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Friday, February 09, 2007

off to London tmr! argh still got a lot of packing n wat not to do but looking forward to the trip!
going to paris n amsterdam as well:) yayness:) haha

HAPPY CNY to everyone in advance! collect more angpows n may u all have gd health and a great yr ahead!

went out with the ong woman last nite n it was a real gd catch up session.. 4 yrs condensed all in 1 evening of non stop talking.. haha! after last nite, i realised tt i really missed out on this great woman for the past 4 yrs ever since our DIF4 n writing notes to each other days.. she told me she still keeps the notes n i did sth very embarassing inside (which only the both of us noes muahaha rite ongs? haha dun say ah i paiseh hahah)
i miss this old fren tonnes. although we've defnitely grown and matured in our own ways, but i just feel so sec 3 all over again when we both start talking..
yes girl, i would gladly be ur valentine if not for me being half way around the globe.. love ya too!

at basil aclove

at TCC.. damn nice nua-ing spot i realised

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

i know this came abit late,

haha made a little collage from ur surprise thingy.. hope you enjoyed it and thanks everyone for coming down! :) and those who helped me with the coordination and giving all those valuable suggestions:)

you've always been a great fren and i'm so thankful for having u arnd through my jc times and even till now, though we are on different continents most of the time and ur dentistry amalgam (did i get tt spelling rite?) is seeing u much more than i do, but thanks for just being there for me to listen to me n to cheer me up always.. love u tonnes babe! gonna miss ya when i go back to melb!

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

it sucks rite.. hurts you like shit when things you set out to do in good faith comes backfiring upon you.. i've experienced that, my closest have as well..

but anw, since those last good weeps, i have been really strong abt the matter and eventually finding distractions to get my mind outta it.. felt bad and had to be honest, and now it comes one full circle back to me.. maybe its karma or watever.. i guess distractions werent exactly the best thing to begin with.. i guess i gotta learn to move on, be foward looking ling!
1 yr and 5 months later, i cried myself to sleep again..

ah well, i thot i was. i guess it is till.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

check out wat i cooked! haha.. brought the risotto all the way back from aust n finally got my lazy bum off n did some cooking.. v happy coz everybody enjoyed it so much! yay!

presenting creamy risotto with mussels!

n my favt dessert to end it off:) affogato! slurps!

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

haha i think i noe wat my 3rd misfortune is already.. went to my family GP on sunday coz decided that my nail was kinda pus-sy n might be infected..
my doc took a look at it n decided to (without anaesthesia) yank the whole damn big toe nail out! freaking pain but i didnt scream :D heehee n got praised by my doc tt i'm a brave girl.. muahahaha..

so ta daa thanks to big vek i realised tt all 3 misfortunes are over! haha no more! heng ah

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

how suay can i get man..

1st a broken toe nail which bled uncontrollaby and then my hair got stuck in the hair dryer and i smelt this weird burnt smell.. haha die lah ppl say these misfortunes comes in 3s.. so hope i dun kena anything else man.. bleah..

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Monday, January 01, 2007

firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!
may the new year be a joyful and enjoyable one for all u wonderful ppl out there! hee:)

2006 has treated me quite well.. it has been the year that i've experienced so much more than the decade plus i've lived in singapore put together.. got to live overseas on my own, got to travel to london, melbourne, sydney, went thru many many life lessons, became even closer to the frens in singapore that i really treasure (u noe who u are), realised what a loving family i have, basically more than i could ask for.. so conclusion is tt i'm thankful. thankful for everything and everyone that has appeared in my life.. n this brings me to wat i chose to do for new yr's eve this yr..

was jio-ed to go to church to count down and although i'm not a christian (and personally having been to hillsong in sydney, i dun quite like charismatic churches because i really cannot see this whole rock n concert like thing n religion going together.. but tt's juz my own pov, not meant to offend anyone), i decided to go ahead to church instead of watching the fireworks at esplanade because i wanted to give myself an opportunity to reflect on the past yr.. and boy i was glad that amidst all tt rock music, there was this strong take home message that reflected my thoughts - to be thankful.. always count ur blessings and be thankful for wat u have.. you may not be the smartest, prettiest, richest, slimest, watever-est, but being thankful and grateful will always keep u grounded and optimistic during different moments in your life.. being thankful doesnt stop you from striving on to achieve but reminds you to always look out for others..

so thanks dan n rog for jio-ing..
n see tt guy right in front in this pic coming up? my dear RG babes.. can u all remember mr kenneth tan the PE teacher last time?? ahahah was quite surprised to bump into him at church n he immediately responded when i was asking dan if he's a PE teacher at rg.. hahah.. singapore's so small..

and to see my bestie on the 1st day of the new yr and chat till 3 plus in the morning despite her being so tired from mugging was a blessing too :) yipee! thank u wansze:)

aights its exactly 5am now.. gd morning birds.. gd nite me.

new resolution for 2007: to sleep EARLY. right.

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