be so selfish all the time..
went for val's bday dinner on wed.. i still love coca steamboat even the fish wasnt like fresh but hullo the tom yam is the best.. damn rich in taste n not too spicy or sour.. but gotta admit its quite ex.. not too worth the money tt's y business isnt like very good..
but glad to meet up with the bowlers esp dg whom i'm supposed to meet up wif dunno how many times but always cant coz both of us are so tied up with stuff..
cosy bay was good as always.. love it! love the ambience and the serenity n quietness n privacy..
yesterday took my afternoon off work to accompany val for volunteer work.. it was fun! darn! i was perspiring like mad coz it was situated at this dilapidated building which was an old school.. packed all the cooking pots n utensils for ppl at the maldives.. think i'm really born to be a factory worker coz i really enjoyed the human-chain thing where we had to pass stuff down the line blah.. tiring n smelly but really really satisfied.. can u imagine the smiles on the faces when those ppl there get these stuff tt they have been deprived off for close to 2 months now n having to eat using coconut bowls or sth..
i really wanna be much more heavily n regularly involved in these sort of stuff but hafen got any opportunity.. ad hoc basis sure is good too but i really wanna go out more to be involved, ya get my point?
yeah.. still owe sc a movie.. we'll go k.. i promised.. was juz a little busy this week..
anyway i dreamt of my As results last nite.. n when i opened the thing, it was like ACCC.. SHIT! i pray to all the gods in the world pls be a little kinder to this poor soul here k.. maybe juz one more A n some Bs wud be all i need..

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

my post is dedicated to all the singles out there muahahaha we share the same fate.. happy valentine's day! lala
mum was nagging again.. y u still no boyfren blah blah.. haha.. i told her i had her n i'm happy enuff.. haha she thinks i'm mad n damn lousy.. but yeah wat to do nobody wants wat.. ok i think this is sounding despo i'm not k!
anyway was thrashing this out a while back n my frens n i concluded tt singapore guys are all lying when they say they like independent women who can take care of themselves blah blah strong character.. boo dun lie k! its a fact tt they like small cute whiney things.. cant be intimidated both physically n mentally.. wonder if guys overseas are diff

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Monday, February 14, 2005

oh btw i heard so much abt green tea frapp from starbucks tt i decided i hadta try it! it sucks big time.. taste like seaweed.. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewww..
caramel is still the besssssssstt!
yum! :)

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came back again this morn at 4am from my very very short trip msia to visit my maternal side relatives and most importantly my grandma.. it was quite fun lah.. the 4 older cousins spent our day baby sitting, slacking and most importantly EATING all the time.. haha it was fun.. put on like 3kg already since my holiday and cny.. better head back to the gym soon!
the highlight of the trip yesterday was playing wif fire crackers and sparklers and all those explosive stuff u will never get to play in sg.. i'm thankful to haf this chance man.. it was fun! we were like daring each other to light the explosives up and all haha.. i haf photos! but still waiting to learn how to upload here so yeah.. lazy lazy..
today woke up at like 2pm.. lazed arnd.. help to wash the big fish tank and changed water again..water stinks but when the fishes look healthy n happy den its rewarding.. haha i think i'm really training to be a housewife.. always doing such homely stuff.. or maybe i'm a filial daughter tt's y! *beams* haha i bet u all are like puking now.. lala.. going to look for a new sofa later.. mum wants to change sofa set coz she says the one we haf is like more then 12 years old or sth..
oh yeah n i wanna get an ipod! but dad keeps insisting tt sim wong hoo wants to "wage war" against Apple so yeah WAIT.. wait for the price to drop blah blah blah blah.. argh! i've waited long enuff! been to the apple site.. now they do free engraving on the back.. feel like ordering but i noe myself.. if the price really drops i'll cry so i shall juz wait.. owell
oh yah n i finally opened my own personal saving accounts! hahaha.. got an atm card from posb now finally! applied for a rafflesian debit card from uob.. muahahaha.. BUT there's not much money in there.. sadness.. gotta learn to save more man..
anyways, i decided tt i'm totally in love wif coca steamboat esp the tom yam soup (I'm salivating now).. went to sunway lagoon there n had it for the 1st time in my life.. i noe i'm sua gu k but its much cheaper there like half price as compared to in singapore.. haha.. anybody wanna go out for a meal we go coca k?? i'm craving.. hahaha..
oh yah n now tt i'm thinking abt it, i wanna apologise to all my frens tt i've been pang seh-ing recently n any other time.. esp wan n t jian n phing n zway n wk n yp n everyone else! sorry sorry sorry.. mum's been damn stressed wif work lately n she's kinda taking it out on me but i hafta help her lah as a daughter so when she gets sad n all tt i'm going out yeah no choice..
owell owell i think i'm crazy i keep talking to myself.. n as i'm typing this damn long entry which i usually dun coz i'm damn lazy, i finished half a tube of friut tella.. so much for needing to lose weight hahaha..
dg, val, zway, saby! listen up! next week we are gonna go out for a bday dinner for val k! juz like last yr.. miss u guys so much save for val who has been incessantly bugging me muahahahaha.. i'm kidding valers haha.. damn glad to always haf ya arnd to talk to n pig out.. oh can we go coca?? pls pls? haha i noe its not my bday but i feel like eating it.. haha..i think when my bday arrives i'll be too depressed to celebrate it at all.. guess u all shud noe y..
lala k think i'm talking to much rubbish.. shall go n take me shower already!

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Saturday, February 12, 2005

yay yay i'm back back back.. msia is quite boring lah.. or rather very boring.. not much to shop dunno y.. so juz went to the many theme parks.. i went to KL den genting den sunway lagoon.. sunway lagoon was such a freaking let down.,. so freaking freaking crowded n the water is so dirty! after playing for a day i had like some coughing fit.. i tell u its the disgusting germs and virus in the water.. swear never to go there again..
genting was nice tho.. nothing much to shop oso but at least could go arnd the theme park in nice cool weather.. the coldest was like 17 deg and it was really really shuang.. oh n the clouds came damn low.. so it was really damn nice.. love the weather.. wish singapore was lidat..
anyway how to upload photos ah? somebody teach me den i can upload here.. boo..
going back to msia later.. gotta visit my grandma for cny.. anybody want anything from msia?

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Saturday, February 05, 2005

bye peeps i'm going on a short holiday! haha actually only going to msia but going to places like sunway lagoon n genting which i haf never been before.,. haf some pity on me k.. hafen even been to those places n mum's too scared to take a plane to anywhere else.. she thinks terrorist are gonna bomb down the planes.. sigh.. i hafen packed! n we are leaving in the morn.. rite
cya and haf a happy happy cny!

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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

driving was fun fun fun! haha.. tho i was like dricing 30km/h on ave but ha its not tt easy k.. the circuit has like sharp bands n tonnes of ppl on motorbikes n cars coming from all over the place.. den sometimes i get really confused as to which lane i am on n all but it was a damn good experience.. cant wait for my next lesson!
instructor sucks tho.. cant ezplian stuff properly but he was quite nice lah

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